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Washington Wizards React Quotes & Other Tid-Bits

Updated: March 11, 2008

Headed down to the Verizon Center in Chinatown last Saturday night to see my Washington Wizards look uninterested in a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. It wasn’t the end of the world, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

Attending the game in person, I had my ears listening for react quotes (Wire reference alert):

“The only bad thing about St. Patrick’s Day is that one year I took river-dance lessons…..” The quote by a mid-twenties girl, who surprisingly spent more time paying attention to the game than talking, then blurred into something about being drunk and dancing in bars. My head was buried into my hands upon hearing ‘river’ and ‘dance’ in the same sentence. I should’ve tried to set her up with my friend Chris.

“Awww he shook him…ohhh he shook him.” Middle-aged white man in his middle-aged white man voice in reference to Raymond Felton toying with Antonio Daniels.

“That brotha is in the zone.” This was repeated about nine times in 30 seconds as some guy expressed his expert analysis of Jason Richardson’s 34 point game.

“It’d be a lot funner if we could cheer for the other team.” River dance girl as the Bobcats took a 38-23 lead.

“Well, I’m not sending my kids to Duke.” A foreign girl from Argentina after receiving an explanation as to why they show the Duke logo at the Verizon Center, and thus eliciting boos from the home crowd.

“C’mon, let’s play like were losing.” A pessimistic guy as Antawn Jamison hit a deuce to cut the Bobcat lead to 5, 89-84, with 1:40 left. All the Wizards would do from there is extend the game, causing the minute forty to take about 15 minutes of real time, as they lost 100-97.

And that’s how it went….the already sparse and unenergetic crowd headed to the exits in droves.

Into the night….

“Science club, you heard of that place?” Bearded Blond Guy #1 to a friend standing in line. He then turns to the side hand whisper, “The line (at 18th Street Lounge) is long and I don’t do the cold.”

Bearded Blue Track Jacket Guy #2, “I only wait in line for roller coasters.” The two beards then frolic off into the night.

Moving on….

Slam had some good coverage of the Wizards win in Toronto. My favorite parts:

Antonio Daniels does not like Deion Sanders and Nick Young is a school-girl.

Antonio Daniels cares about baseball. Intensely. When Nick Young reveals that his favorite player of all time is Deion Sanders, which for whatever reason greatly upsets Daniels, the veteran guard hurls a water bottle at him and it misses the rook’s head by mere inches. Startled, Young runs out of the room giggling.

Why did I include this quote?

Maceo Baston, despite the high probability that he will not see the floor tonight, is nonetheless taping his own feet. Baston explains that he doesn’t have access to any of the modern medical technology that pro athletes make use of on a daily basis, to which Calderon replies, “Why, do you play in Eastern Europe or something?”

Because I’m currently reading, “Can I Keep My Jersey?” by Paul Shirley. A quote from page 68 as Paul is considering signing with a professional team in Spain:

The team’s situation was an odd one. Their American player, Maceo Baston, had left Spain under the pretense that his father was sick. I was shocked at what I was hearing – Maceo Baston is not spelled Macy O’Baston. All this time I’d thought he was an Irishman. My whole worldview was shaken.

First of all, it looks like Maceo Baston skipped out on the whole being a pro basketball player in Western Europe thing…..so yea, I can’t imagine him lasting in Eastern Europe. Seems like Baston just likes to bitch and moan. Or, Maceo is just mad that his name is affiliated with a song by Jane’s Addiction. Lastly, I think my worldview was shaken after discovering that Paul Shirley actually thought an Irish-American basketball player existed. I think there’s a better chance of seeing a Somalian body-builder.

In other news:


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