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Wired on The Wire: “Clarifications” – Season 5, Episode 8

Updated: March 9, 2008

The final episode of HBO’s The Wire is tonight. I missed doing write-ups of episodes 6 & 7 while I was out of the country (here’s 5). Until there is a nine, here’s a quick bullet point review/thoughts about episode 8, Clarifications [click for official HBO recap].

  • I must admit that I’m pretty nervous for Jimmy. He’s got balls, we all knew that….but Dominic West displays the right amount of acute discomfort while his McNulty character is in the spotlight of the mayor and those, such as Rawls, who absolutely despises Jimmy. In any case, McNulty setting this whole thing up for him to take the fall, and not others such as Carver, is honorable in my eyes.
  • Then again….Jimmy is alone, isolating himself from Beadie and his co-workers (although, some are voluntarily along for the ride because of the beneficial side effects – even the prick, Frank Barlow, and his blackmailed trip to Hilton Head for a round of 18).
  • “Hey kiddo. – Hey McNulty.”

  • Poot Carr is revisited working at a shoe store….he just got “tired” of the game. However, I find it curious that Poot hasn’t learned any lessons as a result of his absence from the corner. His bad advice to Dukie is simply to bang for a couple more years until he is old enough for real job. I know this is social commentary from the writers, but it just doesn’t seem viable, especially in that Poot doesn’t display what should be an intrinsic knowledge that Dukie is not made for the game. Shouldn’t he be able to size up Dukie just by seeing him?
  • So where does Dukie end up? Help Bubbles 2.0 – unknowing of the reasons behind the hard work of the “Junk Man.”
  • I’m not sure if Kenard killing Omar sits right with me. Yea, it had to happen – Omar was asking for it. And it had to come from somewhere, someone unexpected. The lil’ guy went from wanting to be Omar to unaffected by the presence of Omar (in contrast to the rest of Bawlmer) to killing Omar. Simon’s perfect little example of a soul consumed by the streets from the get-go. I must admit that Omar Little’s death scene was presented to the viewers as the perfect dramatic package.
  • Which makes me wonder: Why does Omar have a death wish? Was it all because of the brutal slaying of Butchie? Was it because of his love for Baltimore? The Sam Cassell big-ball dance? With his kill list, I hate to think that it all comes down to the status of Omar’s name on the streets. Then again, pride is one helluva drug.
  • Marlo is not mad at Chris and Snoop for not being “early” – in that Marlo gets word of Omar’s death first. You think that he would be; I guess the weight of Mr. Little off his shoulders is enough to look past any transgression. Stanfield thinks he’s running Baltimore with no problems now.
  • Boy, they really made thatMaryland US District Attorney out to be a douchenozzle. (maybe the term douchenozzle has been around for awhile, but I heard it most recently on Hardwood Paroxysm in reference to Bill Simmons – I like it, think I’ll start incorporating it into my insult vocab)
  • The scene where McNulty and Greggs go to Quantico for the FBI profile of the homeless killer was humorously classic – the most creative way a show has ever described an anchor character within the script, at least that I’ve seen.
  • “They’re in the ballpark” – Jimmy McNulty

  • Jimmy dropped the bomb on Kima, he had to….but then he just leaves? You’d think Jimmy would invest a little more time in convincing her, maybe there was too much trust there. Freamon asks Jimmy how she took it….how does Jimmy know?
  • “I gotta go.” – Jimmy
  • My favorite scene – perhaps of all of Season 5 of The Wire: Lester Freamon owning Clay Davis….it was so good, I had to watch it three times. Good ol’ Clay has no choice but to be Lester’s “friend” and to continually watch his own back. Wonder what Lester said to Clay’s lady friend.

  • “I don’t get paid like that.” – Freamon

  • Looks like Sydnor, a B-More native in real life, cracks the code using the grid map of the city. Why didn’t he have GPS in his rental like the other police? He wouldn’t have used the map and broken the code as easily if he did. Sydnor (along with Carver) also continues to be left unclued that Jimmy (and Lestor to some degree) are behind faking the homeless murders; their only knowledge being that they are diverting the money. My recollection is that Kima and Bunk are the only other police who really know, for now.

  • Gus Haynes vs. Scott Templeton – Classic defensive anger from Templeton. Gus ends his argument, a debate win in obvious favor of him, in the perfect manner: state your case and simply glide out the door, leaving the prissy managing editor, Thomas Klebanow, catching flies in his mouth. Perhaps Gus will be one of the rare heroes who wins in Simon’s American city tale.
  • The morgue name tag switch at the end: More of a sign of Omar’s notoriety in Baltimore, or a sign of the improving Baltimore criminal prevention support, resulting from the increased money flow?
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