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Wired on The Wire: “Late Editions” – Season 5, Episode 9

Updated: March 9, 2008

The run-down of The Wire season 5, epidsode 8 was quick…..this one on 9 is quicker. Watch the series finale tonight on HBO, here are the bullets for episode 9, Late Editions:

  • Even if the wire is illegal, I guess it’s still worth it to Lester Freamon to select the pertinent or non-pertinent check box…..if they want to make a case down the road.
  • David Simon makes a dig at Walmart via Snoop and her healthcare comment to O-Dog.
  • “Marlo runs a tattered ship.” – Levy the Lawyer

  • “Capitalization they call it.” – Gus and Simon’s dig at the Chicago based owners of the Baltimore Sun, the Tribune Company.
  • “Scratching an itch.” – Gus as he seeks the help of his ‘released’ London colleague to catch the dirt on Scott.
  • The Greek Organization: they look like they’re doing pretty well with all the muscle at the warehouse deal.
  • “Time to fess up.” – Freamon

  • I had to wonder about Daniels for a second…..if he would go along with Freamon’s rushed plea for support. But Cedric Daniels knows that for him, it’s a risk worth taking. I actually think he’s more excited about the career potential than simply getting a creep like Marlo. And I did enjoy seeing Daniels dress-down Carcetti’s Chief of Staff, Michael Steintorf.
  • Bill Zorzi can finish Tommy Caretti’s sentences at a press conference. Wow, a member of the press can actually predict what a politician will say. “Groundbreaking”

  • “My name is my name.” – Marlo (Mark that down as one of the things on the streets which is more important than who you are, your name.)
  • A drunk Freamon seems to be the voice of reason for Jimmy McNulty…should he be? With Tommy Carcetti using the hoax to make the homeless his platform, will the situation really die down?
  • As we all witnessed as a part of his positive qualities in season 4, Michael still shows he can use his smarts on the streets in his suspicion of Snoop. And hey, as he says, “Ya’ll taught me to be early.” It’s kill or be killed – hard to blame one for being in an environment where the former is the only option.
  • On the other hand, I wonder who Marlo suspects more, Levy (if at all) or Snoop…..Michael must go in either case.
  • Herc, the unintentional hero…..say it ain’t so. It always has to be the token idiot.
  • “Levy got the most grease.” – Clay Davis….more than willing to rat out the big shot lawyers. Self preservation. Clay makes himself small potatoes compared to those “high-end” legal minds.
  • Freamon is a good shake-down artist….I’m still wondering who the “snitch” is at the city courthouse.
  • “You know you could buy a round or two.” – Clay Davis….a true sponge.
  • Bubbles celebrates his anniversary in shining form and looking the best he ever has on the show. I give Andre Royo the Best Actor on The Wire title, hands down. Bubs is Simon’s reflection of the minuscule rays of hope in Baltimore, American cities.
  • “See you around Mike.” – Dukie off to live his life with the Junk Man, exposed to even more of the world than he needs to be…..will there be a choice for him in the final show?
  • ABC News had a profile on Omar (Michael K. Williams) on the 6 pm Sunday evening news…..focusing on Omar being openly gay and the fact that he’s Barrack Obama’s favorite television character.
    • Williams got the scar on his face in a ballroom brawl when he was 25. [correction: I believe it was a bar room brawl – hilarious to think it happened while he was wearing a tux.]
    • His mother was proud of him upon hearing the Obama news.
    • Why do fans of the show like his character? Probably because they focus on where the shotgun is sticking rather than who he goes to bed with according to Michael K. Williams.
    • Oh yea, Omar was supposed to be killed off in the first season….glad that didn’t happen.
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