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Wizards Live Game Blog: at Orlando Magic: Game 67

Updated: March 19, 2008
No, this is not Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy. This is:

Just to set the record is straight, okay? The other guy? Oh c’mon, acting like you’ve never seen Ron Jeremy in a Mario outfit.

A HUGE Wizards Insider post tonight.

1st: Gilbert gives some straight talk — the East should be scared of the Wizards [essentially].

We’re not scared of any team,” Arenas said. “There’s no team that actually frightens us out there. When you have three guys that can score 20, we’re more frightening because no one has actually seen us as a whole group yet. Everyone has seen spurts of our team but they don’t have a scouting report. If they have a scouting report, it’s from last year so, we’re kind of the favorite going in of you look at it from that aspect.

2nd: DeShawn Stevenson and LeBron James have a high school myspace feud over who has more swag.

Apparently, James said something about DeShawn to former Cav Drew Gooden, who recently related that information to DeShawn. He didn’t appreciate it.
“We’re all in the same profession,” Stevenson said. “We don’t need to talk bad about one another. So, that’s how it happened. I was ticked off and that’s why I said something to him at tip-off. So, it goes back further than people think.”

Uhh…..dizzamn? The gloves are off. This is a rivalry.

Birthday Boys:
Antonio Daniels and Hedo Turkoglu

Oh yea, March Madness is here and I’m entering the Bullets Forever group on Yahoo, among too many others to count. The most interesting Wizards tid-bits from the pre-game show:

  • To make the Final 4, DeShawn Stevenson is picking UNC because he likes Roy Williams, wonder why?
  • DeShawn Stevenson is also picking Kansas because they were his original commitment out of high school before jumping to the league. Gotcha.
  • Brendan Haywood is picking……Kansas? Interesting…..I bet he’s got loot on that pick. If UNC wins, he’ll be happy of course. But the Jayhawks win, that’s straight cash homey.
  • Official Wizards Picks

To the game…

Jamison insisted on the ol’ basket check before the game. Did he really think one of the baskets was crooked during shoot-around? Maybe. Is this some type of veteran’s gamesmanship AJ is doing to get in Orlando’s head? I’d like to convince myself so.

Quarter One

11:00 – Stevenson breaks the ice for both teams with a trey…..I’m also hoping for an “against his old team” game from the Lock Smith.

8:42 – Antawn nails a 3, both buckets (I know, only 2, right?) have been good shots coming in the offense. Thankfully, Magic are also cold. 6-4 Wizards.

8:04 – Next to turnovers and missed FTs, I really hate when players jump to pass. Especially a big man. Especially Andray Blatche.

7:25 – Uh oh, Rashard Lewis gets a 3 from the corner….the Wizards lost him in the early offense. 7-0 Magic run, 11-6 lead.

Wizards Curfew: 1 am……much has been made about this, but here’s the rub: Wiz will fly to Miami after the game where there will be no curfew. Lock Smith Unlatched on South Beach!

4:48 – Does anyone ever remember Hedo Turkoglu going to the basket with this much authority?

Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz are “amazed” because Seattle only got a 2nd round draft pick in the Rashard Lewis “trade” with Orlando. I’m sorry, but when discussing the merits of a trade and the players and/or goods exchanged, Sign-And-Trades when the player really could have just signed, do not count.

The playoffs with one big NBA conference, the Wizards are headed to BeanTown. [True Hoop]

2:00 – Two offensive rebounds on one possession turns into points for Orlando….and Dwight “Buddy Jesus” Howard is out of the game with 2 fouls.

And that is the end of the 1st quarter….the Big Shooters, Hedo and Rashard, have a combined 16 points. Orlando has 5 more rebounds, 3 more assists, 6 more fast break points and is +5% on FGs with a 26-20 lead. Honestly, it could’ve been worse as they were up 24-14.

Quarter Two

Good to see Pecherov get some 2nd quarter action.

11:14 – McGuire too….nice D on Turk, exactly what the Wiz need. D-Song, Mason Jr. and Nick Young are on the court as well.

One of the Orlando cheerleaders was wearing one of those Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Telemarketer head set mics. Why? Does the thing pipe into the arena sound system when she leads cheers? Is she coordinating covert movements around the arena and outfit changes into ear pieces.

7:33 – Aaaaalley OOOOP! Dominic McGuire running the court, the Magic lose sight of him, probably because he’s a rookie, he gives the signal and gets the long lob pass from Caron on the break for the dunk.

Slow start to the 2nd, Magic hold a 28-24 lead and take a timeout. Orlando is 1-8 in the 2nd.

6:48 – So how does it happen that a guy from Turkey says, “E’nuff o’ dat” and starts raining buckets all while smoking a cigarette? 15 for Hedo, a 34-24 lead for Orlando.

5:19 – Songaila had to guard Dwight Howard on a couple possessions. The result is two fouls and mysterious blood on Howard’s jersey…..Haywood checks in.

2:30 – Wizards go on a 6-0…until a Turkoglu three. A Bogans three puts it back at 10. Eddie calls a timeout.

1:52 – Haywood sets Dwight Howard up perfectly as he is square on D and able to draw a charge, the 3rd foul on Ho
ward…he goes to the bench.

The first half rounds up with the Magic up 43-36……Stat It Up:

  • Team combined for 46 points in 1st, only 33 in 2nd
  • Hence, teams are a combined 37% from the field
  • Lotta rebounds: Orlando has a 26-19 lead — but each team has 4 offensive rebounds
  • Hedo the Turk had 18 points, Howard has 1 point but 10 boards (only 15 minutes of action)
  • Jamison has 10, Stevenson has 7, Songaila has 6 off the bench
  • Magic have 7 threes to 3 for Washington
  • Orlando has 8 turnovers to 4 for the Wizards
  • “Tonight, they [the Magic] put the killing blow to Washington, unless Haywood the Terrible returns and the Lock Smith can lift them up.” [Hardwood P.]
  • Terrible Todd has 2 points and 4 rebounds in 14 minutes….but he has done a fair job in negating Dwight Howard on offense.

Quarter Three

10:24 – Don’t let that Monster out! Howard backs off Haywood…..caught him sleeping. Haywood nails the 14 foot jumper. 7-0 run to start the 3rd, game tied at 43.

9:30 – Jameer Nelson goes on his own 5 point run, 48-43.

8:55 – DeShawn is starting to hibachi on both ends. A 3, then he gets a steal and an easy two hand dunk.

Down the court, Stevenson gets his hand in again to knock the ball away, but Butler turns it over….couldn’t handle the pass.

8:00 – Lock Smith airballs a heat check 3, Todd Haywood cleans up the mess. Maybe Hardwood P. was right….

6:35 – Now it’s the Wizards turn to get two offensive rebounds….resulting in a Howard goaltend on Butler. 53-52 Wiz.

5:21 – Wow…just a lot of ball movement for the Wiz…they are pretty fun to watch now. AJ baseline jumper, 19-9 run – 55-52 Wizards. Jamison lefty runner, 57-52.

1:07 – Antonio Daniels with an amazing side step spin and finger roll to the hoop – A b-day bucket. 63-60 Wiz.

0:47 – The Gobbler always has an answer. Tied at 63.

0:33 – Then again, so does Jamison – a 3 gives him 25 points.

0:14 – He didn’t make the team, but Turkoglu is getting all-star calls??? He pump fakes a three then falls forward into his shooting motion. Jamison turns past and barely brushes his jersey…hold….hooooold….turkoglu misses…hold…….and then they blow the whistle. 3 FTs give Turkoglu 31 for the game.

Damn good 3rd for the Wizards, outscored Orlando 31-22 and took a 67-65 lead.

Quarter Four

11:02 – Blatche got a slam? He’s been non-existent in this game. Doesn’t seem right, but he’s played just 29 seconds so far.

9:50 – Whatever you think of Darius Songaila, you must respect that dude for going to war against Dwight Howard….speaking of, Howard makes a move on D-Song who stays between Dwight and the basket (albeit his back was turned)…..Blatche came with the help D and threw his shit.

Andray then goes down, draws foul #5 on Howard and makes 2 FTs. Haywood checks in to play along AB, Songaila, Stevenson and Mason. I like the big lineup.

9:00 – Van Guns has enough after witnessing another B. Todd jumper. Timeout Magic. 73-67 Wizards.

2 minutes goes by as does a 5-0 Magic run.

6:51 – A Jamison 3….followed by a Bogans 3. No one else is doing much. Nelson and Lewis miss 3s – the Wiz hold onto a 78-75 lead with 5 minutes left.

Not for the faint of heart: Stevenson bobble – loose ball, Daniels recovery, 4 seconds on the shot clock, AD drive and kick back to DeShawn, long 3 miss, Caron keeps it alive, Daniels recovery to the basket..GOOD, And 1….missed FT. 80-78 Wiz.

2:51 – Jamison runner, foul, Howard goaltend and FT. Wiz take lead 83-78.

This Orlando crowd seems MUCH worse than the tepid Verizon Center. This is a good game. Hedo Homer has 37 points. How can they not be into this game? Lotta empties in O-Town.

Damn, they just announced that the Heat scored 54 and the Raptors scored 96 tonight. This is sad…well, that’s what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.

1:09 – Mason bricks a 3 off the glass that doesn’t hit rim…..oh my dear lord get him out! Doing that with a minute left?

0:58 – Hedo makes 1 of 2 FTs – Bogans 3 – tie game at 85.

0:41 – I was skeptical when he shot it…..but when that ball rolled a half way around the inner rim and dropped down, I knew to always bet on Tuff Juice when he straps ’em up. 87-85 Wizards. Magic timeout, Butler subs out on D.

0:33 – Turkoglu goes down the lane almost unimpeded and Haywood is forced to foul – missed another FT, made the 2nd. A birthday career high, but 9-13 from the line….. that last miss will hurt.

0:12 – Too. Much. Butler drive against Hedo, but he can only take it up with his right hand….and thus is unable to keep the ball away from Dwight Howard who gets the block…mad scramble to the rock and a 24 second violation right before AJ and Bogans get tied up. Magic ball with 9 seconds left. Wizards up 87-86.

Buckhantz goes cardiac as the Magic get semi-close to a 5 second call, get it inbounds, but Stevenson slaps it out of bounds away from Hedo who was in a tough situation on the sideline. 4.2 left.

No Celtics game, no Celtics game, no Celtics game……..

…Turkoglu drives….gets past a couple Wizards….finds an open look but a very tough shot as he was shooting with his right hand from the left side and off-balanced…..MISS!!

WIZARDS WIN 87-86!! Great game…the bench is excited, I’m excited. ESPN.com box score is excited.

Post Game Party: South Beach

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