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DC Earth Day ’08: replace money with litter and you have yourself a 2pac song

Updated: April 20, 2008

All Eyez on Green

The ingredients of a ‘Pac song:

  1. Bitches? (a quote and not a derogatory reference) Check.
  2. Weed? You realize you’re dealing with the clientele of Earth Day right? Ok, check.
  3. Litter? (the aforementioned replacement) Double-check.
DC Earth Day 2008

In spite of the rain, I decided to head south from my spot between Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant to check out the District of Columbia’s Earth Day 2008. While I’m about 27 mental breakdowns and a house full of loose screws short of chaining myself to hugging a tree, it doesn’t mean that I’m not down for the cause of pro-consciousness/making sure I separate my recyclables, on the side.

Oh yea, it didn’t hurt that the Roots (along with Talib Kweli, Doug E. Fresh, Chrisette Michele, etc.) and Toots (along with the Maytals) were scheduled to perform. Actually, these acts were pretty much the only reason I took the trip (that whole getting out the apartment thing is nice too).

Unfortunately, the Green Apple Music Festival website did not divulge when the various artists would perform (perhaps a cost-cutting measure intended to save grass in the Mojave). So, I found myself pigeonholed between some band known as Gov’t Mule (which, judging by their website pics, the group looks like they’re a few track-marks short of the fate of Johnny Weeks – not to mention that a former member was found dead in a NYC hotel at the ripe age of 44)….and Warren Haynes, who is somehow a primary cog in the Gov’t Mule machine (in case you were wondering, the apostrophe seems like their version of flair à la Office Space).

Confused? So am I. Perhaps this is the result of being grouped with the masses to whom Chevy Chase was speaking when he made the comment: “You know, this is a lot like Woodstock, except with a million more retards.” I kinda wish that Chevy was more of a jerk….perhaps he would have been funny. But on this day, he came across as your run-of-the-mill douchenozzle.

In search of a break (after about 30 minutes removed from my 2pm arrival) and nourishment, me and my fellow greenies (already down two for various “reasons”) headed to the cafe in the National Museum of the American Indian (because the adjacent McDonald’s kiosk seemed a little too authentic). The food….not bad, and not obscenely overpriced as I expected. Although, a couple of the side orders were absurdly mislabeled causing me to frustratingly return my crawfish potato cake, lest I be charged $22.75. My initial enthusiasm of wanting to go through the “manager? I am the manager” routine with one of the non-Native American employees quickly subsided.

Alas, it was time to go further investigate to goings-ons of the community bulletin board (vague Family Guy reference) stage……only to find out that the concert was a no longer a go. By then, the rain was semi-torrential and the thunder & lightning was sporadic. DC Earth Day 2008 was no more. I leave you with these remnants:

DC Earth Day 2008
The quintessential DC Earth Day ’08 shot.
I’d like to think this Mickey D’s paraphernalia would eventually
become one with Mother Earth, enriching her with nutrients.
A noble friend, frustrated with the wait, decided to properly dispose.

DC Earth Day 2008

DC Earth Day 2008

DC Earth Day 2008

DC Earth Day 2008

DC Earth Day 2008

{ending side-bar} Is anyone baffled and/or disturbed by the media’s use of the phrase “rock star” in reference to the Pope’s appearances at baseball stadiums in DC and New York? Shouldn’t this association be considered sac-relig to bible-thumpers? Every time I hear the term, I halfway expect to come across the headline, “Pope Bene D. destroys yet another hotel room; Whereabouts of several hookers unknown.”

[BTW…..Thanks to the DCist for the photo shot-out!]

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