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Game 79 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons

Updated: April 12, 2008

Sometimes these game blogs get way too long. At times, it becomes difficult to temper my enthusiasm. When the Wizards do well, I’m just typing away as a result of the abundant offense (usually). If they are playing poorly, I got words too. Tonight, I’m really going to concentrate on selectivity. D’oh! Forgot this is a Triple Play…..Wizards on the main feed, Caps playoff game #1 on the left. The strugglin’ Nats on the right. Oh well, we will see.

I got a preview/run-down of all (some) things Wizards here. Laters.

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Previously on Ready to Die.

Wizards vs. Pistons Game 30: Stuck with the fat girl at the dance as DC got blown 106-93. Detroit had 33 bench points, was 11-22 from three and had 23 assists to 10 for Washington. Bad all around.

Wizards vs. Pistons Game 68
: This will be known as the Gilbert Arenas hissy-fit game. The Wizards won 95-83 and made Detroit look very un-Detroit. This discovered picture of Rasheed Wallace was the most important piece of the night.

Welcome to Detroit

Welcome to Detroit - flickr/kiddharma
Quarter Uno

Richard Hamilton is back in the lineup for Detroit….and I’m betting that the Pistons have also heeded the warning which Dallas gave to their NBA colleagues with their 1st round playoff exit last year. Meaning Rip, having missed the last 5 games (and 8 of 9), is going to make the Lock Smith put in some work tonight because Detroit needs to be in a playoff rhythm.

11:56: AJ gets a bucket within 4 seconds off a good Brendan Haywood opening tip. The Wizards often seem to get the quick early basket.

10:30: Prince 3….Butler doesn’t recover from a screen fast enough….nagging injuries prevent nimbleness.

Arli$$…or Robert Wuhl, is in the booth at the Nationals game. Don’t worry, the volume is down. But Arli$$ the show, aside from pro athlete cameos and the relatively attractive Asian, was rather mediocre. I won’t call it flat-out terrible, but it lacked a kick.

8:47: Beautiful follow tip by Jamison is succeeded by a Rasheed Wallace trey, 9-9 game. Some slashing gets tempers flared in the Caps game as DC holds the 2-1 lead over Philly with 10 left in the 2nd — Caps get a power play out of it.

A timeout occurs at 5:53 with the Wizards up 12-9. While the offense has been far from crisp, it has been semi-effective….considering that the Wiz have the lead. The team has benefited from the activity of Jamison and Haywood, they have 5 boards together while the Pistons have 4 as a team.

Before the Wiz can come out of the timeout, the Philly Flyers knock down two very quick goals. They are up 3-2.

5:53: Gilbert makes his entrance into the game. What does this mean for tomorrow night’s match with the Sixers? Not sure….but you can read what Ivan Carter has to say about it. How ’bout I study Gilbert Arenas’ shot selection?

4:53: Gil starts out by setting up Andray blatche…who quickly forgets his two-hands on the ball lesson that Kirilenko gave him long ago. He gets blocked by Ratliff when he should have finished or at least gotten the foul.

3:37: Gil gets a double dribble called against him as Detroit has ratcheted up their D since the timeout….Rasheed gives him a thanks and a pat on the head before the Pistons continue their 9-0 run on the other end.

Uh oh…the Flyers have scored again. 4-2 with 4:38 left in the 2nd period.

2:18: Meanwhile….the Pistons are increasing their offensive ball movement. Chauncey Billups three in the corner. Evidently, I missed a Gilbert 3-point attempt (and miss) on the previous possession. His only shot so far. 23-14 Detroit.

0:00: The first ends with the Tayshaun Prince missed a three that was hotly contested by our Gilbert Arenas. 23-19 Detroit is the score. The biggest issue is: Detroit has hit 2 more 3s, 2 more FTs and has doubled the Wizards up on assists, 6-3.

Quarter Dos

The Nats and Braves are still scoreless.

11:28: Gilbert misses a jumper early in the shot clock. Let’s call that a bad attempt. He was open a step or so inside the 3-point line, but I’d rather open jumpers be taken more within the offense.

10:36: Arenas dribbles around and the Pistons kind of watch him….open layup, points scored. That’s a good shot. 25-23 Pistons.

10:01: Gil checks out and Roger Mason AKA ‘whatever‘ immediately fires and misses a trey. It’s getting testy in the Caps game again.

9:27: Roger Mason misses another three. Not exactly the time for the Wizards to neglect the paint on offense….especially when the Pistons keep getting inside dunks.

Damn, they keep taking about DeShawn’s consecutive starts at 247 (every game update from Steve Buck)…..but The Prince is clean ahead at 352.

6:00: The Pistons, or their bench, seem to want it just a little bit more…I mean, they are playing just a little harder. I’m sure the Wizards want the game. But Rodney Stuckey has provided a quick 4 off the bench while Jason Maxiell is pulling down 7 points and 3 boards. 38-28 Detroit lead.

4:16: Right now, as he nails 2 FTs, Caron Butler has 6 points on 1-4 from the field. It’s safe to say that he needs to assert himself in the offense a little more. 43-34 Detroit.

3:08: Haywood does
n’t even bother getting in the face of Antonio McDyess as he hits that baseline shot that he nails ALL THE TIME! Scouting report BTH? 45-36 Detroit.

2:30: Pistons have to take the ball out of bounds with 1 second on the shot clock….McDyess can’t get the shot off in time. A prime example of why tenths of a second are needed on the shot clock in the NBA, and college. Speaking of clocks, this is pretty damn interesting (Jason Kapono warning).

0:00: The half ends as Caron Butler limps around the court…trying to do anything and guard anyone….looks like a bum right knee. Not sure what happened, but it doesn’t look promising.

The sole bright spot: the Wiz were able to fight back into the game thanks to some defense. After getting down 13, it’s 47-42 Pistons. DC trails 19-17 in total rebounds but commands the 6-4 lead on offensive boards. Also in the 2nd, the Wizards nailed 7 FTs to only 2 for Detroit. Wizards bench? A whole 9 points (5 Andray, 2 Gil, 2 Songaila) — while the Pistons bench is contributing 22 to the cause. Jamison and a “quiet” Stevenson lead with Wiz with 11 points apiece, no one for Detroit has broken double figures (Maxiell leads with 9).

In other updates….I saw goal #3, but missed #4, both by Mike Green, to tie the Caps with the Flyers at 4-4. The Nats are down 1-0 in the top of the 8th.

Quarter Tres

Caron update…he bumped knees with a dude but is back on the court.

10:13: A couple minutes into the quarter, Phil Chenier comments that Caron seems to be favoring the right leg.

GOAL CAPS! Alex O breaks his playoff cherry with aggressive D and a steal of the puck leading to a nail in the net. 5-4 lead for the Caps…very big. How ’bout it Cristobal? Can you hold down the net?

8:08: At the first timeout, the Pistons have powered their way to a 7-0 run and a 56-44 Detroit lead. Detroit has benefited from speed up the court.

MVP chants are starting at the Verizon Center…..And the Caps are able to survive the mad dash from Philly as Ovechkin gets a couple hits in contribution (ever wonder why Alex O attends so many Wizards games? His daddy’s baby momma was a 2-time Olympic gold medal winner in basketball). A little more testiness between the two teams after the final horn but it’s all good in the District as the Caps take the 1-0 series lead. Oh yea, the 76ers lost to the Pacers tonight as well. Nice work lovin’ brothers.

6:01: Meanwhile….the Wizards are on the verge of making it ugly. Lack of proper decisiveness on offense….34% from the field doesn’t help. Nick Young checks in to join Gilbert Arenas at the guard spot. Let’s hope they can provide an offensive spark. Down 61-47, they need something.

Nats update: still down 1-0, but it’s the top of the 9th and the Braves have the bases loaded with Gilbert Arenas’ jersey number outs.

4:55: The Pistons are looking like who they are….a #2 seed and the Wizards are looking like who they are… a team which would not make the playoffs in the Western Conference. Nothing doin’ as Washington has been outscored 19-6 in the 3rd, 66-49 lead for Detroit.

4:15: It’s hard to believe that the Wizards have no one who can handle Jason Maxiell — who has 16 points off the bench by the way. (uhh…Andray Blatche anyone?) Oh yea, to go along with his 4th foul (3rd in the 3rd Q) Jamison goes to the bench with 4 3rd quarter points for a total of 15.

How can it get so ugly this quick? Nick Young is taking and missing bad shots……Caron Butler can barely jump with that knee injury. At this point, I would not be surprised if both he and Gilbert say out tomorrow against the Sixers.

3:04: Richard Hamilton easy bucket….Nick Young miss….Rip baseline jumper……Buckhantz is starting to use words like “disarray” and “nightmare” – Happy Friday everyone, 75-52 Detroit.

2:06: As I find out that Cleveland lost in addition to Philly, Tayshaun Prince puts a dunk in the can. 77-52.

Quite a fancy show going on here. Need 4 Sheed is creaming in his headband right now.

0:04: Thanks to a ‘who cares’ Nick Young three……the deficit ain’t as bad at 81-55 to end 3 quarters.

Quarter……awww efff this.

The fact that M.A.S.H. is now on DC20 means that the Nationals have lost (ends up 3-0, but I wasn’t paying attention to the end). The presence of this old-tymey show also can’t be a good sign for the Wizards.

10:42:…I’m still watching, but the drinking has increased, as has Jason Maxiell’s continuance to drain his weasel on Wizard heads. 87-63 Detroit.

Insult on top of injury…..or is it the other way around? Regardless, DeShawn Stevenson is out for the rest of the game with a bruised tail-feather. No word if he will be dancing later.

For the hell of it: 36-16 points in the paint advantage for Detroit. That’s not an advantage, that’s rape.

8:51: Are you serious? Jason Maxiell continues to hit step-back jumpers like Pro-Active on Haywood’s facial. Yup, he’s got a career high of 20 points.

Steve Buckhantz refers to an impending Wizards loss tonight as “no harm, no foul” since Philly and the Cavs lost (but Toronto won) — nice one, a-hole. Me to myself: angry much?

8:01: Andray Blatche just threw up the most lazy, uncalled for under-handed shot that I would be pissed if I saw at an 8th grade girls game. He then commits a silly foul and Jason Maxiell crams an emphatic dunk. What? There’s still 8 minutes left in this game??

Thank god the replacements are on the floor: Mason, McGuire, Blatche, Young and Pecherov.

Wizards Sideline Bench Shot: Yup, everyone looks pretty peeved….but good ol’ Gil can manage some smiles…..probably because he knows he’s on TV. Am I being unfair?

Steve Buckhantz: “Like Ben Wallace, Maxiell’s favorite hobby is building model cars.” Tonight, he built a model turd and left it under Eddie Jordan’s seat.

So the young players are in…are they working on the offense? Nope. They are working on 1-on-1 moves.

Quick Fact…..Lindsay Hunter holds an NCAA record for most 3s launched in a college game….26 against Kansas. (tha
nks to Stevie Buck).

3:50: The Wizards are resorting to playing grab-ass with Jason Maxiell in an attempt to keep him away from the basket.

Gilbert is signing autographs while sitting on the floor…not even the bench. What a guy.

0:52: The Jason Maxiell show continues…….Tomorrow, he is going to wake up and realize that this wasn’t a dream.

On a related note (to the game ending) there is torrential rainfall in DC. I can hear women and children screaming outside of my apartment on 16th Street. 102-74 Detroit Pistons.

I auspiciously hoped for something to build upon, but I ended up with the same Wizards inconsistency. Oh well (a common quote), at least they are in the playoffs. Hopefully, the disaster tonight will lead to a much better effort tomorrow night against the Philadelphia 76ers. stuff

Peace Shrimps.

Shrimps Yo

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