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Game 81 Blog: Washington Wizards vs. Indiana Pacers

Updated: April 14, 2008

Ron Thompson on Comcast with his “Ronny’s” tonight…..some type of award with a creative nickname.

The Warrior Award: DeShawn Stevenson – agreed. My 2nd place would be Antawn Jamison
Most Improved: Roger Mason – agreed again. Just as Ron said, it was a difficult choice between Mase-ON and Brendan Haywood.
Mr. Dependable: Obviously Jamison.
Mr. Complete: Caron Butler
(I’m beginning to think that they selected players first, and then named awards according to their games.)
The Overachiever: Eddie Jordan – I’m caught on this award. I hate to call Eddie an “overachiever” for doing his job and being the good coach that I know he is, and whom I’ve supported, from Day 1.

Anyway, the game…

This is the Pacers ‘De La Soul’ game….you know, the Stakes Is High. If they lose, they can pretty much count on watching the playoffs from home. And that’s fine with me, I’d rather see the Atlanta Hawks step up to bat. The task won’t be easy, Danny Granger has been killing lately (much less being an upcoming Wizards Killer, a la Mo Williams) and both Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler will be resting injuries tonight.

Quarter One

10:33: Dunleavy is Mr. Go-Hard at Antawn Jamison, getting a bucket and later, a two foul shots. Bout time, for a #3 overall pick. 4-4 game.

The early game plan for Eddie Jordan seems to have Brendan Haywood go up against Troy Murphy in the paint.

9:49: AJ gets a nut-shot as he throws up one of his crazy right-handed floaters. In defending, Granger kicked his leg up (like Reggie Miller shooting a jumper) right into the Jamison family bling. Antonio Daniels graciously commits a foul to stop play and we go to an early timeout. I hate to say it, but seeing AJ go down like that, writhing in extreme pain (we’ve all been there), but then to know that it’s just a clap to the ding-dong, and not something really serious, is a relief. Mr. Dependable stays in the game of course. 8-4 Wizards.

Steve Buckhantz says that Jeff Foster was in the media room trying to scavenge for dinner before the game. That’s our Jeff Foster, straight roaching. Foster is out tonight by the way.

8:51: Hands in the face of Dunleavy for 3? Nope. 10-7 Wizards.

Code Name: The Cleaner checks in the game….AJ has two fouls. And he immediately gets a skying offensive rebound on the neck of Dunleavy. I’d like to think that D-Mac can play better D on Mike Jr. too, who has scored all Pacers points so far.

7:07: Lock Smith…..back to back treys. 16-7 Wizards.

6:46: Dunleavy cuts in the middle of the zone and no one sees him. 16-9 Wiz.

6:30: Dunleavy cuts baseline in transition against the zone…thankfully Haywood sends his shit.

6:03: Murphy transition 3….the trailer from the top of the key. You cannot forget anyone on this team around the perimeter. 18-11 Wizards.

4:56: DC’s 3rd turnover leads to Pacers points which leads to an Eddie Jordan timeout. 20-16 Wizards.

Comcast keeps putting up DeShawn Stevenson 3-point stats: He’s tied with Manu Ginobili for 7th in the NBA for the most games (16) with 4 or more made three pointers. DeShawn’s also made a great deal more 3s this year than he has in all of his previous 6 seasons combined.

Chris Miller on Eddie Jordan’s timeout: “No more lay-ups! Hit ’em hard!” (not sure if Eddie actually yelled that or not….I doubt it)

Damn, Jermaine O’Neal has been in the league for a while now….before some 7th graders were born.

3:21: Offensive rebounds and second chance points are becoming a bit of an issue for DC. 27-21 Wizards.

1:07: Cleeean-ner! Follow up dunk son! That was quite a slam off the Roger Mason miss. Would Windex be a better nickname for D-Mac? 31-25 Wiz.

Windex…errr…The Cleaner needs to get more selfish. He picks off a Pacers half-court pass attempt with 2.8 seconds left, and after taking a couple dribble up court, tries to pass it to Andray. Not enough time, he should have shot the ball. Oh well.

The Pacers are crappy. They don’t even deserve to be in playoff contention. And they are right what the Wizards offense needs as DC scores 35 points in the 1st quarter (on 56% shooting), yet gave up 28.

Quarter Two

11:09: A three from Mase-ON sets a franchise record for 3-pointers in a season….562. And they did it thanks mostly to Jamison, Stevenson and Mason, not Gilbert. 38-28 Wizards.

9:02: Big Pech contributes to the 3 point count to give the Wizards their largest lead. Funny, it seems like the Pacers have been the better team. 45-33 DC.

7:32: Nick Young hits a mid-range fadeaway….evidently Eddie turns to the broadcast crew and says something to the effect, “That looks like Phil Chenier 70 years ago.” 50-37 Wizards.

The Wizard bench players a playing pretty well, especially the guard play of Nick Young and Roger Mason.

4:11: Andray Blatche is getting put-back dunks, 59-43.

3:46: Mason is driving and setting up Blatche for lay-ups. 61-46.

3:05: Steven Buckhantz compares the looks of Troy Murphy to Ernie Grunfeld…..Chenier says Murphy is “not quite as thick,” whatever that means.

Coming out the timeout, Steve Buck says: “Wizards lead the Pissers…..Pacers…” and then he can’t quite recover.

2:13: D-Song is getting offensive boards all over….and I’m really surprised that the game is going down like this. I expected a lot of fight from the Pacers. All they are really doing is running with reckless abandon.

Aside from not being able to play defense, the Pacers simply can’t keep the Wizards off the boards. 32-13 is the rebound count in favor of the Wizards right now.

0:42: Songaila is playing the role of paint point guard tonight with
his 4th assist. 66-51 Wizards.

0:00: I know it’s been a fast-paced game and the Pacers are going to get buckets as a result, son…but the Wizards defense has been a huge negative so far. Still, a 12 point lead at the half is good for me.

Halftime interview with Nick Young: He basically just said that he wanted to get out on the court and have fun because he hasn’t gotten a lot of minutes lately and that he wanta to get up whatever shots he can. “Great”

Half Stats:

  • Wiz boards: 35 (13 offensive) – Pacers Boards :16
  • The Cleaner has 6 boards in 14 minutes
  • Wiz bench points: 42, starter points: 24
  • As much as Indy likes to shoot 3s, they are 5-13 from deep, the Wizards are 7-15.

Quarter Three

Not sure what happened, neither are Steve and Phil, but Stevenson checks out and heads into the locker room 19 seconds into the 3rd quarter.

“They’re letting this team hang around.” says Steve Buck. 68-57 Wizards.

8:44: Roger Mason answer that with a three. 75-62 Wizards.

8:35: But the Wizards leave Troy Murphy open again for his own triple.

Luckily, the Pacers have no idea how to keep the Wizards off the boards.

7:56: But still, the Pacers score….Eddie calls a timeout because the Wiz D is terrible. Indiana is 5-6 FGs in the quarter so far…and it’s not like they are hitting tough shots, most are wide open. 77-67 Wizards.

The report coming out the timeout is that DeShawn Stevenson and his sore back will be out for the rest of this game. The Cavs are up 6 on Philly right now with about 7 minutes left in the 3rd.

7:02: Damn D-Song….he set the Pacers right up with a spin move and a 7-10 split for the lay-up. 80-67 Wizards.

6:40: The D-Song gets his 6th assist to Haywood. 82-67.

4:50: D-Mac (Windex) chases down a loose ball like a hound dawg.

3:38: Mason with the soft shooter’s roll for three….so much for the Pacers hanging around. Good timeout Eddie, the Wiz are up 21, 91-70. Mase-ON has 21 points.

Next Up: Dunleavy lay-up, Jamison 3, Granger 3, another Granger 3. 94-78 Wizards.

Lot going on, but there alway is, isn’t there….a lot going on. [One of my favorite quotes from Made by the way]

Second chance points is 21-6 in favor of the Wizards at this point.

1:49: The Cleaner hangs for a jumper….and it’s good. 98-78 Wizards.

Unfortunately, Nick Young is just doing whatever the fuck he feels like right now….dribbling around and missing fade away jumpers — dribbling around shot-clock violations. Not the type of “routine” you like to see the kid get into.

0:00: To end the quarter, Young fiddles around with the ball, gets it to D-Mac behind the 3-point line corner, but not in time to get any kind of decent shot off. The 3rd quarter ends. 98-81 Wizards.

Quarter Four

11:04: Mason Junior hits another 3, his 6th of the game (26 points)…ties Roger’s career high. 101-83 Wizards.

10:05: Dunleavy trey….this game is not really over just yet. 13 point lead (101-88)? Lotta time left.

8:29: What a surprise….Andray Blatche fouls out with 11 points and 11 rebounds. The 6th was a questionable charge call on Andray. But damn kid, how can we get you to stay on the court? Now the Wizards are down four players.

5:59: Travis Diener his at trey (first game points in 2.5 minutes). It’s an 11 point Wiz lead….but the Potomac Rainmaker answers with his career high 7th three pointer. 106-92 Wizards.

4:48: Cleaner with a tough shot….he uses his strength in the post against Dunleavy as someone from the bench tells him to “go to work” — And 1 missed, 108-94 Wizards.

Meanwhile…..the Sixers have just gone on a 17-5 run to tie the game with Cleveland at 80, 4:37 left in the 4th. I’ve actually had the Wizards game on two TVs….for what reason, not exactly sure. Well….probably because one is hooked up straight to cable and the other to a digital box, so there is a couple second delay that allows me to see some plays twice

Switching one TV over….Boobie Gibson trey. Screw Damon Jones, I’m worried about the Wizards keeping track of that guy in the post-season. Remember last year?

Pacers are within 10 with 2 minutes left.

2:51: A charge is drawn on King James, Philly ball, down 83-82 (don’t get confused, two game blogs have fused together)

1:11: Granger cans a three….7 points Wizards lead now, 112-105. Wouldn’t it be amazing if both Philly and the Pacers came back to win? Shut me up.

0:57: D-Mac does NOT clean anything by missing 2 FTs….Pacers get the rebound and call timeout.

2:11: Ilgauskas hits a couple FTs to put the Cavs up 3, 85-82. Igoudala has taken a couple bad shots on the last two Sixers possessions, but they get an offensive rebound on the 2nd miss…. and Sam Dalembert hits a bucket, And 1 – but a misses the FT. 85-84 Cleveland.

0:41: Meanwhile…Indy turnover, Dunleavy traveling. D-Mac goes 1 of 2 from the FT line this time. The Cleaner needs a lot of face time with Dave Hopla this summer. 113-105 Wiz.

1:06: T. Young hits a hook to put Philly up 86-85.

0:32: Granger drives and Harrison gets a jam. 113-107 Wizards.

0:44: LBJ gets it to Ilgauskas for the go ahead bucket….an amazing thread-the-needle, jump to pass (had to) from LeBron. 87-86 Cleveland.

0:24: Somehow, Songaila and McGuire are in charge of getting the ball up court….8 second violation, Pacers ball. REALLY?

0:17: And Marquis Daniels hits a three. 113-110 Wizards.

GET THE BALL OUT McGUIRE’s HANDS!!! He’s fouled with 16 seconds left. Ok kid….k
eep it cool. D-Mac makes the 1st….camera flashes to the Wizards bench where Haywood is playfully slapping Nick Young dead in the face.

D-Mac hits the second….thank you sir. 115-110 Wizards.

Philly scores (Sweet Lou Williams drive), Cavs score (Lebron soft touch). 89-88 Cleveland with 15 seconds left.

0:05: Wow….I just yelled out loud because the Sixers hit a shot. Igoudala lost the ball, Sweet Lou was there for the pick up and knocked down a jumper like a vet, 90-89 Philly.

Meanwhile…Roger Mason makes a couple more FTs to seal the deal and the three-point well dries up for the Pacers. Game over, Wizards 117-110. box

The Sixers foul LeBron…they had 1 to give. 4.1 seconds left.

LeBron goes to the basket….looks like it might be a travel….looks like there could be a foul somewhere. NOPE! The Sixers win!

…..not so fast my friend. No one heard a whistle. The refs review and a foul was called with .2 seconds left. Devin Brown at the line…the Sixers players must be called out of the locker room.

Andre Miller is doing some gamesmanship by walking in a circle around Brown at the FT line. LeBron is kneeling and laughing at opposite FT line after Devin hits the first FT. LeBron puts his arms up and starts walking to the bench before the 2nd one drops. Even Comcast thought the game was over. Cleveland wins, how about that?

Even the Cleveland TV announcers (Fred McLeod I believe) start the shit talking….”Gilbert Arenas, welcome back to Cleveland.”

Well, that’s it. My initial reaction is to sit everyone against Orlando….than again, maybe the Tres Grande can get maybe 15 minutes of run together?…….then again, better to be safe than sorry.

Lotta trash talk between DC and the Mistake by the Lake is about to go down.
Don’t sing it, just bring it.

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