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Gilbert Arenas Goes Backwards: Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Updated: April 2, 2008

Like one of those so-called cool movies (not that I know an actual example), this is a tale that will be told backwards. It may turn disaster just like this Wizards game, but that would be fitting. The last play must bat lead-off. Frustrating, unnecessary mistakes, such as the one committed by Gilbert Arenas will keep the Washington Wizards from being a contender. Oh yea….that whole Curse O’…..(I won’t type it this time) – Gil comes back and three Wizards get hurt? Karma-Vodoo-Inferno-What?

Danta says that it was an InfernoMeridian Hill Park, Washington, DC

End of the Fourth Quarter

Eddie Jordan’s quotes after the game were very interesting: “I found out [about Gilbert playing]….he doesn’t really tell me, but that’s Gil……..Let’s say it wasn’t through normal, proper channels, but I found out. That’s it? Okay…….” Exit stage right. [What the hell kind of professionalism is that? From hissy-fits to angry auto drives to game plan surprises……Gilbert is like that fake can of nuts loaded with springy snakes.]

Well, the Wizards are back to normal. The offense looks like a poor-man’s Suns (which is pretty good) and the defense has lost it’s damn mind. Gilbert was named Comcast’s Player of the Game. Are you serious? This development disgusts me.

DeShawn limps off the floor….game over. 110-109 Milwaukee.

Ramon Fucking Sessions. Jesus F-ing Christ. The pass inbounds to Andrew Bogut (who had his BACK to the basket)…he immediately flips to Sessions in the corner. Of course, Gil was in charge of covering him…leaves too much room (AND turns his head away from Ramon)…Sessions gets the very quick shot off….it’s good and that’s the game.

Wizards are getting injured left and right. Stevenson’s ankle….Jamison’s something. What the hell is going on? Is it a full moon?

Oh no!!! Jump ball won by Butler, goes towards the out-of-bounds line, saved by Jamison, he takes a dive into the front row. Pass goes slightly over AD’s head towards the Wizards end (AD could not be an NFL receiver) …Sessions is quicker to the ball. Bucks possession, timeout. 1.1 seconds left. Well, the Nats won 1-0 while that jump ball was going on.

….AD is in for Gil. Ugh….I guess he’s our next best option at guard on D. (BTW – Mo Williams is not in the game) Sessions baseline penetration on AD……pass to Villanueva in the other corner, he drives…pass to Bogut….he’s open right under the hoop and Tuff Juice comes from the backside to knock the ball away. A Massive scramble ends in a jump ball between Butler and Sessions. In the process, Stevenson stepped on AD’s foot and limps to the sideline.

Out # 2 for the Nats. Pop fly to left.

21 seconds left, Wizards ball. Do you go back to Agent Zero? 60% of me says no….but I’m going to trust Eddie Jordan’s call……here we go. Arenas drives….leads a little with the shoulder, but gets tripped up by Sessions who is trying to get over a pick…Ramon trips Gil and sends him to the line. 2 made FTs stop a 7-0 Bucks run. Thank god the Bucks call timeout so Eddie can hopefully take Gil out the game on defense. 109-108 Wizards.

Out #1 for the Nats….Nick Johnson plays better D on the line than Gil.

Redd misses against Stevenson…Bucks almost get the long rebound. Ball in Gil’s hands….takes a shot that was a little too forced. Haywood’s multiple tips produce no results. Wiz get lucky…they lose Ivey on D, and he misses a wide open shot. Bucks still up 1 with 23 seconds left.

…..meanwhile, the Nats are going into the bottom of the 9th in Philly with a 1 run lead. Rauch for the save again…not Chad Cordero. Wow. And I just noticed, Philly only has 1 hit. Exciting games…how ’bout that DC sports scene?

Stevenson misses a lay-up, could’ve been a whistle……is it right for DeShawn? Nope. Bucks ball, timeout. 1:17 left.

Haywood is back in and what do you know: Bogut misses a gimme…but gets his own rebound on Brendan….and a put back. Bucks up 108-107.

Butler misses a long jumper….seems like we haven’t heard from him in awhile. No points for Tuff Juice in the 4th, last scored with just over 5 minutes left in the 3rd……that’s not a good sign.

Crap. Crap. Crap. First of all….a big thumbs down to the Verizon Center crowd. It’s a close game and they are acting like they’re watching a colon cleansing. I realize that it’s the Bucks in town…..But really? — Anyway, Gil goes for a layup….misses. Loose ball, tapped by Gil, recovered by Gil on the ground. Instead of calling a timeout, he throws the rock to an area containing 3 Bucks and 1 Wizard. Milwaukee down the court….basket AND1…stupid foul by Roger Mason Jr. Ivey makes the FT and it’s a 1 point game. 107-106 Wizards.

Gil is able to get to the FT line with toughness. Makes 1 of 2. 107-101 Wiz.

Man, these Bucks won’t go away. Royal Ivey, who had that big play in game #42 (a Bucks win where Royal hit a deuce with the shot clock at 0 and 6 seconds left in the game to put Milwaukee up 4) knocks down his 6th and 7th points of the quarter. 106-101 Wizards.

Andray Blatche again….making his presence known in the paint for the bucket and the foul…missed FT. He’s getting some crunch time run. Sorry HAYwood. 106-99 Wiz.

What a play! Gil draws the defense again…..Songaila flashes in the paint and receives the pass. D-Song gets the Bucks moving so AB is open for the wrap-around assist and the dunk. 104-97 Washington.

Bobby Simmons makes Jamison look helpless on defense. 100-95 Wiz.

Roger Mason shows he should still be involved. 100-93 Wiz.

Villanueva keeps the Bucks relevant with a’s only a 5 point game.

Arenas dribbles around aimlessly (it appears)…what is he doing? Oh, he’s moving the defense for a Jamison trey ball. Nice work Gil. Taking advantage of the
attention he attracts will be key. 98-88 Wizards.

The Bucks are staying juuust out of reach. I guess that’s good? I’m Ron Burgandy?

Steve Buckhantz pops the question to Phil Chenier: Cleveland or Orlando? Inexperience wins as Phil would rather face the Magic in the first round.

Mason Jr. with a trey……and something like that makes you say: Wow, the Wiz got a guy like that draining 3s off the bench now? Imagine if Jarvis Hayes balled like RMJ last year. 95-85 Wizards.

Steve and Phil talk about that dunk Nick Young had on Andrew Bogut the last time these two teams played, game #63. Nick got a T for taunting then…..and it’s Brendan Haywood’s fault. BTH told Nick that he was only a practice dunker (as re-told by Steve Buck)…but wasn’t that after Burrito’s dunk on Bron-Bron? (yes it was, that was in game 40)

Andray Blatche has played a solid game…even with 4 fouls. He has 11 points, 3 rebounds and a side of composed maturity.

The Wizards seem to be “floundering” – they shot a lot of their wad in the first quarter, but have seemed a little….drained?

End of the Third Quarter

Redd misses another FT…wow. Makes 2nd, 86-78 Wizards to end the 3rd. The Wizards are coming to double a lot when Gilbert is on D.

With three NBA all-stars in the game with him, Andray nails a jumper on Ruffin a step inside the 3 point line. 86-77 Wizards.

Michael Redd misses 2 FTs….then Gil loses control of the rock, but dives towards the sideline in an attempt to save…no dice. Knee looks okay. Handles, not so much.

To the Nats game in the bottom of the 7th……an amazing stab by Zimmerman at 3rd turns the DP and the inning is over. Still 1-0 Nats.

4:10 – Gilbert is back….I’ve got a feeling that the bad defense will not be getting any better.
The Wizards go to the zone look to compensate.

Seems like the Bucks have a lot of turnovers… says 13 for the game, 4 in the quarter so far.?

Uh oh….Mo Williams hits an open trey at the top of the arc. 74-68 Wizards. Don’t need him to get hot.

Andrew Bogut looks good just about every time he plays the Wiz, basket And1. He’s got 17, 9 in the 3rd so far. 72-65 Wizards.

Butler is fouled kinda hard going to the basket….Villanueva grabs his right arm as he charges down the lane…Charlie follows though to pull Caron’s arm down as well. After landing, Caron makes a aggressively grand arm back-swing as if he is still trying to get Charlie off him….lucky for Charlie V., he already released his grip. 72-62 Wiz.

The original starters begin the 2nd half for the Wiz. It becomes a battle for Jamison against Villanueva in the first 3 minutes. AJ wins with 7 points.

Right before the 3rd begins….Ryan Zimmerman pops his 2nd HR of the year. 1-0 Nats.

End of the Second Quarter

Well, the half is over and that is that. The offense looked well oiled….14 fast break points in the 2nd (and total). Gil dropped 12 off the bench… add to the 18 points that Nick Young, Roger Mason, Andray Blatche and D-Song combined to score – 30 off the bench, not too shabby. 61-54 is the total. 62.8% for DC is burning the nets (36 points is melting the paint)….but 57.1% for the Bucks has to be burning the lining of Eddie Jordan’s stomach. In the half interview, Caron reveals that the team knew Gil would be back at shoot-around and they played like they had their mind right.

Wiz miss a fast-break oop to Caron….Bogut gets an uncontested dunk on the other end. A smattering of boos, not sure if they’re booing the Aussie or the fact that the Wiz let that happen. 61-54 Washington.

Gil takes a seat in exchange for Nick with 41.5 seconds left in the half.

Redd miss. Jamison outlet to Gil in middle….over to Caron on the right wing….in to Haywood for the bucket. I don’t think the ball touched the floor, caps an 8-0 Washington run. 61-50.

Gil Arenas draws a charge on Mo Will. Down the court, Mo tries to flop on the Lock Smith..DeShawn scores and laughs. 59-50 Washington.

Gilbert’s first semi-explosive drive.
Haywood gets a defensive rebound, and is pressured by Bogut. It takes him a second to get the outlet to Stevenson, who whips it to Gil. Arenas sees an open lane and doesn’t hesitate….Gil weaves to score the lay-up AND1. But did you notice him jumping off the wrong foot? He shoots with his right hand….semi-going to the left, but jumps off the right leg….the good leg. Gil misses his 1st FT. 57-50 Wizards.

Oh yea, Wizards can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Pacers loss. The Pacers are down 39-24 to the Celtics right now. Michael Redd and his 5 points in one possession won’t go away. 53-49 Wizards.

Every time I see Nick Young….I can’t help but think of that comment that one hoe-bag once made, “He looks like his breath might smell like onion rings.” Meanwhile….Nick takes the elevator for a dunk…..and then a twisting layup after a D-Song strip. 48-38 Wizards. The Wizards offense is looking pretty damn good….with or without Gilbert in the game. I think his presence has given a boost to the entire team.

Comcast’s Chris Miller interviews the CEO of Legal Seafoods…..and why? They share stories about letting Red Auerbach smoke a cigar in his restaurant….even after the smoking ban. Aw, how cute. Legal Seafoods is really not that great….it’s to Red Lobster as Wendy’s is to McDonald’s.

Gilbert Arenas goes back to the bench. Young, Mason, Blatche, D-Song and McGuire…all lead the effort for Washington off the pine….or is it now plastic? Vinyl? Suede?

End of the First Quarter

Arenas missed a step-back trey from the top of the arc at the buzzer. But Gil is back indeed with 10 points in 5 minutes. He’s not a distributor, but he’s not a driver either. Only non-jumper came on that first cut play within the offense. The Wizards are hot as a team, 14-20 (70%) to 56.5% for the Bucks. The Bucks have 3 offensive rebounds and 8 assists (to 1 and 5 for the Wiz) – after one quarter, it’s 33-30 Wizards. DC got an early 9 point lead, but the Bucks hung around after that.

Another Gilbert three….in Yi Jianlian’s face. Every Wizard is looking out for Gil on D….he’s trying to keep up with Mo Williams Haywood lumbers out near the Bucks coaches box to doubl
e….Mo Williams would later get an assist to Bogut for the basket. Tie game at 27.

Mo Williams makes a hard baseline cut on Gil….Butler must help, lane is open up for Bogut. But Gil goes down and nails a long deuce…..and then he nails a trey after a Desmond Mason layup. Gilbert was wide open both times….did Milwaukee think he wasn’t going to be gunning? Arenas lets Mo Williams score…and then Gil commits a charge….the Bucks go down and take the lead (guess who? Mo Williams again). 25-24 Milwaukee.

Gilbert gets some nice ovations….Eddie runs a back door play for him right down middle of lane (pick from Brendan….Bogut wasn’t paying attention to help) …..Gil gets an easy reverse layup within the offense. 18-14 Wizards.

Coming back from commercial, they show Gilbert coming out the locker room. Not sure when he actually came out…. it seems like just now. Gil has an angry/’I just woke up’ look on his face. Curiously, Arenas is on the bench without a warm-up top…..barely a play runs out of the timeout and Gilbert gets the call to check in the game. He was probably backstage warming up on a bike. I’ll dedicate some time to paying attention to Gil now….since that’s what he wants.

Stevenson gets blocked and looks for a call (doesn’t get one)…..yet the Bucks can’t take advantage. Since their timeout at the 9 minute mark, it’s been an 8-3 run for Milwaukee.

For some reason, Charlie Villanueva gets caught defending Haywood twice….no contest. 1 FT and a FG. 16-10 Wiz.

As go timeouts…..Milwaukee (Villanueva) drives down the lane, misses, but Bogut gets the board and put-back. Stevenson, not having gunned a shot yet, takes and misses….Bucks get points. DeShawn misses again. The Bucks miss. Jamison turns the ball over (a little extra defensive attention from Milwaukee) and that leads to a Villanueva lay-up. Just like that, it’s 13-10 Wizards.

I’m glad that Caron Butler is on the court. At the first timeout 3 minutes into the first, the Wizards take a 13-4 lead, making all six of their shots…..7 points coming from Caron. Left open, he did not hesitate to knock down outside jumpers.

Steve Buck and the scuttlebutt says that Gilbert will dress in his #0 uniform tonight. At the start of the game, Comcast’s Chris Miller is left on the bench and at the alter, wondering about the whereabouts of Gil. Who cares?

The wrist is not getting worse……so Antonio Daniels is on the floor tonight. The report is that he will need surgery and 3 months of recovery after the season.


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