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Gilbert Arenas: I’m Focused Maaaan

Updated: April 12, 2008

Is Gil focused like Jay-Z? Only time and the good folks on Planet Zero can tell. Lot going on in the Wizards World Wide Web, let’s start with Gil.

Gilbert Arenas - I Can Be A Legend

Arenas has a new blog post on Focusing on the Playoffs, as dictated by Gilbert to some dude who can type.

  1. Gil ain’t talking to the media no more this season….only via the media of And he might not be blogging so much in the near future either. Sounds fine to me. Glad to hear that Arenas is focused on the playoffs: “Right now, it’s not all about me. It’s about keeping focus on the team.”
  2. Gilbert says that the media asks the same questions over and over again (knee, contract, etcetera). Michael Lee of the Washington Post justifiably takes exception to this….and solicits Wizards Insider commentors for questions. (Mine was about Gil feeding his kids McDonald’s — and yes, when I was 6, I wanted to be an employee of Mickey D’s when I “grew up” — still working on that, are you saying there’s a chance?).
  3. Arenas calls Tom Knott of the Washington Time a dummy. Knott ripped Gil for that play in the Bucks game, as did I. Of course, Knott goes overboard in insinuating that the one play was indicative of everything that’s wrong with the Wizards, and the world.
  4. In my opinion, Gilbert gives a poor excuse as to why he left Ramon Sessions open in the corner….and never really admits that he was in the wrong. Uh….apology accepted?
  5. Gilbert also take exception to Knott’s comparisons of him and Latrell Sprewell. Maybe it was removed from the article, but I’m not seeing the mention…..I do, however, see comparisons of Arenas to World B. Free.
  6. Mike Jones thinks Gilbert Arenas and Tom Knott should play a game of H-O-R-S-E together.

In other news:

Last Thursday, Dave Friedman of 20 SecondTimeout played a bit of a killjoy to the Wizards’ win over the Celtics on Wednesday. This, of course, sparked a debate on the comment board of Bullets Forever, in which Dave took part. It’s the Ye Olde “Is Gilbert Arenas helping or hurting the Bullets/Wizards?” argument…..which led to very long comment posts with many good points in both directions. But I appreciated this one by Aldo.

>> The Pradamaster speaks of team woes, not those of the individual, in this defensive post on Bullets Forever.

My Take: Essentially, we can argue a moot point all day (with oodles and oodles of stats to boot!), but we don’t know until we know. Injuries have clouded a true assessment of this Washington Wizards team. Have I, at times, been one of Gilbert’s detractors? Yes sir-re Bob. But do I want him on my team, do I like the guy? No doubt. Last night’s Pistons game didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth, but I’m still in wait and see mode…..while thinking positive thoughts for Gilbert, and the entire Wizards team.

>> Some guy, Elie Seckbach, was let loose in the Wizards locker room to hang with the Wizards and their kids, the Wizards rookies.

>> DC Sports Bog Blast From the Past: Gilbert Arenas Quotes

>> Caron Butler’s Birthday Party, a video – Plus, DC City Blog’s review of the venue, The Park @ 14th.

>> The DC Pro Sports Report is writing letters to the “friend” of Wizards Nation, John Hollinger.

>> Oh yea, this slipped through the cracks and the New York Knicks have since hired Donnie Walsh to run the asylum. But check a very interesting story (blog post) by Frank Isola in the NY Daily News about current Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld. Isola is essentially politicking for the Knicks owner, Jimmy Dolan, to hire Grunfeld instead of Walsh. Remember, Grunfeld was responsible for all those Knicks teams that I hated in the 90s.

And finally, you must watch this video, a reporter smack-down [via Lang Whitaker of Slam]:

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