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It’s Official, Chris Paul is the MVP (blogosphere style)

Updated: April 23, 2008

All of us NBA bloggers recently got off the couch and collaborated to vote on the 07-08 NBA season ending awards. We then got the beer out of the fridge and went back to our couches to send our votes in via an online survey tool. My first participation in the NBA blogger vote came in this 11th and final installment. The highest commendation goes to the team at We Rite Goode for their Bobby Thigpen-like performance in closing this out. While this post concentrates on the MVP award, I strongly suggest that you check out both links below for the full results.

End-of-season Basket-Blogger Rankings [Pt. 1 – ROY, COY & MIP]
Rankings: The 7th Man of the year (oh, and MVP, too)

The masses [of bloggers who read other bloggers] have spoken…..and Chris Paul is the people’s choice for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player [that being those people who blog]. Who knows if this vote of bloggers, and not the opinion of those who get paid to assess the game [as most in the main stream media have chosen one Kobe Bean Bryant for MVP], truly reflects the voice of humanity. I say yes.

Chris Paul, Your 2008 Blogger MVP2008 CP3 All-Star Campaign Poster – yup, those are C-3PO’s limbs

Even though I’m a Wizards fan in DC, I have a vested interest in the city of New Orleans. While I’ve never lived in the city, I’ve visited more times that I can count. My father was born in the NOLA and I’ve lived in the region, along with having current ties to friends and family in that neck of the country. Needless to say, the NBA League Pass has allowed me to follow the Hornets at various times this season.

I first began to tout the merits of Chris Paul eight games into the season with a post titled Chris Paul Is Better Than Jason Kidd AND Steve Nash. Despite the sensationalism of the headline, my hypothesis was the Chris Paul wasn’t as good as Kidd and Nash yet. The supporting evidence outlined why he would be soon. I didn’t realize that “soon” would be the end of this season, and not a couple years down the road.

Around three weeks later, my campaign for Chris Paul to be an NBA Western Conference All-Star starter began after witnessing CP3 score a career high 43 points while taking down the Memphis Grizzlies with gutsy late game heroics. In that same post, I also dubbed Pau Gasol a chump. Gasol has since joined the La-La Lakers and started torching the nets like an Spanish Inquisitor to a Protestant heretic at the stake. Pau is good, just not as a #1 option. Without Kobe, he’d continue to chump fans with mounting losses [digressing].

By late January, our friend Michael Lee from the Washington Post came down with Chris Paul fever and suggested a dose of him as a starting All-Star for the cure.

Air-tight MVP cases can be made for four players this season: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and LeBron James. However, Chris Paul is hands down the most valuable to his franchise and most deserving of the MVP award.

I think I’ve said enough about what Chris Paul can do, but what has he done for others? A top three.

1) Chris Paul remade Tyson Chandler (I believe Ty is down a first-born to CP3…or second, or third, I’m not sure how many babies some of these NBAers have) — Wikipedia check: Evidently Chandler and his wife have one child and both are active in the New Orleans community. Taking foot out of mouth……now (although that’s not to say that he doesn’t have some side ventures).

2) Chris Paul saved Peja’s back and career.
Who knew assists and made 3s could replace the effects of a backiotomy.

3) Chris Paul made people eat their words about Byron Scott.
(although, I’m not sure if anyone has fessed up to such consumption) Remember when Scott was treated as a pariah after one bad season in New Jersey (which just happened to follow two back-to-back NBA Finals appearances)?

Speaking of those Garden State Byron Scott days, try this one for size:

  • Last night, Byron Scott’s Hornets (led by this post’s namesake) beat the Dallas Mavericks, led by opposing point guard Jason Kidd (you know, the same Jason Kidd of spitting french-fries at his crazy wife, groping women, and Whitesnake fame).
  • On December 13, 2003, the New Jersey Nets (a team for which Scott was the head coach and Kidd was the starting PG) got blown out by the Memphis Grizzlies to the tune of 110-63.
  • After said game, in an infamous tirade, Kidd screamed at Byron Scott in the locker room. Involved franchise parties subsequently played down the incident, but what reporters heard couldn’t help but make the scuttlebutt rounds for years to come.
  • Jason Kidd rallied the troops (and Rod Thorn to succumb to a superstar baby) to get Byron Scott fired after the 03-04 season. [Correction: mid-way through the 03-04 season…WITH a winning record.]
  • Even in 2008, many still refer to Kidd as a back-stabbing spoiled brat. Byron himself called to the whole situation a mutiny.
  • This “mutiny” took place at the Continental Airlines Arena (known today as the Izod Center) which is apart of the Meadowlands Sports Complex along the Hackensack River. The Hackensack sits just three miles westward from the larger Hudson River. Both can be considered part of the same wetlands ecosystem, hence, the Meadowlands.
  • In the early 1600s, an English explorer by the name of Henry Hudson investigated the New Jersey wetlands area, along with the New York Harbor in search of a Southwest Passage to Asia via North America. Hudson sailed up what is today called the Hudson River only discover that there was no SW passage.
  • In 1611, Hudson’s men became a fed up with aimless voyages (this time in the parts known as America’s hat) and decided to perform a mutiny against Mr. Hudson. Henry, his teenage son John, and eight loyalists were set adrift without food and water and were assumed to have died.
  • Connected mutinies nearly 400 years apart…..ahh the fun you can with Wikipedia and time on your hands.
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