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Lucky 77 Game Blog: Washington Wizards @ Chicago Bulls

Updated: April 6, 2008
Wizards take the Bulls by the horns.

Wizards take the Bulls by the horns.
Well, that answers Ivan Carter’s question, Gilbert Arenas will sit out and rest the knee tonight against the Chicago Bulls, opting out of the back-to-back. Who knows what that means….I thought it was normal rest earlier this season, then all of a sudden, he’s having another surgery. Antawn Jamison, as most know, will also be dress-code suited on the bench.

The update is that Gilbert is out as a precaution.

Quarter One

11:41: Can of Tuff Juice from long distance to start.

Even bigger sports night for DC (than on Nats opening night)….got the Caps season finale on the left feed (a win and they’re in the playoffs). The Wizards-Bulls front and center, for now UNC-Kansas on the far right.

UCLA hanging around wasn’t a surprise (Memphis has been butter on a roll, going in I thought they had too much bench and athleticism for the Bruins) yet, I was surprised that UCLA never made a significant push. Shiiiit. Collison….track stars need not apply in the Final 4 homey.

7:59: Haywood is hitting unbelievable fade-aways….did Steve Buckhantz just call Larry Hughes ‘L-Boogie’?…8-8 game.

7:32: Butler is taking heat check threes (made two already, but misses this one), offensive rebounds, Songaila is making nice drives, Haywood is following D-Song’s miss with a dunk. The Wiz aim to put Chicago to the test on offense. And tested they are as D-Song caps a 6-0 run and the Bulls call a timeout at 6:50. 12-8 Wizards

6:10: Tuff Juice J – Caron has definitely found his shooting touch these past 3 games. His playoff mind is right….hopefully his teammates will follow suit. 14-8 Wiz.

Before the game, the debate came up on who should’ve had the ball in the closing seconds of the Bucks game….the consensus among AJ and I is that it should have been Caron.

The 3rd period is starting at the Verizon Center…Caps hold a 1 goal lead in the ‘Win and You’re In’ game.

3:48: Roger Mason….he slips and goes down, the Bulls get transition points to cap an 8-0 run, they’re up 16-14.

3:21: Prada is right, Haywood should and is having a good game so far due to the thin Chicago front-court. A dunk gives BTH 6 points a block and a board.

Semin gets a goal for the Caps ……a blazer from long distance, close to the blue line.

2:44: Meanwhile….that early activity on offense has turned into a bit of carelessness for the Wiz. 12-2 Chi town run. No turnovers for Chicago….8 points for the Bulls off Wizz turnovers…20-16.

And now the Caps have a power play….some Panther has been a trippin’

2:20: RNJ knows what to do after a timeout, it’s nail a three. Reliable, 20-19 Bulls.

Kansas and UNC get kicked off……I’m a Wiz fan….but the NCAA tournament may, at times, take precedent over the volume of Wizards game — despite Billy Packer.

0:34: Caron keeps me around with a reverse slam. The Wiz finish the 1st up 3, 25-22. Caron has 10 points, 4 boards and 2 assists. With zero turnovers, Chicago only had 1 assist in the first.

Quarter Two

10:46: The Wizards aren’t getting physical enough in keeping Chicago away from the offensive boards. Of course, in the process, Blatche picks up his 3rd foul…he sure can pick up some cheap ones, can’t he?

I like the aggressiveness of D-Song….he realizes the personnel situation and adjusts his game accordingly.

Is Tyler Hansbrough a bull in a china shop? Or just an over-excited puppy? How about the Karl Malone comparisons? Both are hard workers…kinda dirty? I’m not sure about Tyler…but Malone sure knew how to use his physicality to hurt others. Kansas is playing with fury on the defensive end.

Wiz and Bulls have hit an offensive lull…the Caps are still staying strong with the 3-1 lead…..playing pretty defensively now as Ovie takes a shift rest.

Timeout and Kansas is up 23-10….UNC looks a little shook. Ty Lawson has not been able to establish the offense.

5:15: Somehow D-Song picks up a tech. I’m not sure what happened, but let me go ahead and say that I like the fire.

UNC is getting run out the gym. They can’t do anything offensively the JayHawk D is leading to easy points.

4:28: AD finally gets Washington off 31 points….he’s been holding his wrist a lot…….of course, the dirty as hell pick that Chapu put on him isn’t helping AD’s health. 35-33 Bulls.

4:00: Noah comes close to victimizing D-Song with a throw the ball in the basket dunk like Superman Caron.

3:59: D-Song takes a seat and The Poet gives him some prose….perhaps a Haiku as AJ suggests.

The Caps are 30 seconds away from the playoffs – gotta put the volume up to hear the Verizon Center goes nuts……a Wizards fan can only wish for that atmosphere.

Ovechkin….despite somehow meeting his girlfriend on the Internet, seems like a good guy. Glad the Caps have him locked up for years to come. Ted Leonsis is an example of a great owner….more wishing from a Wizards fan. Ever checked out his blog?

Meanwhile….UNC is still stuck on 10 with 9 minutes left (held scoreless for about 4.5 minutes), Kansas has 33. Nothing easy for Hansbrough…but Kansas is swarming him.

I can hear the media now…taking the POY award from Hansbrough if UNC loses. But he has 8 of the 12 Tarheel points. Lawson is starting to play panicked….and Rush hits another 3, 38-12 Kansas with 7:32 left.

Wizards and Bulls continue to slop it up. Joaki
m Noah is throwing his weight around….Caron’s friends, mom and family made the trip down to Chi-Town…if Caron doesn’t do well, she’s going to wave a bat at him.

7 ties, 13 lead changes….Bulls take a 43-42 lead into the half. It’s a relatively even game stat-wise. The glaring difference seems to be the 9 turnovers for the Wizards to 3 for the Bulls…and accordingly, the Bulls have 6 steals and the Wiz have 1.

87-88 – The last time the Caps, Wizards and Redskins all made the playoffs in the same year.

Kansas hits a shot at the buzzer to maintain a 44-27 lead….if UNC kept it at 15 or below, I would’ve given them a chance. Now? Well…… our friend Billy Packer said it was over.

The Hawks beat the 76ers tonight….Wizards need to do their job.

Quarter Three

10:20: When Deng is slashing to the basket…..good things happen for Chicago and Tyrus Thomas (with a J, 51-44 Chicago).
9:19: Haywood is taking over with o-boards and running lane hooks against all of Chi-Town…..he’s gotten good at doing it against who he’s supposed to do it against. 51-49 Bulls.

7:53: I like Haywood’s aggressiveness going inside….getting the Bull D rotating and moving, even if he is getting blocked by Noah

6:59: Stevenson hits two in a row….DC, after being down 7, has had an adequately strong 3rd. 57-54 Wiz.

5:51: It’s become a fast-paced game as the Wiz take a 61-56 lead….Boylan doesn’t like this, timeout Chicago.

Phil C says that Stevenson has become a reliable mid-range shooter..I’d say that’s a stretch.

4:28: The glue guy that is D-Song seems to get stronger every day…..just a smart, heady sign by Grunfeld.

3:10: Larry Hughes hits another long shot…if it happens again, somebody is sleeping. 66-63 Wizards.

2:19: I wish the Wiz could get more inside work than what Haywood has been doing….hot shooting like the long J D-Song just hit don’t come on offense many nights. 70-63 Wiz.

1:55: Blatche gets a follow 1 handed slam. Crash the boards every time kid… can see that his psyche can be very shaky as all hands are on deck to congratulate him coming out the timeout. He got that dunk right on the heads on Noah and Nocioni.

2nd chance points 16-4 DC.

Wiz have the ball for last snot…somehow it ends up as a 2 man game between Roger Mason and Dominic McGuire – no dice but the Wiz hold onto a solid 76-64 lead.

32-13 Wizards run in last 10 minutes of 3rd. As the pessimist, I’m not satisfied…the optimist says it could be a lot worse.

Quarter Four

9:22: RMJunior with a 3 and continued off the bench shine. 81-65 Wiz to a Bulls timeout.

Meanwhile….UNC just cut it to 12, 54-42….14:42 left….curious to see how Kansas will respond.

UNC within 10…my interest has been sparked. This Wizards-Bulls game is pretty boring. So much for that budding rivalry from a couple years ago.

12:20 – Down to 8 for UNC…..Kansas just turned sloppy. 10-0 UNC run in 4.5 minutes.

6:09: Haywood is dunking and talking to either Aaron Gray or the Ref….either way, he is down to business. I like his quote from the other day. “He made his grand entrance and he had his time,” center Brendan Haywood said. “Now it’s time to get back to business.” [Washington Post] 85-69 Wizards.

Psycho T is raging and scoring and getting AND1s…no FT dice. Would this be the comeback of all comebacks? In the Final 4, yes indeed.

I sure hope the Wiz can keep Roger Mason…but I don’t think he’s going to turn down another 3 year $3 million contract offer like the one Mason got from the Spurs (actually, next time, offers for Roger will be much higher).

3:59: The Bulls are just kinda gunning shots at this point while the Wiz are still taking it inside and doling out some scrap…especially Haywood with dunks putting the team up 19, 93-74.

The Bulls are not completely out of the playoffs….so that’s why I’m even more glad/impressed with the impending wizards win. A W would put Washington in the 5th seed, a game ahead of Philly and 2 ahead of the Raptors.

3:19: Mason is dribbling around silly and hitting fade aways. Roger has 14, Wiz up 20.

A running match of desire and desperation between Kansas and UNC now….5 point game with 9 minutes left. Which coach is more to blame?

2:10: The Bulls go on an 8-0 run to cut it to 97-85…not sure of the reason for careless Wizards turnovers.

Random Thought: What if the Bulls kept Tyson Chandler and didn’t sign Ben Wallace? It’s been covered in the past.

1:13: Not sure why Stevenson is still in the game, gunning with that ankle. Still 97-85.

0:45: Gordon misses a 3 and Gray gets blocked on the put-back…that will pretty much do it.

A great gutty Wizards win. Decent start….a little lull in the middle and then the Wiz just finished off a baffled Chicago Bulls team. Their future once looked so bright.

Haywood is nets a career high 25 points. 99-87 is the final. Very good win… box score.

Off to see if Kansas can pull the game out.

3 days off (from games) – stay healthy everyone.

Gilbert Arenas takes a dive

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