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Scott Templeton Receives Cleveland Journalism Award

Updated: April 30, 2008

Don’t know who Scott Templeton is? Shame on you……as you’ve missed out on one of the greatest television series in history. Templeton was the quintessential douche-bag reporter, a character on HBO’s The Wire. To be clear, I’d like to separate this from associating Templeton with or making any stereotypes or judgments on real journalists… least those from DC. [I understand there is some type of blogger-MSM war going on] — in any case, I could estimate that I do not have a problem with 75-85% of journalists out there (I feel terrible as that is such a crude guesstimation……and yes, I used the “word” guesstimation — so what!!). In any case, what made Scott Templeton such a d-bag on The Wire was that he was wrought with lies, plagiarism, and staunch, unsupported defense of his despicable acts.

Scott Templeton from HBO's The Wire
While I am sure that Cleveland journalists are no where near the reprehensible nature of the character on The Wire, they sure have been adept in displaying skills of hackery as of late.

Tales of Hack Jobs:

First, there was this excerpt for Brian Windhorst’s blog (he’s also the Cavs beat reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal)

After the game, LeBron said DeShawn Stevenson hit him with a closed fist on the flagrant foul in the first half. I have since seen some photos that support that but it was not clear. Also, he seemed to go for the ball. I suspect the Cavs will push hard to have him to have the foul upgraded but it probably won’t happen. Here is the thing, people who know DeShawn have told me they think he’s crazy enough to attempt to go head hunting for LeBron in Game 5 if he thinks it is over just because of how personal this has all gotten. We’ll see.

My initial reaction was this: For one, this was posted well after the conclusion of the game. Second, he’s telling us that as a Cavs beat reporter, the only access he had to that play was photos, which he deemed to be inconclusive. That’s sad……[and later]……. This “people who know DeShawn” comment is a little disturbing. What exactly does this mean?… can know someone on so many levels. I mean, Damon Jones “knows” DeShawn……. Stevenson’s mother also “knows” DeShawn.
>> This whole issue was discussed on a Bullets Forever post (where I made my comments) – others made many valid points, so if you have not already, I suggest you check it out.

Then Along Came Two Sallies
#1) Patrick McManamon, an Akron Beacon Columnist – Cavs need to take out the garbage
Essentially, Patty Cake: Called the Wizards garbage. Pointed out that there are more important things in this world. (Really? More important things than basketball? You don’t say.) And then McManamon proceeded to write a column about everything that’s gone down in this series that has to do with basketball and not those more important things. Sounds like a little snot doing nothing more than pandering to a bunch of whiny babies if you ask me.

#2) Bill Livingston
from the Cleveland Plain Dealer – Fierce Wizards a joke that just keeps us laughing
Now, Bill wants to call out the Wizards for all their talk…no problem with that, as I’ve done the same. Unfortunately, Livingston is intent on only telling one side of the story and uses an example which horribly back-fires into his face….just wait.

So, while I am just a stupid blogger….essentially an untrained monkey….I won’t do anything here but express my opinion and angrily call people names.

I’ll let the real journalist take care of the duties of a well-thought-out comeback. I implore you to go read this entry from Dan Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog on the DeShawn Appears to be Popular in Cleveland.

Oh yea….the AP is getting in on the act by making shit up.

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