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An Underground King For A Day

Updated: April 6, 2008

Sunday afternoon is an afternoon for some Underground Kingz. And I never had the chance to pay my respects to the late Pimp C, who passed back in December. True to the game, Chad Butler died in a Hollywood hotel room from sippin’ on the sizzurp….just like the famed DJ Screw and Houston’s Big Moe (a political-science-major-rapper). Rappers: making songs about purple stuff that kills them since 2000. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets choked by a chain or run-over by a rim….if it hasn’t happened already.

On the sports side of this post, Terrence Kiel, former San Diego Charger and current NFL Free Agent, was once arrested at the Chargers practice facility on multiple drug charges – the main one being Kiel’s attempts to distribute the sizzurp. Oh yea, Terrence was also heavy into gambling debt, possibly involved with importing fake Nikes from China, once got shot three times in an attempt to car-jack his fly ride, and likes to pee in public.

Considering this nice little blurb from the Washington Times, Danny Snyder might be looking at signing Terrence Kiel as well.

On to the business, the Top 10 UGK Songs of All-Time
(along with a noteworthy lyric and not including the last album):

Pimp C is finally free. Truth About It UGK Top-10
– Choppin’ Blades – album: Dirty Money, 2001
Steppin’ out the Caddy, b—-, I’m fresher than Dentyne
Slicker than Crisco, sweeter than Nabisco
-Bun B

#14 – Use Me Up – album: Too Hard to Swallow, 1992
I can’t help myself, I know that I’m trippin’
But she got it goin’ on like Kentucky Fried Chicken
-Pimp C

#13 – Dirty Money – album: Dirty Money, 2001
Yeah, it’s bright outside but not necessarily sunny
And no matter how you make it, it’s all dirty money baby
-Chorus, Bun B

#12 – Take It Off – album: Dirty Money, 2001
I keep a chip off in my cell phone, they used to call me Pimp C
but now the chicks they call me James Jones
-Pimp C

#11 – Hi Life – album: Ridin’ Dirty, 1996
Motherf—ers sleepin’ on them corners that you pee on
Probably cause society felt they didn’t belong
-Bun B

#10 – Like A Pimp ft. Juicy J & DJ Paul – album: Dirty Money, 2001
Sweet Jones, gripping grain
With all that s— you talk ain’t got no bezatine chain
-Pimp C

#9 – Something Good – album: Too Hard to Swallow, 1992
You want to step to me but i don’t really think you should
I shoulda shot you up instead i told you something good
-Pimp C

#8 – Pinky Ring – album: Ridin’ Dirty, 1996
Stanky, attitudes be janky
I think he, gon’ hafta feel the sting from the rang on my panky
-Bun B

#7 – Diamonds & Wood – album: Ridin’ Dirty, 1996
Some of my sweets be tight And some of my sweets be f—ed up
But all of my sweets gonna blow so killas smoke get sucked up
-Bun B

#6 – Ridin’ Dirty – album: Ridin’ Dirty, 1996
Talkin on cell phones got a lotta kids done in
I wanna live like Arnold, Willis and Mr. Drummond
-Pimp C

#5 – Front, Back & Side to Side – album: Super Tight, 1994
I got a ’64 Chevy in my yard
A white drop top, pearl paint job is hard
-Pimp C

#4 – Ain’t That A B featuring Devin the Dude – album: Dirty Money, 2001
From being two broke [] from off the cut, growing up in a town
Where’s population 50,000, only 3 high schools, but 8 sets of low-income housing
-Bun B

– Look At Me
– album: Dirty Money, 2001
B—–s jockin n—-s hatin drunk off gin and soko
If he keep on talkin s— I knock his meat out his taco
-Pimp C

#2 – 3 in the Mornin’
– album: Ridin’ Dirty, 1996
I’m comin’ down real shiny like candy paint ‘
Bout 3 in the morning, yawnin’
-Chorus by Big Smokin Mitch

#1 – One Day – album: Ridin’ Dirt
y, 1996
My brother been in the pen fo damn near ten
But now it looks like when he come out man I’m goin in
-Bun B

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