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The Verizon Center: Where Undercover Gigolos Roam

Updated: April 25, 2008

Ever wonder why they refer to F Street as “Fun” Street? This whole time, I thought it had something to do with the Wizards or Capitals….or the restaurants and bars in a revitalized area of Washington, DC.

Unbeknownst to me, the corner of 6th & F in Chinatown DC (yup, right next to the Verizon Center) is where undercover gigolos roam.

Gigolo….huh, sucka?

Yes sucka indeed…..evidently the Mayor of District Heights, Maryland, James Walls Jr. (also an associate minister at a Baptist church), was arrested on the corner 6th and F late last night for doing the Buffalo Stance soliciting an undercover male prostitute. You can read the story here on the I guess Jimmy wanted to get ripped a new one just like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

My first thought….keeping the stereotypical image of cops in mind….was who the hell is Cathy Lanier hiring these days? Then, as the story goes, I found out that Mayor Walls offered the undercover cop $40 bucks for his “services.” Hmmm….doesn’t seem like much. I imagine that this cop looks like the combination of the following three people:

Ashy Larry from the Chappelle Show
Ashy LarryThe Cop from the Village People
Cop Village People& Pookie from New Jack City
Pookie - New Jack City

Well Mayor Walls, good luck with that one. I knew that PG County, Maryland (excuse me, Mur-Lin) was dirty, but not that dirty.

The good name of Abe Pollin Way will never be the same.
Abe Pollin Way - Verizon Center

    • dootsin

      I feel like gigolo is a term that somehow implies high end and straight… escort for lonely old ladies if you will.
      Last night the mayor was not dabbling in the world of gigolos and call girls…he was immersed in the world of ho’s and johns. Of course, at the end of the day…what’s the difference?

    • Truth About It

      You are correct my friend….I suppose I could’ve used the term ‘man-whore’ made famous by Deuce Bigalow…(then again, he was the male gigolo…I’m confused).

      But I just went the term. Otherwise, I would not have been able to link to a Nenah Cherry video from ’88.

      Sugar Mama (or in this case, Daddy) is to Gigolo, then Sugar Daddy is to what? Gold-Digger?

      Maybe the $40 the Mayor was going to give the dude was intended to be some type of retainer for future services.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t even know District Heights had a functioning government, let alone a mayor….