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Wizards-Cavaliers: Webbing A Preview of Game 3

Updated: April 24, 2008

This is not so much a game 3 preview as it is a festival of related links and the best words from them. I’ve read them all and can vouch for each and every one. Enjoy.

My Prediction?
A big game from the Silent Assassin.
The Silent Assassinflickr/wizardsdotcom

Good Words to Start

>> “We have to channel all of our aggressiveness, all of our excitement and all of our bravado into being organized within the team framework.” [Eddie Jordan via WashingtonWizardsBlog]

>> “Discipline first is self control. Discipline second is The Enforcer. If you can’t control yourself, The Enforcer must control it, and that’s me.” [Eddie Jordan via DC Sports Bog] – Oh yea, same link….Caron Butler shaved a message in the back of his head.Advocating to use Roger Mason Junior as the “enforcer” because of his “super human strength.” [Basketbawful]

>> Great piece on the upbringing of Roger Mason aka The Silent Assassin [Jon Siegel, Washington Times]

>> “Caron seems to be farely healthy, Gil’s far from behing Gil. And we know that. But look, they don’t have Sasha Pavlovic and they’ve got some guys banged up. LeBron’s got a bad back. So, you know, we can’t use that as an excuse but, Gil’s flat out not healthy. He’s not nearly the Gil we’re going to see in October.” [Eddie Jordan via Wizards Insider]

>> The Cavaliers, meaning Mike Brown and James, have successfully created the perception that the Wizards are playing dirty basketball and are out to hurt one of the game’s biggest stars. The Wizards maintain that they simply want to play clean, hard basketball and not give James easy layups, dunks and three-point plays. [Ivan Carter, Wizards Insider]

>> The coach at practice today said the fouls his players are handing out are no more violent than those the Cavaliers are laying on the Wizards. The Cavs are just doing a better job acting. [Mike Jones, Wizards Outlet]

>> They need to implore the Jordan philosophy of allowing Lebron to go one-on-one with DeShawn and not let the other players to kill them. I figured Coach Jordan would have picked that key factor up from watching the Finals last year, so maybe he isn’t studying film the way he should be in order to lead this team to a win. [Kingly-1, Les Bullez @ MVN]

>> There is still time to turn this series around, but it must begin Thursday night with a win. Any kind of win would do, though decisive would be nice. At this point, though, beggars can’t be choosers and Bullets fans are beggars, I’m afraid. [Spence, DC Pro Sports Report]

>> “We know it’s going to be electrifying,” James said. “It’s going to be a hostile environment. We have to able to, if they hit us with a punch, we counter with a punch……Not literally,” he continued. “Let me change my words. If they make a few shots, just counter their attack and move on.” [LeBron James via Washington Post]

>> Arenas, on what’s gone wrong: “There were plenty of times where I just wanted to say, ‘[Forget] the offense,’ and go out and do what I do best. But that’s not basketball right now. They’ve been winning passing the ball around right now, and that’s what we have to do.” Translation: When we’re down 0-3, I want you all to go back and smell the smugness rising off of this quote. Until then, I’m pleading frustration, innocence, and self-inflicted confusion. [Bethlehem Shoals, Slam]

>> Where will the passion of Eddie Jordan get him in the future? [Stet Sports]

Is Caron Butler more hurt than he is leading on? Or does he simply
not want to mention the word ‘injury’ in any response to the media, and thus lead people to think he might be making an excuse?
>> I asked him about his health. Before the series Butler, who missed the last three games with a bruised right knee and earlier missed a large chunk of the season with a hip injury, answered this way: “It doesn’t really matter because we have to play tonight and I’m going to be out there. I have to leave everything on the court. Just gotta play. No excuses for anything whether it’s a nagging injury or anything. I’m going to look in the mirror and be comfortable with whatever happens in this series. Let’s just go out there, leave everything on the court and see what happens.” [Ivan Carter, Wizards Insider]

How Much Potential Atmosphere Does A Phone Booth Have?
>> The Wizards are encouraging fans to wear all whitle to create a “white out” but I’ll curious to see whether Wiz fans can match the passion and energy Caps fans have brought to the table in the playoffs. [Ivan Carter, Washington Post]

>> “Or you could do it gangsta style,” Young continued, “and come in your white tees,” Dominic McGuire finished. “White tees, white Air Force Ones,” Young said. “The clean Air Force Ones, you know what I’m saying?” McGuire agreed. [DC Sports Bog]

>> Is the Wizards Locker Room like The Office? [Washington Post]

>> Resistance to Cleveland professional hackery need to be strongly reinforced. Referees need to be reminded that they do not work for Nike with “REF-YOU-SUCK”s. I want to not be able to feel my ears. [DC Optimist]

>> During one 15-minute increment that included overtime [of the Caps game] (9:45-10 pm), the D.C. rating was 8.6, which translates roughly to 198,000 households. It’s a lot more people than will watch the Wiz playoff game in this market tomorrow……Will Caps fans argue that their team has surpassed the Wiz? Or does everything reset now? I can’t tell you how many fans I’ve spoken with whose explanation was a laugh and a “Washington loves its winners;” I guess we’ll see. [DC Sports Bog]

>> “You have to earn it. You’ve got to get the crowd believing in you. You’ve got to get the crowd to say, ‘Hey, they’re playing good basketball, they’re rebounding well and they’re defending well.'” [Eddie Jordan via Washington Post]

Does Anyone Even Care About Soulja Boy Anymore?
>> James was asked on Tuesday if he planned on doing his “Soulja Boy” this week. “Nah,” James said. “I got my Roc Boy dance ready.” [Wizards Insider]

>> Soulja Boy will be at the Verizon Center……in a Cavs jersey? [Akron Beacon Journal]

>> Well, tonight’s Soulja Boy concert in Cleveland has been canceled. [via DC Sports Bog]

>> Stevenson was wearing a Jay-Z t-shirt, but he seemed genuinely surprised when reporters pointed that out, said it was completely unintentional and then returned to ask that reporters not make a big deal out of the shirt, repeating several times that he had not even realized the implications when choosing the shirt. “I just wore it [randomly],” he said again and again. “I don’t want TNT saying I wore a LeBron-Jay-Z shirt. I just wore it, I swear.” [DC Sports Bog]

>> LeBron has a new dance to combat the “Soulja Boy” [We’re Off To See The Wizards]


“I’m hoping that this is the prototypical Wizards team that will bounce back from a tough loss like that. Now we have to return the favor. If we trust each other and play harder we will give ourselves a chance.” [Eddie Jordan via WashingtonWizardsBlog]

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