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Wizards-Celtics React Quotes: A Taser is Born?

Updated: April 10, 2008

Business First

Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog and Nancy the reader are holding a contest to nickname Dominic McGuire and Roger Mason, Jr. – Bullets Forever gave me the heads-up…..as our friend the Vanilla Gorilla has already coined the nickname “Taser” for D-Mac. (of course, inspired by the infamous ‘Don’t Tase Me Bro’ skit/stunt). Well, what would Dominic McGuire do under similar circumstances? Judging from the photo below, D-Mac would gladly be tased broseph…..leading one to think that he just may be partial to his potential new nickname: The Taser

Dominic McGuire - Don't Tase Me Bro
The Celtics Game

Solid win for the Wizards last night. [Live Blog on Bullets Forever] Regardless of the quality of the opponent, I was especially proud of the team effort and the ability the Wizards showed in sustaining a couple Boston runs. My boy Adam aka infrequent poster, the Stubborn Old Man, sent me an email right after the game which summed it up best:

After watching tonight’s game versus the Celtics I am convinced that the Wizards are capable of competing with and beating any team in the league. What kills me is our inability to put forth the same effort, focus and concentration regardless of our opponent.

Last week versus the Bucks, we had Milwaukee dead in the water, but for whatever reason we allowed the lowly Bucks to erase a double digit lead and snatch a victory out of the jaws of defeat. Tonight versus a much better and deeper Celtics team we withstood the inevitable “run” and made shots when we needed to and pulled out a nice 14 point victory.

One might say that the Buck’s game was different because it was Gil’s first game back, but I don’t buy that excuse because Gil played limited minutes down the stretch in that game and did the same tonight. If the Wizards are ever going to be the championship threat we hope they will become, they’ll need to have the killer instinct to finish off ALL the sub .500 teams we play — and being in the Eastern Conference we’ll see many — night in and night out just like the Spurs, Celtics, Pistons, and Suns do.

[Check out my full Q&A with Jeff from CelticsBlog.com]

React Quotes

Boston already had wrapped up home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. But Boston Coach Doc Rivers remembered what happened to Dallas last season, the way his friend Avery Johnson rested Dirk Nowitzki and the stars of the 67-win Mavericks, who lost their mojo and, shockingly, their first-round series to Golden State……..So Garnett squawked at whoever would listen. Pierce talked junk, too, trying to crawl beneath the skin of Butler the way Butler got in his head in their previous meetings. Not one of the Wizards paid them mind………I don’t want to hear that Boston had nothing to play for last night. There is more than a decent chance that the Celtics could encounter the Wizards in the second round. And if this is the last time these teams see each other, it was Washington that left a strong impression that it could go six, if not seven games with the vaunted Celtics. [Mike Wise, Washington Post]

“This is definitely a confidence boost, but we can’t let it be a hangover,” said center Brendan Haywood, who finished with 12 points and six rebounds. “It can’t be one of those games that we come out the next game sleepwalking. We need to learn from this game, realize what we did well and come out with a business-like approach [tomorrow] in Detroit.” [Mike Jones, Washington Times]

Jamison doesn’t do that a year ago. Sure, he might go by Garnett, but you can bet that he goes Auntie Anne’s pretzel on the wild layup attempt that somehow, goes into the basket. But he dunked. Kinda hard, too. [Stet Sports]

“I’m not used to being on ‘SportsCenter,’ ” Jamison said with a laugh. “It happened. It’s not going to define whether we make it to the second round or the Eastern Conference finals. It’s just letting the young fellas know I still got it.” [Washington Post]

This victory should eradicate any doubts over whether Gilbert could fit in to the so-called “new” offensive system. Gilbert’s no dummy. He’s played in the Princeton for four years, and he’s seen how well this team executed its halfcourt offense. [Pradamaster, Bullets Forever]

The Wizards are a different team with Gilbert Arenas involved. Anyone who says differently is nuts. This team rarely ran with Arenas hurt. Now, they are coming up with steals and scoring easier baskets which is so very important to a team that sometimes will settle for jump shots for long periods of time. [Les Bullez]

As Gilbert left the locker room after last night’s win over the Celtics, he told SportsTalk 980’s Jerry Coleman that he was done talking for the rest of the regular season. The playoffs were a maybe. That left others to do the locker room talking. [DC Sports Bog]

Are DC area hotels trying to give the Wizards an edge?

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, who had 4 points and seven assists in 25 minutes, went to the locker room before the start of the fourth quarter because of an upset stomach. Rondo believes he contracted food poisoning from eating a hamburger
at the team hotel early yesterday morning. [Marc Spears, Boston.com]

Or should Rajon Rondo stop eating hamburgers for breakfast?

Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan said his plan is to keep Arenas in a reserve role when the playoffs begin next weekend. “Right now, yes. That’s what I anticipate,” Jordan said. “That’s pretty potent to have Gilbert Arenas come off the bench. Who comes off the opponent’s bench to match up with Arenas?” [Washington Post]

Beyond the fact that Doc Rivers experimented with combinations in the second half – or that the Wizards had more at stake – this opponent clearly presents the Celtics with a rare matchup problem. Like Philadelphia, another team that has played the Celtics with wire-to-wire pressure this season, the Wizards have the kind of athleticism and flat-out scoring punch that can give the C’s fits. [Mark Murphy, Boston Herald]

Maybe its me just being an overly nervous fan…but this is frightening to watch. Let’s face it, the Wizards will probably upset the Cavs (if it really is an upset) in the first round which means it’ll be Boston vs. Washington in the second round assuming Boston handles their business against Atlanta. I’m going to be rooting for the Cavs like no other when they play each other. [mahonedog88, Celtics Blog]

The Celtics once again had 2 areas of concern that will come back to bite them if they don’t solve them before the playoffs. They were 14-21 from the line. Missing 7 free throws is not acceptable and could cost them a close game in the playoffs when every point counts. They also turned the ball over 20 times and this is probably the biggest concern as in the playoffs, every possession is valuable and they can’t afford to turn the ball over that many times. [Loy’s Place]

I’m not going to say I am afraid to face the Wizards in the play-offs after watching the Cs drop 3 of 4 games to them during the season, but I will say this, the Eastern Conference is a lot better than people give it credit for. [Celtics 17 @ MVN]

What game were you guys watching?! We went up on them at the first because Pierce had about 12 pts in 5 minutes, and yes the 2nd unit gave away much of that lead, but we were definitely not resting the big three. They twice built 15 pt leads on us with them in the game and if you had never seen either team play you wouldn’t know we were the 60+ win team for sure. I think we would win in a 7 game series against them, but they would give us more than we wanted. That team is scary. [EJPLAYA, Celtics Blog]

If there is one team that has given the Celtics fits this year, it is the Wizards. Be scared, very scared. Or rather, don’t be. The Wiz have been lucky as to when they have met the Celtics, and that has as much to do with their three victories as anything else. [The Shamrock Headband]

Not only that… they’ve got confidence. And confidence for a bunch of cocky bastards like the Wiz (*cough* *cough* ARENAS) is a bad thing. [Red’s Army]


How is it going over in the Western Conference? [Garbage Time All-Stars]

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