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Wizards React Quotes: Get Bucked, But Don’t Sleep in the Heat

Updated: April 4, 2008

I’ll be checking out the Wizards-Heat game live and in person at the Verizon Center tonight…..assuming the Wizards don’t lose and thus lead me to challenging my computer to a drinking binge (he edged me out in a close one last time), look for the live blog (well, not live live) on Bullets Forever.

Hey, at least Miami still has South Beach….

Quick Web Wizards:

>> Jamison is out, Stevenson is a maybe, and we have no idea who will start. [Wizards Insider]

>> “I’m going to try,” said Stevenson. “I haven’t missed a game, but the ankle is really hurting right now. I got treatment [yesterday]. Actually, it did swell up, but I’m going to try to go.” [Washington Post]

>> “Blatche and Young will need to step up the way they have all season long. The coaches also must discuss defensive responsibility with Arenas so he doesn’t leave shooters wide-open at the end of games. There is good news though; the Miami Heat are coming to town tonight.” [Les Bullez]

>> Is Antawn Jamison the black Homer Simpson? [the blowtorch]

>> Is Calvin Booth the black Nicholas Cage? [Bullets Forever]

>> Agent Zero was still ducking the media yesterday; Etan’s still trying to get that sternum healed. [Wizards Outlet]

>> Go save some lives already! [My Swog is….]

>> DeShawn Stevenson’s 80s Birthday Party Part II [DC Sports Bog]

>> DeShawn Stevenson’s 80s Birthday Party Part II [DC Sports Bog]

>> “The Wizards remind me more and more of the Eastern Conference’s version of the Warriors crazy. Can you imagine the stories those guys have to tell?” [Slam]

>> Your 2003-2004 Washington Wizards: Straight Swaggin’ [Mr. Irrelevant]

>> Wizards Fans Like To Dance [DC Sports Bog]

Ugh, Some React Quotes from the Bucks game:

[Live Game Blog] [Official Bullets Forever Run-Down]

>> “Yes, the youngster sunk a rainbow over the outstretched arm and disbelieving gaze of a three-time all-star, the comeback kid now in the middle of a crestfallen arena. Yes, this was about as deflating and bizarre a loss as can be imagined, alongside Michael Ruffin’s gaffe a year ago against Toronto, in which Ruffin tossed the ball into the air thinking time had expired, only to watch in horror as Morris Peterson pulled it down and hit a game-tying three-pointer of an eventual overtime loss to the Raptors. And, no, we have no idea how Arenas felt physically or emotionally afterward because neither he nor Antonio Daniels, who knows he should have tracked down that tipped ball and ended the game at the foul line instead of being outworked by Sessions, stuck around to discuss the late-game meltdown.” [Mike Wise – Storybook Finish? Not Exactly, Washington Post]

>> “So with that close-to-full complement of Wizards players, the team returned to their Eastern-Conference-leading-at-one-point ways by losing in heart-gouging fashion to a team so beneath them, playing defense reminiscent of last season’s legendary squad.” [DC Optimist]

>> “Sure the craptastic Bucks won the game on a buzzer beater, and sure Gilbert might have looked a bit slow at times, but I could care less. I was courtside for the best comeback involving DC Sports since…..well ever.” [Awful Announcing]

>> “Agent Zero rushed from Verizon Center last night before the locker room was even opened up to reporters for postgame interviews. Hopefully he talks today and addresses why he lied on Sunday saying that he hadn’t been cleared when in fact he had received the green light from the team doctor the day before.
Maybe he’ll explain waiting until the last five minutes of the first quarter to leave the locker room and join his team in the arena. And maybe he’ll explain why he didn’t go to his coach before the game and tell him that he was planning on playing. And maybe he’ll explain why he was in such a hurry to leave after the game after he had made such a grand, attention-begging entrance during the game.” [Mike Jones, Washington Times]

>> “Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld said he did not think the way Arenas handled his return was disrespectful to the coaching staff. “He made his grand entrance and he had his time,” center Brendan Haywood said. “Now it’s time to get back to business.”” [Washington Post]

>> “You hope that DeShawn Stevenson and Antawn Jamison emerge okay, that Gilbert gets his swag back, and that the Wizards rise like the Terps always dreamed of doing. But if they don’t, you can rest knowing that as long as you get fleeting moments of hope, even if they end in “NOT POSSIBLE!,” you can lament knowing it will be worth the next game’s price of admission.” [Stet Sports]

>> “Are the Wiz Better With Gil? Seems to me there are two different versions of this question. As a viable D.C. sports enterprise, there’s no question they want as many players who emerge from the locker room at odd points wearing custom-made shoes and enter games to standing ovations as possible.” [Dan Steinberg]

>> “I got up yesterday hoping Wednesday was just a bad dream–except of course for the part about Gilbert Arenas coming back.” [WashingtonWizardsBlog.com]

>> “Eight games left. A week ago the end of the season couldn’t come soon enough, but between a modest win streak, Sessions’ emergence as a legit player and Bogut’s continued strong play, you’d be forgiven for enjoying Bucks basketball a little right now.” [Brew Hoop]

At least Milwaukee still has……Beer?
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