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Wizards React Quotes: Hollywood Divorce and Jazzy Remorse

Updated: April 2, 2008

I got home from the Washington Nationals opener just in time to catch the last 8 minutes (incl. OT) of the Wizards-Lakers game. I know, I know…..I gotta get a DVR – all the kids are doing it. Nonetheless, what I saw of the Nick Young show was highly entertaining. I was probably more into that game [meaning yelling loud enough to make my neighbors wonder] than I have been for any other this year. I could be labeled as a Laker-hater, but at least the Wizards covered the 9.

The Wizards-Jazz game? Read the live game blog if you dare. [Wizards Game #74 @ Utah Jazz] Surfing around the blogosphere, the obliteration seemed to be expected, especially with the absence of Caron Butler and Antonio Daniels due to injury (not to mention Gilbert and Etan). Yea, well maybe I expected it too. But it would’ve been nice to see the Wizards take some pride and get scrappy. Oh well. At least the Wiz are at…..home sweet home?

An empty Verizon Center - Washington Wizards
The Reach Quotes from Cali to Utah…….

Dig of the Week
This is where Abe Pollin’s insistence on not paying the luxury tax combined with the injury issues have really hurt this team……..From my seat, this team has needed a quick, defensive-minded point guard type coming off that bench all season and simply hasn’t had one. [Ivan Carter]
— Of course, criticism of Abe Pollin has been around the block and then some….including making several stops on my street.

Who Does # Two Work For?
Well the trip didn’t end on the best of notes, but the team still went out west and held their own and cameback home still holding down the 5 spot in the east. [WashingtonWizardsBlog.com]
— Way to tow the company line guys. In the least, let’s go ahead and add a ‘barely’ in front of ‘held’……unless the the goal of the Wizards was to play from behind in every game.

Los Angeles Lakers

It had the makings of a Disney movie. With his Washington Wizards trailing his hometown Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant — the player he grew up idolizing — rookie Nick Young got the call and had the game of his life. [Washington Times]

Ugh. Washington finishes the quarter [1st] on a Brendan Haywood dribble drive. Without getting too deep into the particulars, that shouldn’t happen. [LA Times Lakers Blog]

Stevenson goes down and is banged up, a guy that never flops. And the Staples crowd boos. Nice. Go back to your copies of Vogue, people. [Hardwood Paroxysm]

Question, how is that the Wizards drastically improve their shooting after they hire a fantastic shooting coach, yet other teams in the NBA don’t seem to be catching on? I mean, why was Hopla even available? If he’s as good as his results seem to indicate, I imagine this guy would have been snagged by the Spurs or something. [My Swog is Phenomenal]

Both squads were scorching from downtown, the Lakers hitting 14-27 (52%) and the Wiz knocking down 17-30 (57%). Overall, the home team was 50% from the field and the visitors 47%. Thus, tonight marked the first time where two teams sported a better three-point percentage (with a minimum of 27 attempts per side) than straight up field goal percentage since the addition of the arc itself. [LA Times Lakers Blog Recap]

Nick Young was really flowing last night and it was fun watching him react to the performance….Even Lakers fans were rooting him on, especially the folks sitting court side. [Wizards Insider]

Jazz Game

A playoff team cannot get beaten like that. I know the Jazz are very good at what they do and the Wizards defense (especially at the end of a road trip) is not good at defending the 3 or quick guards, but this kind of loss should have embarrassed the team. I hope it embarrassed the team. [Les Bullez]

Simply put, the Jazz are really, really good. I bet their lockers are made of rich mahogany. [My Swog is Phenomenal]

I honestly felt like we should have called off the dogs a little…nah. This was too much fun. The most interesting thing that came from the Wizards was DeShawn Stevenson’s beard. We need more beards in this world. [My Utah Jazz]

I’d personally like to apologize for anything (anything!) that we might have said or did in the recent weeks and months that might have offended the Utah Jazz, the state of Utah, the USS Utah, Jazzy Jeff, jazz hands, or even Kenny G. [Jake on Bullets Forever]

OK, so nobody could have predicted a blowout of such gigantic proportions — not with Andrei Kirilenko and Ronnie B
rewer sidelined with injuries and the Jazz starting C.J. Miles and Ronnie Price in their place. [Jazz Notes: Salt Lake Tribune]

It’s not fun to lose, but it’s always fun watching a Jerry Sloan team execute,” Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan said. [Washington Post]

It’s not fun to lose, but yet it’s a pleasure watching a Jerry Sloan team execute,” Wizards coach Eddie Jordan said. [Washington Times]

* Hmm….I wonder who is misquoting Eddie Jordan.

Coach Eddie Jordan said the team will go through an extensive shootaround tomorrow morning to prepare for the Bucks. [Wizards Insider]

Next up: The Milwaukee Bucks and Yi Jianlian. That’s right, I said Yi Jianlian. Yi Jianlian is coming to DC……to play in Chinatown. How is he not tomorrow night’s ‘one to watch?’ What you don’t know is that Yi Jianlian is an American Bad Boy. Yi Jianlian is bad just like this guy. They should be friends.

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