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Wizards React Quotes: Packing Heat and Shooting Bull-ets

Updated: April 8, 2008

Time for some quick react quotes from the past two Wizards games. It certainly wasn’t pretty, but the Wiz were able to squeeze out dubs versus both Miami and Chicago. Considering the injuries, I’ve become comfortable in the fact that the Wizards can mange wins while trying to find a rhythm. These are not your father’s Washington Wizards Bullets…so let’s not get spoiled by four playoff appearances in a row. Even so, wins against the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls are hardly anything to write a blog post home about, or is it?

Next Up: Boston Celtics, 7pm, Wednesday April 9th. Onto to the quotes….

Miami Heat

Last night, when the Wizards clinched their fourth straight playoff appearance with a 109-95 victory over the dreadful Miami Heat, the reaction from the crowd was the basketball equivalent of a golf clap, and players reacted with relief rather than excitement. [Washington Post]

Wasn’t easy to watch former Heat small forward Caron Butler get busy on the Heat, but it sure was easy to ponder the questions of “Why” was he let go in the first place, and “What” do we have to show for it in the aftermath? The Miami Heat got the worst of that Shaq trade in more ways than one. [Crazy from the Heat]

Yesterday’s game was nice because we won, but the casual attitude of the team really bothered me. The only thing the Heat were doing yesterday was shooting the three, and yet we did nothing to emphasize cutting off the three-point line. [Prada, Bullets Forever]

From my seat, Gilbert Arenas played a much better all-around floor game last night than in his return Wednesday in the loss to Milwaukee. He sparked that 16-6 first quarter run by really pushing the ball in transition. He notched four of his eight assists during that span and appeared to be far more comfortable at the defensive end where he moved better and did a better job of getting over and under screens. [Wizards Insider]

More than anything else, Gilbert’s effectiveness for the rest of the season (especially if he’s restricted to 20-25 minutes a game) is going to be measured by how well he creates and capitalizes on fast break opportunities. [Gilbertology]

>>The good news? Two of the next four games will not be televised in South Florida. Consider it the mercy rule. >>At least Pat Riley acknowledged Friday that he sees nothing wrong with Heat fans putting their hopes in securing the No. 1 pick in the draft. >>”If we get the No. 1 pick,” he said, “we will have earned that.”>>As for Friday’s game, the more you see Caron Butler, the more you miss him. (Unlike the more you see Shaquille O’Neal.) [Miami Heat, SunSentinel.com]

Miami Heat - BYE BYE!If it seems like I show the Miami Heat ‘No Country for Old Men’ poster every time the Miami Heat come up, then yes, I do. If only to rub it in the face of my boy Nawaz from Miami. I always told him that renting players would lead to the downfall of his beloved Miami Heat.

Chicago Bulls

Brendan Haywood grabbed the offensive rebound, threw down a dunk and turned to a group of heckling Chicago Bulls fans and delivered a message. “They were just talking a little bit of junk,” Haywood said. “I just told them, ‘Look, man, we’re up 19 so just sit down and enjoy the show.'” [Washington Post]

First of all, I would like to apologize to those of you who had to watch the Saturday game in which the Bulls let Wizards center Brendan Haywood score a career-high 25 points for a 99-87 Bulls loss. It wasn’t even that close. I watched in disbelief as a team with Antwan Jamison and Gilbert Arenas on the sideline, just simply outplayed them. [Bull Riding]

Am I the only one that thinks Brendan was thinking about this while he was going for 25 and 10 last night? Granted. all the key players from that tussle are gone, but still. [Jake, Bullets Forever]

“Give Brendan Haywood a lot of credit,” said Wizards associate head coach Mike O’Koren, who filled in for Eddie Jordan in the pre- and post-game news conferences because the coach battled flu-like symptoms. “Led by him, we outrebound Chicago 53-28, which is really controlling the boards. [Washington Times]

I even watched this game over the 1st half of KU/UNC. And someone tell Red [Kerr] to buy a freaking iron, his shirts look like he folds them in a fanny pack. [Commenter Rusty Longley on Blog-A-Bull]


Bull Fight - flickr/fotografisch.at

Oh, okay.

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