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Wizards React Quotes/Game 2 Preview: It’s gonna be a tear-jerker

Updated: April 21, 2008

As we all prepare for tonight’s game, especially in Cleveland where they will be handing out complimentary tissues to combat the flow of tears which will no doubt be shed from Cavs coaches, some type of Ohio King, and ‘mistake by the lake’ fans alike, I suggest that you buckle up for a good one. But first, go check out the ‘need-to-know’ game 2 preview from Bullets Forever.

Cleveland Cavalier Coach Mike Brown is a learned fellow, graduating magna cum laude from the Phil Jackson School of Using The Media to Politick for Whistles. Tonight’s referees will have David Stern’s tears-to-calls ratio chart on hand.

LeBron James Has A New Bookbaby photo from flickr/pigstyave

Tonight: Gilbert Arenas is wrapped, bankrupt, and ready to go, Caron Butler is quietly focused, and Joe Smith scoffs at game one’s physicality…..as should you. [Wizards Insider]

React Quotes

Mike [Brown] told the team he would start counting assists like they do in hockey; not just the pass that leads to the score but the pass before that as well. Mike calls the pass before the pass that leads to a shot a “hockey assist.” He put up a chart in the Cavs locker room to track this particular stat. [And One]

Up on the big screen was a picture of Gilbert Arenas and his quote from his blog that said the Wizards want the Cavaliers and don’t think Cleveland can beat them three straight years. That too incited a mini riot. Arenas looked up and grinned. [Wizards Outlet]

Wow! Now this is some good old-fashioned playoff hatred. These teams hate one another. The way it should be. So far, we’ve seen Andray Blatche inadvertently clock LeBron James across the face (no call) and James roll around on the ground like a soccer player, James respond by semi-intentionally elbowing Blatche in the head. [Wizards Insider]

“Yeah, he got me, but I didn’t really have a problem with it,” said Blatche. “I fouled him twice pretty hard so I expected it. Just basketball.” [Washington Post]

LeBron James should be suspended from Game 2 after being unable to control his inner bully yesterday. James deposited an elbow in the face of Andray Blatche with 11 seconds left in the first quarter. [Tom Knott, Washington Times]

LeBron has been way too involved. He needs to cool down, he is the guy who says he doesn’t need trash talk but he’s been more active than anyone. After getting whacked twice in a row by Andray Blatche, LeBron hit him with an elbow after a foul in a play that I think may be turned into a flagrant foul by the NBA after this game. [Brian Windhorst, Akron Beacon-Journal]

In Bull Durham, Nuke once said he wanted to announce his presence with authority. There is no doubt that the Wizards decided before tip-off that they were going to stand toe to toe with the Cavs and show them they would not be intimidated. [Waiting For Next Year]

I’m convinced that after Game 1 who the better team is. The Cavs may have the best player who gets the benefit of the doubt on just about every call. Notice to my slow Cavs fans, I said JUST ABOUT. So don’t write your comments about Lebron getting hammered in the first quarter. [Les Bullez @ MVN]

Washington got away from the effective double-teaming of James that they’d employed early in the game, leaving DeShawn Stevenson on a very lonely island. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but Washington’s help defense faltered down the stretch as well. On one crucial possession with less than 40 seconds left, James went around Stevenson and got into the lane. The Wizard defender in best position to cut off his path was Antawn Jamison. For whatever reason, Jamison was content to watch as James sank a little floater. [Bradford Dolittle]

You don’t have to be a basketball purist to vent after what happened in this Game 1 of this Eastern Conference first-round series, to wonder how a team that attacked offensively most of the afternoon suddenly fell in love with its jump shot and let another spirited effort slip away. [Mike Wise, Washington Post]

For much of this season, strong bench play has proved a saving grace for the Washington Wizards. If a starter was injured or struggling, coach Eddie Jordan and his starters knew they could count on a player coming off the bench to provide a spark. However, such a spark was basically non-existent in yesterday’s playoff opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. [Washington Times]

Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Memo to Caron: When you take it to the hole, good things happen. When Delonte West gets to the line more than you do, good things aren’t happening. [Bullets Forever]

What’s scary is how poorly the Cavs shot throughout. Credit to the Wizards – the defense was there far more than I expected. The intensity of the series is a tremendous help to them as their focus forced the Cavs into a number of ugly shots with a low shot clock. [Le Cavs]

The Wizards practiced today at Quicken Loans Arena and the mood was light and upbeat despite losing their seventh straight playoff game to the Cavaliers a day before. The common theme was: We had our chances. We were stopped by ourselves, not the Cavs. [Wizards Outlet]

Mike Brown Coddles A Baby, Evokes Shaq Rule
Brown [Cleveland Coach Mike] talked about the “pounding” that James had to take. He emphasized the word “pounding” by slamming his fist and shaking the table. Brown banged on the table so much, you thought he was going to go all Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations and start slamming his shoe next……..Brown didn’t let up on Sunday afternoon as he continued to challenge the officials to look more closely at James’s drives to the basket – and the call the fouls (Of course, Brown probably doesn’t want the officials to watch James’s feet on those same drives, but oh well). He said referees too often ignore it when James gets slapped because he’s just too big. [Wizards Insider]

Ain’t Nuthin’
“It was nothing really,” said Haywood, who is known to get under the skin of opponents. “I set a blind screen and I thought he flopped on it. I went to talk to Delaney about it; James took offense that I was standing over him. At that point in the game, he’s not going to get up and do anything. What’s he gonna do? Throw a punch? Get thrown out of the game? Shoot, I would’ve been the MVP like Robert Horry if I got him to do that. He should just chill out, play ball. It’s going to be a rough-and-tough series. He’s going to get fouled if he comes to the basket, but no one’s trying to hurt him.” [Washington Post]

Opinions Change With The Wind
That said, it was a good game. My Wizards-in-6 prediction aside, the Cavs should win this thing if LeBron stays healthy. And he probably will. [Ryan Jones, Slam]

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