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Working Out The Wizards Web

Updated: April 16, 2008
Who's the soldier? DeShawn 0r LeBron?flickr/wizardsdotcom

Here’s the ranks:

1) You must know that Bullets Forever has gone through a pretty kick-ass revamp. Stop waiting and go join the community. By the way, that’s where the Game 82 blog vs. the Orlando Magic will be tonight.

2) Wow, it’s been a whole five years since Michael Jordan played his last game as a Wizard. The crew at We Rite Goode has an excellent run-down.

3) Gilbert Arenas may still be spurning the media, but we now know that a “break” from blogging means about 4 days. Highlights of the latest include:

  • Gil thanking the young Wiz kids for their level-headedness.
  • Arena’s attempts of ‘reverse-psychology’ with NBA Exec. VP of B-ball Ops., Stu Jackson
  • Gilbert is taking a chill on being a hype-man for the Cleveland series, conceding the talking to our friend the Lock Smith.
  • Of course, Gil calls out Tom Knott by name again.
  • But I’m not sure if Arenas is calling out George Bush….or giving street cred to an oil-war gangsta.

4) There’s been millions, if not billions, of teams in the history of civilization. Evidently, Charles Barkley has done his homework and has called the Wizards the dumbest of them all.

5) Looks like DeShawn Stevenson will start against Orlando tonight, keeping the streak in tact at 250. Gilbert and Caron might get a little run too….just to keep warm.

6) Since DeShawn left the Verizon after the Indy game without talking to reporters, Mike Jones thinks Stevenson will be yapping after the Orlando game tonight.

7) The DC Pro Sports Report has a great run-down of the feud and Cavs-Wiz playoffs 3.0 from both sides for the coin.

  1. LeBron? Check.
  2. Stevenson? Check.
  3. Soulja Boy? A Maybe.
  4. Jay-Z? Don’t stop to holla.
  5. Usher? Who gives a shit.
  6. Destiny’s Child? Been there, done that.
  7. It seems only natural that Cam’ron get in on this process since he had Jay-Z’s wifey, Beyonce, singing about “slangin’ some crack.”

8) Wherever you are, watch out for the elbow of Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

9) The Top 10 Ways to Foul LeBron James.

10) On a related note, here are the Top 10 Signs that LeBron James and the Cavs are getting some calls.

11) The video of the clap to Jamison’s jimmy in the Pacers game. Take a gander at Jamison’s eyes when he tries to get up….I’m not sure he knows where he is.

12) After all, It’s All Fun and Games.

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