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Not only is LeBron a baby, but he’s an a-hole…to his mother

Updated: May 13, 2008

LeBron James’ words to his mother: “Sit yo ass down.” Sure, she didn’t have to be as involved in a LeBron-Paul Pierce off-the-court, wrap-up-foul scrum. And of course LeBron was in the heat of the moment. Still, he barked at Gloria with the command of a bread-winner. The thing is, any mom might have been concerned and up in the mix, but not any son would tell her to sit her ass down (perhaps moms was simply under the influence). Even K.G. was like, “Hey man, you can’t be talkin’ yo mama like that.”

big-ups as always to Odenized on point with the clips

Back to the baby who needs to be put in the corner.

Them folks at WIZZNUTZZ got the whole L-Baby-J tee-shirt thing going on….check them out and get you one. My fav:
wizznutzz lebron james crybabyLeBron’s dunk over Kevin Garnett in Cleveland’s game four win, tying the series, will no doubt be part of NBA playoff lore, especially if the Cavs go on to win the series.

But as a Wizards fan, I just love to bitch and moan about LeBron James being a baby. So I present this scene from Boston’s win in game two of the series:

It used to be if you fell down, you got right up and acted like nothin’ hit ya. Can’t let the other team see weakness by showing that you are affected. Take the punches and don’t flinch.

But not LeBron James…..looks like he is changing the game in more ways than one. I halfway expected the bull crap to end after the Wizards series, but now King James has brought his act to Beantown for round two.

With about four minutes left in the 2nd quarter, LeBron went hard to the basket in transition. Did he get fouled? Of course. Sam Cassell ended up getting ahold of LeBaby’s jersey and inadvertently caught him in the mouth.

Down goes LeBron! He stayed on the floor, on his knees, checking his mouth for a good 30 seconds before getting to his feet only to check on his mouth boo-boo some more.

The absurdity has simply gone too far. Now LeBron has his handlers, the refs, handing out Flagrant 1s like the USS Technical Foul is going down in deep waters. I guess LeBron is simply a product of today’s sissified society.


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