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Celtics v. Lakers – Quick Thoughts on Game 6, The Close Out

Updated: June 18, 2008
  • From ABC’s report….Kevin Garnett got all of the Celtics (including Ray Allen who seemed to be the biggest surprise) eating PB&Js before games? I wonder which Celtic wears the banana suit?

    Ahh…peanut butter and jelly, more American than apple pie….as I doubt GI’s in WWII had time to bake a damn pie.

    I’ve got one friend/co-worker who eats pre-made PBJs, as an afternoon snack, out of the cooler from the little store on the first floor of my work building in downtown DC…..and I’ve got another friend I’ve known since ten who claims to have never eaten a PBJ.

  • Poor Rajon Rondo……each one of his layup misses hurt a little more. But I must give him a ton of credit…..he made damn sure that he did whatever else he could to contribute to victory. Six steals, eight assists, seven boards….who cares if he got 21 points on 8-20 shooting. Dude is the Kyra Sedgwick of the NBA.
  • Ray Allen…..and the several reports on his eye from Michele Tafoya and her lettuce-doo….I couldn’t help but think about what happened to Allen Ray (who was a Celtic last year) and his eyeball.
  • Even I was surprised by the Celtics lead at half (58-35)….but it was what Paul Pierce said on the sidelines at half, “We want it way too bad.” — the key word being “we” as in the Boston Three Party — which convinced me that a Celtics victory was imminent. There is only one in LA.
  • Simple math: KG’s intense bug eyes + Pierce randomly yelling in the corridor > Kobe’s “not tonight” to Boston sideline fans.
  • PBJ co-worker is a Lakers fan from LA. Before game 6, I tried to get him to put things into perspective by reminding him that the Lakers have far exceeded expectations…..not just from Kobe’s Drama Queen Summer, but also because of youth. Then again, Odom and Gasol are no spring chickens.
  • Speaking of…..I definitively knew Pau Gasol was soft from a matchup against Chris Paul back in December of ’07 when Pau was still with the Grizzlies.
  • The halftime music akin to the score of Glory seemed to fit better with the speech of Doc Rivers than that of Phil Jackson.
  • I’m a Boston Hater who was rooting for the Celtics because I have more Laker Hate in my blood. So does this help me? I’m not sure.
  • Unlike many, I picked the Celtics in 7…..but Kobe Bryant still has a way to go in his career, so I don’t think we can judge his legacy just yet. After losing to the Orlando Magic as a 32 year old in 1995, Michael Jordan went on to win championships 4-6 in the next three seasons. Kobe is 30 years old now.
  • I think Kevin Garnett and Michele Tafoya were slow dancing after the game….did KG make a huge gaffe?
  • Along these lines, fans of other NBA teams need to keep their expectations in check and not look to the 07-08 Celtics as an example to follow.
  • Please God No!

  • This was to be expected. Too bad they didn’t do more damage to the fair city of Boston.
  • Well folks, here’s to the official commencement of the NBA off-season. As a Wizards fan, I can take some slight comfort in this…..but next season, it should be conference finals or bust. Do the work Mr. Grunfeld.
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