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Wizards & Constancy, It Ain’t So Bad

Updated: June 25, 2008

Every time I hear the word ‘constancy’ I think of that Simpsons episode where Reverend Lovejoy lost enthusiasm for his trade….his droning voice uttering constancy, slowly and painfully, over and over again. It’s funny that a cartoon could lead me to have such a negative connotation of a word.

But is constancy such a bad word? Some cases yes, some cases no. There’s a lot to be said about dependability…..constancy is the main reason why chain restaurants are so popular. On the other hand, it’s life’s diversions which can make us well rounded people, as long as we don’t get too high or low before it’s all said and done.

Obviously, we can find similar principles in basketball. Veterans know not to get too emotionally high or low before a game, a series, a season has been completed. Only then can one set aside the time to get through the depths of celebration and/or reflection.

As I glossed over HoopsHype today, the rumors were rampant as expected. Next to the trade deadline, the NBA draft has become as much of a culmination of trade fodder as it is a stage of kids hoping to making it to the next level. But as I read, I became more thankful of the current path of the Washington Wizards…..working under a ‘status quo’ assumption of course.

Joe Dumars is down with blowing up the towers (Wire reference) and has the dynamite on Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups while grasping for Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis. B-Dave isn’t exactly happy with the Warriors, but he is happy with a guaranteed $17 milli – gotta have some loot to aid his Hollywood aspirations. Al Harrington is once again discontent with his role…..things seemed fine when the Warriors were winning. Does anyone else think Don Nelson is a hot mess? Pat Riley is dangling Shawn Marion for unreasonable expectations while he does his best as Minister of Draft Misinformation. The Grizzlies could be making a bad move as I type. Injury risks may be traded for injury risks (Jermaine O’Neal for T.J. Ford). A Corey and a Leandro could be switching teams. Steve Kerr has 5-1 odds for both: winning executive of the year, or winning the worst executive of the year. The Trailblazers could be stockpiling developing youth, or striving to win now. The Sacramento Kings seem to have no future and evidently Richard Jefferson continues to be a pariah.

Lot going on….but there always is, isn’t there….and that’s just today. I take comfort in the fact that rumors regarding the Wizards are far and few between, and usually involve what to do with a measly 18th pick.

Of course in a world of free agency coin flips and tight-fisted economics, the winds of change could turn torrential in the blink of an eye. But for the Washington Wizards, staying the course of constancy seems to be the ship’s pointed direction. We’ll know a lot more in early July, and many won’t rest assured until then.

There are those ready to just let Gilbert Arenas walk for nothing. But to me, that seems to be a path towards greater uncertainty than there would be in sticking with the zaniness of Agent Zero. During this past season, I’ve been frustrated with the antics of Arenas just as much as the next guy. I’ve wondered many times if he “gets it” or if Gilbert is too into himself now that he can willingly get instant gratification on the attention he seems to crave. Has his swag turned into a lallygag?

But it’s more than constancy. It’s more than just resigning Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas, and then having Ernie Grunfeld using his mastery to fill the gaps. How can Wizards fans be reasonably ready to pull the trigger on throwing Gilby from the train? He drops buckets with a killer instinct and has made himself a better player, a better man, by doing what others have said he couldn’t.

As a youth, I was so entrenched in the constancy of losing with the Bullets that I’m more than willing to ride the constancy of a four-year playoff run. The Wizards are closer to a championship with the services of Gilbert Arenas than without him….in my humble opinion. Today’s constancy can easily be tomorrow implosion. It’s a good wave, ride it until safely guided into shore, or until the white caps come crashing down. Either way, it’s better than bailing out on a promising crest.

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