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Appreciating Little Danny Snyder

Updated: July 21, 2008

Relax Redskins Fans - flickr/littlerottenrobinLittle Danny Snyder, champion of the off-season paper title. He’s puffed up his little Danny Snyder chest for photo ops with the likes of Deion Sanders, Adam Archuleta and Steve Spurrier while spending more money and living in the now. His antics have kept Washingtonians interested while nickel and diming their pockets in the interest of boosting franchise value. Snyder doesn’t meddle as much as he used to, maybe it’s gained maturity, but that doesn’t mean that a majority of the Skins fan base has love for the guy.

Plain and simple, the Redskins are Danny Snyder’s toy. He’s spawned a beloved franchise into reflections of a faceless corporation. Being the self-made owner of the team, he certainly has the right to do so. No one is denying that professional sports is a business, but does it have to be rubbed in our grill so much? Acts such as making moves to control DC Sports Radio just don’t feel right.

About a year ago, Sports Illustrated gave Snyder a pat on the back for trying hard and ranked him the fifth best owner in the NFL. The message boarders at ExtremeSkins, an officially official Redskins message board, gave Snyder an 84% approval rating back in June. Of course, that was only judging Danny’s actions in the previous two months. Snyder certainly gained credibility in bringing Joe Gibbs back to DC (and the accompanying laissez-faire policy with the coaching staff, something Danny hadn’t been able to keep his mitts off before), as well as his patriarchal handling of the SeanTaylor incident. But not all Skins fans enjoy having the lil’ guy at the helm as his June ’08 DC Sports Bog approval rating stands at 41%, perhaps a more effective gauge of Snyder’s popularity.

So what’s to appreciate about Danny Snyder? Maintenance of relevancy. He’s a local-bred fan who seems willing to spend whatever it takes to keep the Washington NFL franchise always in contention…..for what, I’m not sure. But how many other teams possess the capable moxie to trade for a former NFL defensive MVP within mere hours of losing both the starting DE, Phillip Daniels, and a reserve, Alex Buzbee, for the entire season on the first freaking day of practice?

Jason Taylor to the Redskins has the sports world buzzing. Whether you think Taylor dancing his way to the DMV area is a good thing, or not such a good thing, it is…..something. To me, a 2nd and a 6th rounder is worth acquiring an impact player rather than chancing it with turning over stones to find a defensive version of Michael ‘Beer Man’ Lewis, even if Taylor is just a one or two year rental.

And this is why I have a small appreciation of Little Danny Snyder and his ability to dip into a purse full of funds (filled from all of the ridiculous extra curricular fees a fan pays to simply attend a game at FedExField) so he can tend to the business of making fans happy, and thus, garnering more loot. Mike Wise had a great column citing the move for Taylor as a necessity over thrill, and comically compared Jason Taylor to Kevin Bacon and Bill Parcells to John Lithgow from the movie, “Footloose.” The move for Taylor is a risk. If it pays off, Lil’ Danny will be sporting his ‘Man of the Year’ sash in the next Napoleon Complex Parade. If not, look for Dan and Jason dancing their anger away at a local abandoned factory warehouse.

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