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DC vs. Milwaukee: My City Can Beat Up Your City

Updated: July 24, 2008

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So What Does Milwaukee Think of Arenas……and D.C.?

To make it clear, I’m not here to bash Milwaukee. After Gilbert’s recent comments in regard to Brew City (covered here in Part I: Gilbert Arenas doesn’t like Milwaukee, and that’s good for the NBA), the citizens of that good land naturally were driven to rebut DC’s Agent Zero.

Milwaukee, tell us how you really feel:

OnMilwaukee.com Blogger, Jeff Sherman, comes to the defense:

“Every player” hates Milwaukee? Come on, Gilbert! It’s no secret that Milwaukee isn’t New York City or Chicago. But we aren’t some two-cow town in Iowa either. It’s tough, yes, for many corporations and sports teams to recruit “stars” to smaller market cities. But, the days of “Bush League” are gone and Milwaukee can and is competing. See forbes.com, which ranked Milwaukee the ninth best city for young professionals.

Commenters….what say you?

  • Who the hell wants to play in WASHINGTON? Not even Jordan could make Wiz basketball interesting. rimesparse
  • It’s one thing if Arenas played in Miami, Orlando, LA or somewhere equally nice…but he plays in DC!!! DC has one of the highest murder rates in the entire country!!! Their winters are just as bad as ours!! mkelover
  • We could rip him a new one, call him a naive idiot and sulk in our corner, but that’s not what we’re about here. Let’s invite him here and show him the real Milwaukee. TheGlenn
  • The NBA is still in business? Wow. upofan
  • I have to aggree [sic] with Arenas in a way. Milwaukee definately [sic] cannot offer or compete with cities like New York, L.A, or Chicago just to name a few. If you are a high paid athlete then the smaller markets are definately [sic] less attractive. diesel1976
  • Latrell Sprewell moved back to Milwaukee after his illustrious NBA career came to a “choking” halt. If the Mil is good enough for Spree, it is good enough for me. kevintucker

The Bratwurst (a Milwaukee Bucks blog) says “Screw Gilbert Arenas.”

I really don’t feel like going too much into his asinine comments about how nobody wants to play in Milwaukee. Fact is, he’s probably pretty much right.

Thing is, I’m not so sure that Gil was trying to be intelligent with his comments.

Brew Hoop had some coverage on Gil’s Mil Ill Will, but seems to dismiss the comments for what they are, fodder. But here is what some commenters had to say:

  • Hey why don’t you try playing an entire season and then talk sh*t. Oh yeah, and next time, think about gaurding [sic] Ramon Sessions, cause he’ll pop one in your face when ever he feels like it. petedah3at
  • This makes me like gilbert arenas slightly less. but it’s true. why do you think I moved? Mitchell_M
  • Yeah Gilbert’s comments hurt a little. I guess that’s why we had to pay Simmons $9 mill a year to come to town. Or switching sports, why the Crew had to overpay for Ben McDonald, Jeff Hammonds, Eric Gagne etc. Man it gets cold there in the winter! Mitchell I’m right with you—why do you think I moved? GloryYear2001
  • Obviously Gilbert is obsessed with getting attention wherever he goes, so my hope is actually that people don’t use this as a reason to boo him. Because that’s exactly what he wants. If you want to get back at Gilbert, just ignore him. Frank Madden

Regardless of Gilbert’s words, I want to come to the defense of Washington, DC.

The Facts:

U.S. Media Market Rank:
Washington, D.C. – #9
Milwaukee – #34
Lower NBA cities: Salt Lake City (#35), San Antonio (#37), Oklahoma City (#45), Memphis (#47), New Orleans (#53).

Sherman, in defense of Milwaukee, cites that the city is #9 on Forbes’ Best Cities for Young Professionals list, Milwaukee is also in the top quartile for its population of never-married citizens between 20 and 35. So, it’s pretty cool that a small metro area such as Milwaukee can land on the map. Where’s DC? It falls in at #6 on the list and is in the top quartile for both salaries and never-married young residents.

So, Washington, DC has attention and youth over Milwaukee.

Winters that are just as bad?

Pu-lease. We all (including most Milwaukeeans) know that this is simply not true, but I’d rather have the facts to prove it wrong. Winter is usually considered to span over the months of December, January, and February, but for the hell of it, I’m including November and March in my data (which I got from USA Today’s weather charts for Milwaukee and the District of Columbia).

The closing argument: The average high for each of those
five months is, on average, 14 degrees warmer in DC. The average low for the same time period is, on average, 11.6 degrees colder in Milwaukee.

DC is more dangerous than our quaint little city.

I’m not going to win this argument. DC continues to have it’s share of crime problems, but what do you expect of a city with a crack-smoking former Mayor who continues to hold political clout? But c’mon Milwaukee, let’s not act like the aroma from your feces does not create a stench.

Going off 2006 FBI crime statistics via Wikipedia, the District is certainly up there with the ‘city of Washington’ ranking #7 in murders. However, one does not have to go too far down the list to find Milwaukee at #16 (among cities with over a quarter million people).

Heading directly to the FBI site, and glancing over data for metropolitan areas, the Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis area and it’s 1,518,404 inhabitants experience a violent crime rate of 579.6. For the DC metro area (including Bethesda – Frederick – Gaithersburg – Arlington – Alexandria) the violent crime rate is 478.2. Of course, if you include PG (Prince George’s) County, the violent crime rate jumps to 537.7, still lower than the Milwaukee metro area…..nonetheless, I think I’ve made my point.


It’s understandable that those who live in Milwaukee feel slighted by the comments of Gilbert Arenas. I’ve never been to Milwaukee, but in a city famous for beer, I’m sure there are many good times to be had.

But Arenas speaks the truth, and I don’t think he was referring to any lack of strip clubs and gold diggers, he’s not that type….although the NBA certainly has that stigma attached to it.

Gilbert Arenas craves attention and the “facts” above outline that DC, much more than Milwaukee, is a place where attention is abundantly available. Washington has powerful politics, big events, national cultural attractions and go-go music. Movies are made in DC, it’s kind of a big deal. Only crap movies have been filmed in Milwaukee (ok, so Back to School was awesome….and Major League and The Blue Brothers are classic…..but it’s questionable about Milwaukee claiming Hoop Dreams).

Nonetheless, I wish no ill will on the Mil. I say that no matter where you are, no matter your situation, you make your own fun. But truths are truths, my city can beat up your city.

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