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Good Ol’ Fashioned Link Fest

Updated: July 18, 2008

I present a bunch of links for the hell of it…..some of these are about six weeks old, but oh well. Read a couple, read ’em all, it doesn’t matter…….just enjoy yourself while you’re at the fest.

Dee Brown (recently signed by the Wizards) has a rap album…….here’s what you need to know about it
[Bullets Forever]

Trying to think of a name for your fantasy football team?……will ‘The Criminals Formerly Known as Pac-Man’ fit? Yea, I know…that one sucks, but I hate the Cowboys.
[Epic Carnival]

Bill Belichick sucks soul…..and turns it into douche juice
[Kissing Suzy Kobler]

Ron Burgundy is Dead…..guess he and Champ never got that apartment
[The Big Lead]

George Carlin is also Dead….and he once mentioned the Redskins
[DC Sports Bog]

How to Power Nap….much better than the Cosmo Kramer Method

Michael Wilbon loves him some porn stars……but blogs are nasty

Heard of this Wale cat?……don’t sleep on DC rappers.
[Fresh Cherries from Yakima] [Passion of the Weis]

Top 50 Put-Back Dunks of All-Time…..Jason Richardson is a sick individual
[Big Lead]

Top 10 Dunks of the 2000s…..more B-Dave please

What on earth is the Jigga Man doing?……American Gangsta

Reggie Bush got knocked the eff out…..remember this?
[Epic Carnival]

Lil’ Wayne & Upstart Bloggers…….if only I would’ve started out with the Hot Boyz and coined a phrase like ‘bling-bling’
[Hardwood Paroxysm]

Need A Snack?… about wine, beer, or wine?

That Damn Hangover…..somehow, I don’t like the idea of loading up on bananas before going out
[Dumb Little Man]

Speaking of bananas……they can gas other fruits. 50 Kitchen Tips for ya.
[Life Hackery]

Vinny Cerrato, Notre Dame’s Finest….p.s., I do not like Notre Dame
[DC Sports Bog]

Dookies and NBA Contracts…..smug SOBs
[The Big Lead]

More Dook A-Holes…..Coach K must be a master teacher
[Hardwood Paroxysm]

Jay Bilas doesn’t like you pouring out drinks in your mouth for him…..speaking of Dook
[Awful Announcing]

JJ Redick is still pissed…..smug SOB x2
[Epic Carnival]

ESPN vs. The Washington Bullets……”Hollingered” will soon become the new “Munsoned”
[DC Pro Sports Report]

Washington, DC goes 3D…..thanks to the good folks at Google

Fixing Your Annoying Computer……stuff

DeShawn Stevenson still likes to talk……LeBron a girl?
[Bullets Forever]

It’s okay to see the Sex In The City Movie if you’re a dude…..because Caron Butler told me so
[DC Sports Bog]

Michael Beasley is down with the curly dub…..Marbury’s head star has nothing on this one
[Mr. Irrelevant]

Double Weed Standard……Brad Miller vs. Josh Howard
[The Sporting Blog]

Anna Hathaway needs some pub…..I hear she’s willing to do magazine covers

Tony Kornheiser a d-bag?…….oh, “big” surprise
[The Big Lead]

Old Ass Sports Bloggers…..Grandpa Simpson will talk your ear off
[Epic Carnival]

Female Tennis Players Get Schweaty……and sometimes, they need to change
[The Big Lead]

Greatest thing since sliced bread……means that it’s the greatest thing in the last 80 years

Dubai is the rapper of the country world….in other words, they do the damn thang, Big

Hip-Hop = Eff You, Pay Me…..evidently it all started in ’96
[Poisonous Paragraphs]

BallHype = Sold…….and those in Silicon Valley get richer
[Fan House]

Protect Yourself, Get A Free Credit Report….dammit! – I keep meaning to do this!
[Matt Cutts, Google Blog]

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