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Wizards Summer League Game 2 Blog: Philadelphia 76ers

Updated: July 17, 2008

The Washington Wizards came up short in summer league game number two, just as they did in game one. This time, the youngsters of the Philadelphia 76ers prevailed. You can find the blog for game one against Portland on Bullets Forever….along with an in-depth analysis of JaVale McGee’s defense from that game. As for game two, the show is below.

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Quarter One

Andray Blatche isn’t ready for the tip to start. Great.

First curiosity….JaVale McGee isn’t starting, but I don’t think it means much…. Eddie Jordan simply wants to see Andray Blatche at the center. Dominic McGuire is at the 4 spot, and Gary Forbes steps in at the 3. Dee Brown and Nick Young are the guards.

9:09 – Amazing behind the back dribble by Blatche and move to the hoop for a bucket. That’s an instance where I like to see Andray Blatche use his dribble…when facing up in the short post.

6:42 – Jamont Gordon of the 76ers is able to get anywhere he wants against Dee Brown…until he gets blocked throwing a BS scoop lay-up with Dominic McGuire prowling around.

It’s funny to see Jamont Gordon on the court against so many big bodies. I’m used to him being the biggest dude on the court (I saw him play a ton in college). The worst thing in the world for Gordon to do is take outside shots (far from his strong point)…..mid-range misses are much better as long as you are able to get penetration.

5:14 – Thaddeus Young gets a steal and break…but misses the dunk. Andray is content with watching Marreese Speights get the board and put back.

4:20 – The Wiz move the ball well, but McGee needs to go right up for the dunk…how would one go about making this kid more aggressive?

3:31 – Jamont Gordon loves him some Jason Smith….those two are running pick and pops all day….Smith can really nail that perimeter shot. Jason has 10 points, 8 coming on jumpers, each jumper assisted by Jamont Gordon. 18-11 Philly.

Rick Kamla likes Jonathan Wallace’s game….and I like his poise as well. Definitely seems like he belongs on the court.

48.8 – McGee show very nice athleticism…..but what the hell was that spin move? Shying away from contact? I don’t like that…..but this is the McGee we’re supposed to know, right?

23.0 – Plus Wallace can shoot…with three range. 22-22 tie after one quarter.

Quarter Two

9:44 – Nick Young starts off with a J after missing his first two attempts in quarter one….this jumper was still a fade-away, but started as a post move in the paint and Young jumped to get separation after making contact. Very nice shot.

9:29 – Uh oh….then Jonathan Wallace gets picked by Dawan Robinson…Sixers break points. Wizards call timeout because of more back court pressure. Does the Philly coaching staff have the Wizards’ number on pressure or what? Remember this game?

7:28 – I like the down-court eyes and pass from Blatche…and thunderous dunk from JaVale. Steve Snapper Jones makes a great point…..the Wiz have big men playing now which afford the franchise the time to develop McGee. Is this true? Yes and no….seems like the Wiz do have bigs, but none are exactly dependable…especially in terms of bench depth.

Nick Young…pocket picked…Dawan Robinson again…..the guy has got some nice hands.

Blatche is starting to remind me of Chris Webber with his passing skills. At least he thinks he’s C-Webb.

5:40 – Nice to see Dominic McGuire take it hard to the hoop…that’s pretty much all he can do. 32-32 tie game.

4:49 – Nick Young hits a three and shakes his head at himself again (he did the same thing when he hit at the start of the quarter). C’mon kid, get those emotions in check. 35-34 Wizards.

Jamont Gordon plays with his head up….if he was semi-selfish in college, at least he had court vision going for him.

3:34 – Very bad/forced shot from Nick Young….I know it’s Pat Carroll guarding him…but does the shot have to be a fading towards the middle? I would say no.

Next time down the court, after a McGee block starts the break, Young ties to force it in traffic….and gets blocked by Speights.

3:10 – D-Mac hits an outside shot….how about that? 38-37 Sixers.

2:42 – And then McGuire hits a smooth fade-away over Speights…baseline style. 6 points for D-Mac.

Jason Smith is tearing up the perimeter…..I guess the Wizards don’t know his scouting report. 14 points for him…and another assist for Jamont Gordon, his 7th. 43-39 76ers.

2:14 – JaVale McGee tries to answer Smith’s jumper…miss. If he’s going to use his shot from that distance (15 feet?)…he needs to jump straight up and down. McGee’s got length and a high release, he doesn’t need to be fading away.

24.1 – Dominic McGuireanother jumper…are you kidding me? Maybe he’s been watching those Dave Hopla tapes….forms looks great too. The half ends with Philly up 45-43.

Quarter Three

Interesting, Dee Brown keeps trying to bait Jamont Gordon into an offensive foul.

8:45 – Dominic McGuire is fancying himself a passer too….nice assist to Blatche for a dunk.

8:36 – Jamont Gordon with a bulldog move down the lane and a runner with the left (he’s left-handed)…And 1. Poor dude/rookie, just about going bald already.

7:45 – McGuire with a nice move to the hoop…. Smith on him. Gotta finish, but he earned two FTs. I really love D-Mac’s game tonight…the most impressive so far. He’s being aggressive, but still letting the game come to him.

7:31 – Gordon with another strong move all the way to the hoop. H
e’s picked up 7 assists and now has his first two baskets. 50-49 Wizards.

Blatche is doing a better job of making himself open on pick and rolls…getting his body wide and looking for the ball.

6:25 – Welcome to the NBA Jamont Gordon….8 seconds in the back-court, not 10. I can’t count how many times he used to push the limit in college.

6:03 – Dee Brown steps up and hits a three in Jamont Gordon’s grill….those two are really going at it. 55-50 Wizards.

4:53 – McGee…great seal…but he can’t catch the ball and travels.

4:17 – McGee….head is not up, turns into double team. Philly steal.

2:09 – McGee finally with a nice, composed turnaround J in the paint. Not too much anyone can do to stop that shot. 61-60 Philly.

Sometimes JaVale McGee just looks like he’s clowning around…..not outright silly, but not really serious.

Some goofy looking cat, Luke Anderson, with a t-shirt under his jersey hits a trey to end the 3rd….64-60 Sixers.

Quarter Four

6:52 – Dee Brown with a lob….The Cleaner goes over the Bean Burrito and secures the dunk. Wiz finally score after a 6-0 Philly run to start the 4th which included 4 Wizards turnovers, 2 from Dee Brown under pressure.

6:15 – Andray’s lazy out-under lob pass is intercepted by Jason Smith…..game slippage.

6:03 – Blatche makes up for it with a very smooth mid-range jumper off the dribble. 72-64 Sixers.

Snapper Jones says: Nick Young is not a consistent player — if you want to play for the big play all the time, you can’t be consistent. ….I could not have said it better.

The game just kinda ends without much to write about……Philly wins 86-72 as the energy and care for the Wizards waned during pretty much the entire 4th quarter.

Overall Thoughts:

» Philly played with a lot more hustle as a team.

» The Wizards passed well on offense….but mostly between the players who already know each other. However, the team also likes to turn the ball over. 5 for Blatche, 4 for McGuire, 4 for Brown, 19 total.

» Andray Blatche is showing crazy athleticism….not only has he gotten stronger, but more agile as well.

» I’m still not sure there’s PG out there leading the team. Dee Brown played with more aggression, but had 4 turnovers to 3 assists.

» Jamont Gordon surprisingly played with some decent composure at the point for Philly.

» JaVale McGee had 8 boards…..not giving him much credit because that’s what he’s supposed to do.

» Dominic McGuire had a very nice “utility man” game.

» Nick Young is disappointing, 4-12 from the field. The comment on consistency from Snapper was perfect. I’m not sure how to describe what Young is doing myself….perhaps casually trying to do too much?

» Marreese Speights will be a great addition to the Philly team next year. He might have been nice as a Wizard but I still like the potential of McGee down the road….of course, that’s not to say I wouldn’t have preferred the selection of Speights had he been available at 18.

» Teams will sleep on Jason Smith in 08-09.

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