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The Goodness of Gilbert Arenas

Updated: August 29, 2008

Is it possible to have a love-hate relationship with someone you don’t even know? This is how I feel about Gilbert Arenas. I’ve criticized him for his stance on voting, for lack of defense, for craving attention, and for not “getting it.” Yet, I’m glad he’s on my team, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

At times, blogging about him has felt akin to a big brother-little brother dynamic….if the little brother never listened, heard, or even knew that the big brother existed. Also, I’m only two years older than Arenas…..and while I don’t profess to be wise beyond my years, I’m perfectly comfortable with occasionally calling out Gil’s immaturity (or, depending on how your glass is filled, budding maturity). What gives me the right to do this? The internet my friends.

But about the goodness of Gil…..Holly MacKenzie, a contributor to both Slam and Hardwood Paroxysm, came ever-so-close to having what surely would have been a kick-ass interview with Arenas. What-ha-happened? Well, a tape-recorder malfunction jettisoned a 40-minute interview into nonexistence. Alas, Holly was able to swagger jack her own memory and provide us with a more than adequate replacement on Hardwood Paroxysm, Gil Arenas – The Lost Interview.

What Holly has reminded me is that Arenas, despite his silliness, is genuine, relatively humble (attention hogging aside), and simply happy to be where he is in life. Wish we could say the same for a majority of the professional athletes out there. So, even though the interview was lost, the message was not. Thank you Gil and thank you Holly.

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