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Josh Howard, putting the second ‘i’ in idiot

Updated: August 1, 2008
Josh Howard not being pointed in the right direction - flickr/tim cumminsPerhaps Josh Howard is not being pointed in the right direction, while Dirk Nowitzki
is off to make
more videos of him preventing drug use with a magic wink.

I was kinda willing to give Josh Howard a pass for his weed smoking radio proclamation. Sure, for his own sake, he should have kept his mouth shut. And of course, throwing NBA colleagues under the bus was stupid. But at least he told the truth…….or lied less.

Back home in North Carolina and running a basketball camp, one would hope that Josh Howard avoid being the anti-role model for the kids. Nope, he decided to street race his black Lexus against a silver Volkswagen, and get caught by the police. ESPN is reporting that Howard was going 94 in a 55. Speeding and reckless driving was the case that they gave him.

The first thing that came to mind was the eight counts of vehicular manslaughter recently charged to two Maryland men. Back in February, eight bystanders were killed as a result of an illegal street race on Indian Head Highway just outside of Washington, DC.

Then, there’s the Bobby Phills incident. Which make me wonder, would Brad Miller do something like this? I don’t know, but something tells me that Josh Howard should be added to this list from Pyle of List.