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Arenas More Popular In Spain and Argentina Than In The U.S.

Updated: September 13, 2008

And Switzerland too!

OK, sorry for the (somewhat) misleading title….let me explain.

Recently, via a Google Reader share from Hardwood Paroxysm‘s Matt Moore, I was put onto the World Names Profiler (also via Life Hacker).

Essentially, you enter any last name (surname) on the profiler and it will give you the root (origin) of the name, the top countries (or regions, or cities) where the name is most prevalent (measured in frequency per million [FPM]), and the top first names associated with that last name.

Hence, I entered ‘Arenas’ which is of a Hispanic root. The FPM ranks for Arenas are: Spain (466), Argentina (149.92), Switzerland (11.5), and then the United States (10.29). The most popular first name associated with Arenas is Cristobal.

Arenas Name Profile
Other Wizards last names:

Blatche – Western European/French – 1.92 FPM, France
Brown – Western European/English – 5880.77 FPM, Australia
Butler – Western European/English – 2182.57 FPM, Ireland
Daniels – Western European/English – 488.7 FPM, United States
Haywood – Western European/English – 189.49 FPM, United Kingdom
Jamison – Western European/English – 100.14 FPM, United States
McGee – Celtic/Irish – 727.87 FPM, Ireland
McGuire – Celtic/Irish – 652.78 FPM, Ireland
Pecherov – no return
Songaila – Western European/English – 0.14 FPM, United States
Stevenson – Western European/English – 952.76 FPM, New Zealand
Young – Western European/English – 2555.72 FPM, New Zealand

Jordan – Western European/English – 997 FPM, Ireland
Grunfeld – Jewish – 5.45 FPM, Belgium
Pollin – Western European/English – 7.94 FPM, Austria

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