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Baron Davis v. Gilbert Arenas: Political Roundup

Updated: September 5, 2008

So first Gilbert Arenas said he’d rather die than vote…..instead opting to offer apathetic encouragement for the Presidential winner, whomever that may be, to “Do a good job,” and “Change the world.”

Then, a month later, Baron Davis staked his claim for Obama and told Gil not to worry about increased taxes because more money to the government, perhaps sacrificing one less shark tank, would go towards educating America’s kids.

(I know he said he’s gonna raise the taxes on the top income bracket, Gil, but if he uses that money to improve our schools then you won’t have to worry about some kids trying to sell pictures of your pool online cause they couldn’t get a better job.) LOL

Not exactly a mud-slinging affair, but who said that needed to happen for the internets to enliven with talk of two well-known NBAers and their political views? Hey, at least the topic is up for discussion and not pushed to a taboo back-burner. Thanks blogs!


Stet Sports: Baron Davis Chides Gilbert Arenas’ Political Views

Yes, Baron. Your laughing out loud symbol is appropriately designated. People with jobs will be selling those pictures of Gil’s pool online, so we definitely can’t let the children fall by the wayside.

DC Sports Bog: Today’s Top Five: Lobbying Gilbert

Well, Baron, I can assure you that no one sold any pictures of Gilbert’s pool online (for the record, I got these for free), but thanks for the shout-out, and good luck rallying Gilbert to your cause.

NBA FanHouse: Baron Davis Doesn’t Think Gilbert Arenas’ Take on Obama’s Tax Cuts Is Entirely Accurate

The point of all that being that it’s kind of bizarre to see someone like Baron hold out and then go play for another team over the issue of many more millions of dollars … when clearly he feels that the government should be in charge of that money anyway. Or maybe he just saw the tax cuts coming and wanted to make sure he had enough cushion.

The Sporting Blog: Bloggers Advise Ballers on the Social Benefits of Higher Taxes

And, as if this needs to be said again, the Warriors or Clippers are not the IRS. Taking money from one is not the same as being cool with giving a little more for another. If anything, I’d say Baron’s achieved the ideal equilibrium between business and civic interests. Gil, who signed an even hugher contract this summer, should have even less of a problem with this. But what do I know. I’m not a pro athlete looking to give back to the community while acquiring multiple houses, nor am I Will Brinson. [author of NBA FanHouse piece]

Slam: Politics: Baron Davis vs. Gilbert Arenas

I’m not in a position to declare who’s right in this political debate between millionaire ballplayers; I do live in Canada after all. All I know is that I can’t wait to read Gilbert’s response. E-Beef!

You Been Blinded: Baron Davis Tells Gilbert Arenas To Vote For Obama

Gilbert Arenas is a free-spirit so it’s doubtful that anybody, including Baron Davis, is gonna change his mind. I’m just glad to see that the athletes are taking an interest in politics instead of giving the standard “no comment” we’ve become accustom to over the years.


Baron Davis Hearts Hearts

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