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For the Washington Wizards and Gilbert Arenas, SOS Means ‘Same Ol’ Shhhh _ _’

Updated: September 17, 2008

Gilbert Arenas wonders about the future - flickr/wizardsdotcomFor the record, S.O.S. doesn’t mean ‘Save Our Ship’ either, rather alphabetical representation of a Morris Code distress signal, and not the acronym I’d come to believe as a child.

What the hell am I talking about? The fact that it was announced today that Gilbert Arenas will be missing the first month of the basketball season because of debris in his knee, which was cleared out by a surgical procedure today.

While this isn’t a reason for the Wizards faithful to push the panic button, and the S.S. Washington Wizards is not going down in treacherous waters, it surely gives cause for us to shake our head an utter ‘yep, same ol’ shit.’

Fatalism is a lifestyle developed into a habit for Wizards fans. While in my heart, I’m confident that Arenas’ knee will be okay….as I’m sure the organization and their “crack” medical staff, about which there have been whispers of doubt, are being extra-extra careful with their $111 million investment, tippy-toeing around the situation like a teen sneaking in after a night out.

My problem is not so much the occurrence of a third surgery….debris happens. Being a victim of micro-fracture knee surgery myself this past December, I can certainly attest to set-backs as my knee-cap was having alignment issues leading to my knee’s “acquisition” of 20 CCs of fluid.

But why was this bombshell dropped on us fans/bloggers AND Eddie Jordan and Ernie Grunfeld all at once? Here we all were, thinking Gil’s rehab was slowly making progress and his time-table for return at the season’s onset was comfortably within reach.

Arenas shelved himself before Game 5 of the Wizards’ playoff series with the Cleveland Cavaliers because of lingering pain and discomfort in the knee. He said doctors told him shortly thereafter that the cause for the pain was debris floating around in the knee…..

Ok, makes sense….but why wait until August?

Arenas said Wednesday that he was told the debris “maybe would wash away by itself” with time and rest, so he didn’t run or do any basketball-related activity until August. But when he tried to resume a full workload, the pain returned.

Ahh, ok…we weren’t informed of that, but I see……wa-wait just a minute…where the hell would this “debris” have been washed away to? To quote a song from Game Theory by The Roots, ‘it don’t feel right.’

“Two nights ago I [Arenas] talked with the trainer, and they were telling me if I just got it cleaned out I’d probably be back in two or three months, or maybe even faster because I can rehab without the pain. So, then I was like, let’s get it cleaned out.”

Ok, so obviously the ol’ “crossing your fingers and hoping that it’ll go away” method has failed once again…..are we surprised? The method hasn’t worked for STDs, goitres, and Bristol Palin’s positive pregnancy tests, why would it work for knee injures? (ok, so those comparisons may be a stretch)

But here’s the kicker:

“At the end of the day,” he said, “I wasn’t planning on playing until January anyway. Everybody has known I was gonna miss training camp.”

Arenas said he hadn’t informed Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld or coach Eddie Jordan of Wednesday morning’s surgery, but didn’t believe it was an issue.

“This was my decision,” Arenas said.

Well, son [pause] of [pause] a [pause] BITCH!!

Yes Gilbert, it’s your knee, your career…you, you, you. Don’t worry about your teammates, don’t worry about the franchise, don’t worry about contingency plans. You took less money, so that must give you a pass on simple communication and any other common courtesies.

I can’t help but feel like I’m over reacting….but I also can’t help feeling like the shock of this all could have been avoided by being let down in doses along the way. Just calm down (I’m telling myself), this team is full of gamers and a month is only about 14 games. Besides, Arenas said, “I probably could’ve gotten by without it, until June, but if I went to do something spectacular, it probably would have buckled under on me,” and I only want the best that Gil has to offer.

So apologies for being conditioned to think the worst, I really do believe that Arenas’ knee will be okay. But with the continued lack of communication with those who need to know the most, Jordan and Grunfeld (because after all, their jobs depend on such awareness) why would I expect Arenas the person to change? It’s not like getting past the second round of the playoffs depends on it or anything. Somebody call Young Jeezy.

[above quotes from “Arenas will miss first month of season,” by Mike Jones of The Washington Times]

[UPDATE: The Pradamaster of Bullets Forever has similar feelings, wondering why the surgery didn’t happen sooner and why Arenas elected not to inform anyone.]

The internets have unquestionably exploded over this spur of the moment news.

J.E. Skeets over at Ball Don’t Lie questions the karma history of the Arenas/Butler/Jamison triumvirate (hey Skeets…it’s not the karma of these three, it’s the whole damn franchise):

Why o’ why do the NBA gods refuse to give us 82 games of a healthy Arenas/Caron Butler/Antawn Jamison Wizards’ line-up? Why!?! What in the world did these gentlemen do in a previous life to upset the NBA gods so much? Did Caron kill a puppy?

While some of Skeet’s readers are asking the Allan Houston question.

Bethlehem Shoals over at The Sporting Blog is trying to stay positive about Arenas, but….

…..this could augur future problems, set off all those “are they better without Arenas” arguments we went through last season, and along those same lines, lose valuable time when it comes to integrating Agent Zero into a team that’s found an identity without
him. It’s only a month of the first half, which doesn’t matter, except for when it does.

Basketbawful on Deadspin is making a dreadful comparison:

But the fact that Gil has had three knee surgeries in less than a year and a half is giving me an ominous Grant Hill in Orlando vibe.

Gilbertology hopes that Gil had a better surgeon this time (he didn’t, it was the same cat who performed the first two surgeries), while the angst is exponentially increasing among the Bullets Forever comments.

Could this even be Tom Ziller’s fault because of a certain Arenas-related post today? (of course not)

And for the hell of it, Dan Steinberg and his DC Sports Bog present some Gilbert Arenas numbers.

Overall, the sentiment of non-DC NBA fans can best be described by Rob Mahoney at Hardwood Paroxysm….essentially, most basketball fans simply want to see the guy play, the Gil of old, and they’re tired of waiting:

Look, as much as I love Gil blogging about rehab, video games, video games, and video games, I think I’m just as antsy as Moore to see him hit the hardwood. Yeah, he was there for the playoffs, but he wasn’t really all there. Not that Gil’s ever really all there, but you know what I mean……So get well soon, Mr. Arenas. Not only because the Wizards need you, but…bec…because I need you. You…you complete me.

So what’s Gilbert to do now with all this time on his hands? The World of Isaac has some ideas.

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