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Good Readin’ – Wizards and Basketball

Updated: September 10, 2008

Breaking your hand is not very conducive to blogging, hence, some project(s) I’ve been working on have come to a crawl. They’ll get done eventually, but until then, here’s some good readin’ for ya.

First Links: Washington Wizards material

Same ol’ Wizards…just bringing players back, not making a drastic, knee-jerk moves…..status quo, right? That’s a fallacy says the Pradamaster of Bullets Forever.

What? Dan Steinberg caught a glimpse of DeShawn Stevenson’s new tattoo of a bridge across his stomach and failed to capture it on camera for the DC Sports Bog?

[UPDATE: Steinberg has a whole blog entry on DeShawn – but still no pics – most off-the-wall quote: “Myself. I’m the new Dennis Rodman. Without getting in trouble.” -DeShawn Stevenson.]

Good ol’ Pete Treperinas of the Bleacher Report (fyi – I have no idea who Petey T. is) has picked the Wizards as one of five NBA teams that will disappoint in 2008-2009. Grouped with the Nuggets, Hawks, Clippers, and Knicks? Yuck.

Somebody sure is high on Andray Blatche….George Panagakos of DC’s thinks that Unbreakable can be like Lamar Odom, and rain the occasional trey ball. I somewhat shudder at that comparison as Odom tends to shy away from big moments. Unlike Odom, I’d like to see ‘Dray concentrate on rebounding and blocking shots first and foremost, and then, his natural Odom-esque talent (passing, versatility) will follow. Also check 10 can’t-miss home matchups for the Wiz.

A tribute to God Shammgod by JakeTheSnake on Bullets Forever.

Can Gilbert Arenas learn anything from Daunte Culpepper? Gilbertology has the answer. Ahh…I remember when I thought Gil could learn something from Chad Ocho Cinco…..silly me.

The Marginal Revolution advocates that rooting for the Washington Wizards is bad for the national economy. Really?

Washington Wizards Training Camp is just around the corner - flickr/wizardsdotcomWashington Wizards October training camp is just around the corner.

Second Links: The rest of the basketball world

Recounting college battles between good NBA players from small universities.
[Uncelebrated Epic Matchups by Cub Buenning – Slam Online]

Starbury versus an atheist – “Genesis is hot.”
[Dark Side Of The Locker Room: Stephon Marbury Is Puzzled By My Godlessness by Tommy Craggs – via Deadspin]

Vintage Vince Carter — He cares nothing about what an 11-time NBA champion (coach and player total) Zen Master thinks. Carter = Sidney Deane of the NBA…would rather look good than win.
[Vince Carter doesn’t care what Phil Jackson thinks by Kelly Dwyer – Ball Don’t Lie]

I’ve got my own thoughts about why basketball is the true sport of champions, but those will be reserved for a future post. Until then, the Hustle Junkie has a great piece on basketball and its place among American sports.
[Hustle Junkie: The American Games by Graydon Gordian – Hardwood Paroxysm]

Ryne Nelson of Slam Online has done three nice ‘Truth or Myth’ pieces on three of the more polarizing figures in the NBA.
[Allen Iverson] [Kobe Bryant] [Amare Stoudamire]

First the talking with a lisp thing, then it was the eye-slant thing, and now the Spanish continue to complain about losing to the US in the Olympics. Arrogant +30, Endearing -55.
[NBA Players Traveling? Surely, You Jest, Spain by Bethlehem Shoals – The Sporting Blog]

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