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I Chose Tom Brady in My Fantasy Draft So He Would Get Hurt

Updated: September 12, 2008

Tom Brady Fail - flickr/stallioYes, this is my inevitable Tom Brady post….all the kids are doing it.

First of all, shame on Tom Brady. After NFL opening weekend, I was all prepared to discuss Brett Favre and how he used that Brett Favre arm of his to throw that tight Brett Favre spiral to lead his Brett Favre team to a Brett Favre victory.

But no, Tommy Brady had to go get injured for the rest of the year and took all the Brett Favre attention away from Brett Favre. Pretty selfish if you ask me, Tom.

[Sidebar: I’ve heard people call the second TD Favre threw against the ‘Phins a duck, ridiculous, etc…..same ol’ gunslinger, right? Wrong. It was a smart play. With kicker Mike Nugent unable to perform and pressure coming on 4th and 13 from the Miami 22, the risk of throwing the ball up for grabs towards the end zone was more than worth it. Favre’s receivers were taller than the Miami DBs and if the ball was intercepted, and not downed in the end zone, and assuming the risk of a big return was minimal, it would’ve been the equivalent of a helluva punt. So, not your prototypical Brett Favre gunslinger move. – Game Highlights Video]

Ok, back to Tom Tom. I dislike the Patriots to a high degree…don’t mind Brady so much, my cup of Haterade is mostly filled with Belichick and Boston fans. So, I’m rather indifferent to Brady getting hurt. No, I don’t want to see a guy go down like that, but I do want to see the Patriots fail. Just a means to an end.

But injuries happen to every team, devastating injuries. That’s why I find it absurd that sports pundits on the World-Wide Leader have been obsessed with claims that Brady out for the year is bad for the NFL, bad for ESPN…..exponentially melodramatic. The NFL will still be the #1 sport in America. ESPN will still get their ratings. Besides, I thought the No Fun League and their cronies were supposed to peddle teams and not individuals.

Much akin to how my friend Dean will give me ridiculous point spreads when he makes friendly bets on his Lakers with me because he’s more than happy to pay for a win…..if drafting Tom Brady 9th in my fantasy league (Ok, honestly, did I really have a choice? I certainly wasn’t going to take Portis, T.O., or Peyton Manning over Tommy B.) meant bad karma for both my fantasy football prospects and the Patriots, then so be it.

These are the breaks. Now dance Brady, dance!

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