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Obama vs Palin, Who Wins A Basketball Game of One-On-One?

Updated: September 2, 2008

Last Friday’s Presidential running-mate selection by John McCain took advantage of the morning news cycle (as opposed to a Saturday 3 am announcement, but at least Obama was up at that time, right?), and got people buzzing and studying the Wikipedia profile of Sarah Palin.

One thing which particularly caught my eye was her prowess as a high school point guard, among her affection for guns (this is, of course, a photoshop…it’s gotta be).

We are well aware of Barack Obama and his hoop exploits. And as True Hoop has pointed out, there will be a baller in the White House regardless……although, only one, to date, has made promises of a basketball court addition. Of course, this statement is a half-truth as the Vice-President lives, not in the White House, but at Number One Observatory Circle.

In any case who would win a game of one-on-one, (or the Mexican version) between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin?

Obama is about two and a half years older than Palin. However, Obama is 6’1.5″, and looks to keep in shape by draining treys for the troops and ballin with former Dookie, Reggie Love.

I’m not sure of Palin’s height, but the fact that she earned the nickname “Barracuda” on the basketball court, is a card-carrying member of the NRA, and lives in Alaska where things are “Tougher,” does hold a decent bit of weight.

When factoring that Palin has probably lost of step with the five babies she’s dropped (apologies to Dara Torres), I’m going to give the nod to Obama…hands down.

Plus, judging by the excerpt below from a recent David Maraniss piece, “Though Obama Had to Leave to Find Himself, It Is Hawaii That Made His Rise Possible,” which appeared in The Washington Post, Barack’s game is probably better suited for one-on-one.

If basketball was Obama’s obsession during those years, it also served as a means for him to work out some of his frustrations about race. In the book and elsewhere, he has emphasized that he played a “black” brand of ball, freelancing his way on the court, looking to drive to the hoop rather than wait around for a pick and an open shot. His signature move was a double-pump in the lane. This did not serve him well on the Punahou varsity team. His coach, Chris McLachlin, was a stickler for precisely where each player was supposed to be on the court and once at practice ordered his team to pass the ball at least five times before anyone took a shot. This was not Obama’s style, and he had several disagreements with the coach. He never won the arguments, and the team did well enough anyway. Adhering to McLachlin’s deliberate offense, the Buffanblu won the state championship, defeating Moanalua 60-28. Obama came off the bench to score two points. So much for the dream of becoming a rich NBA star.

Not all, however, is lost for Palin. She’s got a chance to be the first VPILF ever. If you’re not sure what that is, check out VPilf.com for the movement (HT to the DCist).

Sarah Palin – Double Deuce
Sarah Palin - Basket BallerImage via Time
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