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Too Many Sellout Cowboy Fans in DC

Updated: September 23, 2008

In the artistic sense of the word, sellout, according to, means:

  • When an artist changes their play style to make more money

Let’s equate artist to sports fan, play style to hometown pride, and make more money to wanting more wins.

Sure, everybody likes rooting for a winner. But you don’t ostracize your hometown team from your sports loyalties to wagon-jump and chase championships, especially to run into the arms of rivals. This will be a rule for my unborn son.

Washington, DC is a transient city, everyone knows this, but the number of Dallas Cowboys fans from DC is baffling, embarrassing, and a disgrace. They are all going to sports hell where men’s tandem figure skating and that Olympic horse dancing sport are the only options.

I Caught Hell For Picking Arizona To Win
Immediately after the game, I got several text messages reminding me how I said the Skins were going to lose to the Cardinals (I actually said this when hope looked lost during a stretch of the Saints game). In my office pool, I picked the Skins to beat the Giants and then to lose to the Saints in week 2 (the only NFL game I missed that week). I picked the Redskins to lose to the Cardinals in week 3 too (but didn’t fare so well in the pool). I’m not much of a superstitious person, but if it works, it works… that I’ve negated any opposite luck that was going….

Did Stephon Heyer Warrant A Penalty, Costing Devin Thomas His First Career TD?
As the debate goes on at Mr. Irrelevant, my thoughts: At first, it didn’t look deserving of a penalty. For all Stephon Heyer knew, Jason Campbell was still scrambling and was making a legal block. Fox’s booth team of Kenny and Moose cited Heyer hitting the side of an unaware Darnell Dockett. It’s still a tough call, but upon reviewing the video a couple times, I don’t blame the refs from throwing the flag. Heyer seemed more concerned with hitting Dockett than even knowing the result of Campbell’s bootleg. His back was to the play for longer than it seemed necessary, making it appear as if Heyer was simply going after Dockett (perhaps in retaliation, but still…don’t get caught).

Other Notes
As evidenced by a certain someone among the day’s losers, it’s my desire to see more of what Chris Horton has to offer than the other guy.

Durant Brooks Can’t Win, and it’s looking more and more like Derrick Frost was right about Cerrato.

“He scared me. He matured me, how about that.”
– Durant Brooks

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