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Washington Redskins Knee-Jerk Reactions: Game 1, NY Giants

Updated: September 5, 2008

Redskins Nation will be killing the radio shows, blogs, and message boards over this one. I was defeatist at first, calling for a 31-3 loss after the hurtin’ Brandon Jacobs put on LaRon Landry. But then, as the defense got into rhythm, hope was built, albeit pessimistic hope….because after all, I am Redskins fan.

I’ve never been so silently frustrated at the offensive play calling…..even after witnessing years of persistent Joe Gibbs running it up the middle over and over again. I understand it was Zorn’s first outing, but couldn’t help wondering if he’d been on the sidelines of many live football games before. The first half would have been absolutely disastrous had the Redskins not scored. Not electing to call a timeout with all of them left and seconds ticking away in the Red Zone? Incomprehensible.

The Washington offense looked to be testing scenarios in the waning moments of an inconsequential preseason game when the fire was in the hole, down 16-7 as time was running out. The term “sense of urgency” will be thrown around in the coming days. So where was it? Do we chalk this up to Campbell’s insecurity with the offense? No, he’s not a rookie and Zorn wasn’t born yesterday. Shifting up a gear when the situation calls for it should have been refined, adequately at a minimum, before game one.

This season is going to be a learning process, we knew that after the last two preseason games. If things start to click, NFL history has dictated that momentum can turn at the blink of an eye. Maybe the players, led by Campbell and the ‘C’ on his jersey, need to focus on learning the offense, but it’s Jim Zorn’s job to get everyone on the same page. Zorn will learn quick that in DC, if you’re throwing others under the bus every week, eventually that bus is going to go in reverse and run over you.

And now, knee-jerk quotes from the peanut gallery:

“Zorn’s got a lot of growing up to do. I blame Snyder for Zorn. (minutes later) Wait, did I say Zorn needed to grow up? Can you change that to ‘looked awful’?” -Chris

“Campbell is not the quarterback of the future, he’s not looking down field when he needs to.” -Rob (a Steelers first, Redskins second, fan)

“Zorn lookin’ like he was just born, the D looked alright to me.” -Billy

“OMG, your coach is killing me!” -Nawaz (text message from a Dolphins fan)

“My advice is for Zorn to not read the papers tomorrow.” -Claire

“That ‘West Coast Offense’ looked very similar to what we had last year: two 1-yard runs and a 3-yard pass on 3rd down.” -Adam (a Skins fan who stood up his friends, who assumed that the same ‘ol crew watching the season opener together was of a prerequisite nature, to watch the game with a co-worker, who happens to be a Giants fan, because he gave him his “word” — not good early season karma if you ask me….Call Out!)

And for the record, Carrie had no comment.

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