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Wizards Periodic Elements

Updated: September 4, 2008

Yesterday, Matt, the Hardwood Paroxysmist, along with Trey, the Blow Torchist, released their highly anticipated NBA blogosphere periodic table.

Washington Wizards blogs are well represented among the 110 NBA blog elements:

  • WizzNuttzSymbol: Wz, NBAtomic number: 17, Category: Absurdities
  • Gilbert Arenas’ NBA.com BlogSymbol: Ga, NBAtomic number: 58, Category: Rare Player Blogs
  • Bullets ForeverSymbol: Bf, NBAtomic number: 72, Category: Naismithian Eastern Metals
  • GilbertologySymbol: G, NBAtomic number: 82, Category: Other Generalists
  • Truth About ItSymbol: Tr, NBAtomic number: 109, Category: Naismithian Eastern Metals

Stealing a cue from Gilbertology, where Jake has discovered that the ‘G’ sister element in the real world is lead, the sister element for Truth About It is meitnerium. How exciting! Meinerium is a synthetic metal, has only been made a couple times, is highly radioactive, has an unknown color (although it’s probably metallic green, silver, white, or gray), and has a half-life between 2 and 20 milliseconds. Basically, not much is known about meitnerium so nobody uses the stuff……but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to create a new superhero or combat aliens one day.

Other sister elements:

  • WizzNuttz = Chlorine – a powerful oxidant that kills bacteria
  • Gilbert Arenas’ Blog = Cerium – will ignite when scratched, and is used for movie studio lighting
  • Bullets Forever = Hafnium - is really good at absorbing neutrons, which helps when doing this dance