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Antawn Jamison Following The Lead of Caron Butler: Linking The Wizards

Updated: October 2, 2008

Ok, so Jamison isn’t exactly chewing on a straw a la Tuff Juice in the photo above….it appears to be a mouth piece. But it’s safe to say, the team better be following the actions and listening to the words of the guy with a teeth-marked plastic straw in his mouth.

The Pradamaster already did a Wizards link dump over at Bullets Forever. Now, I’d like to get in on the action with some linkage diarrhea…..gotta give good content across the world wide web its proper due…..not that the below links are bad like the collywobbles, but they sure are juicy.


Speaking of Tuff Juice, Tom Knott has a column about the guy, “Wizards getting more than they bargained,” at The Washington Times.

Jordan took an immediate liking to Butler because of his fearlessness and combativeness, two qualities found lacking in the Wizards in the 2005-06 season. Jordan nicknamed Butler “Tough Juice,” and it stuck.

Many thanks to Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie for recognizing this very blog in his ‘Blog Association’ series saluting the most outstanding blogs for each NBA team:

“One of the best writers on the ‘net, one of the best Photoshoppers, it’s hard to believe a site like this can come in second. A tremendous daily read, especially during the season.”

I guess this is what Jay-Z meant when he said, “Real recognize real.” Truth About It placed second and Bullets Forever deservedly came in first.

Ivan Carter breaks down the Wizards bigs at The Washington Post, “Wizards Size Up An Oversize Roster.”

  1. Brendan Haywood on JaVale McGee: “To me, he’s probably one of the top two or three centers in terms of athleticism, in the league, hands down.”
  2. Eddie Jordan on JaVale McGee: “Get JaVale out of there, please…….Run the floor, JaVale!”

The Pradamaster at Bullets Forever gets curious about the possibility of Andray Blatche logging some time at the small forward position:

In the summer league, he was playing the four spot in the offense. He’s bulked up over the summer too, and now you’re going to tell him to play on the wing? That would really stunt his development, and giving Etan Thomas more playing time is not an acceptable excuse.

Highlights from a Washington Post chat session with Ivan Carter and Michael Lee:

Ivan: I’ll say this based on conversations I’ve had with scouts and gms from around the league, Eddie will have another gig almost right after he’s done with Wizards. He’s that respected around the league.

Ivan: As men, [Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas] were embarrassed by the attention given their spats and wanted to end that stuff. They’re still banging away and competing like heck out there in camp but it’s pretty clear that neither of them wants to be known for getting into juvenile fights.

Ivan: The main thing that is different this year from my last three camps covering this team is that Eddie has them doing a lot more scrimmaging. The reason is that guys are so familiar now with one another and the schemes, they can have crisp scrimmage situations without having to constantly stop and instruct. They just look smoother.

Ivan Carter at Wizards Insider wonders Who Fills (Roger) Mason’s Shoes?

Good post that essentially compares Mason and Juan Dixon on defense and offense…..I say the two-headed monster named JuanDee will be more than a suitable replacement.

Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog reminds us of Dee Brown’s rap CD, and how he’s performed in Europe.

I’ve listened to Dee Brown’s entire CD, Unwritten, and learned exactly 14 things…..those things are posted at Bullets Forever.

Like fantasy basketball? I do. Check out the guys at The Fantasy Lounge for a preview of the Wizards, among other teams.

Stet Sports wonders: Where is the Wizards Bandwagon?

Ivan Carter has a piece on DerMarr Johnson on The Washington Post, “Hoping to Find a Home Where His Heart Is.”

“I never thought about playing here earlier in my career because every time my team came to town, I had to buy like 60 tickets because I have so much family and friends out here,” said Johnson, who played one season of college basketball at Cincinnati. “I was like: ‘If I played here every game, I’ll go broke just trying to get tickets.’ But now that I’m a l
ittle older in my career, I have wanted to play here. I love my city.”

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