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Barack Obama Appoints Sheriff Gonna Getcha To Fantasy Cabinet

Updated: October 23, 2008

Clinton Portis - Sheriff Gonna Getcha
While John McCain has never heard of the internet, Barack Obama is all about some NFL Fantasy Football….and knows his stuff.

Recently, ESPN’s Rick Reilly offered a chance to both Presidential candidates to be his fantasy league running mate for a week….only Obama accepted.

So, the two sat down to nominate their fantasy cabinet going off a salary cap system. And who did B.O. choose at the running back position over the likes of Adrian Peterson?

Obama’s choice was obvious….he was going dancing with Choo Choo, he was going to hand out food stamps to Southeast Jerome, get gully with Dolemite Jenkins, get Dr. Do Itch Big to plan the health care system, and Dollah Bill to fix the economy.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama was going with none other than Washington Redskins running back, Clinton Portis…..I mean Sheriff Gonna Getcha.


Oh yea, this hit came straight from the DCist.


    Nice move to appeal to the sensitivities of your future neighbors.