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Updated: October 15, 2008

I won’t get into the absolutely ugly preseason loss against the New Orleans Hornets in Berlin. Just digest this: the Wizards “won” the second half 56-35 and still lost the game by 16 points.

Instead, I’ll cover the best of internet Wizards….first, a couple previews:

> Yahoo’s ‘Ball Don’t Lie’ (Kelly Dwyer and J.E. Skeets) have put together a preview using Dan Steinberg’s head for graphic enhancement.

Dwyer: There are so many ways to, as the kids say, not feel the Washington Wizards. And that’s a shame, because more than just about any other NBA team, there are so many ways to appreciate this team and there are just as many reasons to want it to succeed. But at some point, things are going to catch up to the Wizards, and I have a feeling that this is the year of le comeuppance.

I must say that Dwyer, as usual, displays excellent NBA knowledge…..of “my” team. And BDL gives a 34-48 prediction, which is unfortunately probably closer to reality than not.

> The Big Lead covered the Wizards in their NBA Two-A-Days and predicts 37 wins.

Injuries aside, here’s the problem, and it has been the case since the team jettisoned Juwan Howard and Chris Webber years ago: there’s still no low-post scoring threat. You can say Jamsion’s post-up game is solid, but the guy also took the 2nd most three’s on the team last year, although perhaps that was because he was forced to jack shots with Arenas out and Butler sidelined for 24 games.

> Dime Magazine recently took part in Gilbert Arenas’ grand interview circuit. The piece, “The Mad Real World,” starts off by comparing Arenas to Dave Chappelle.

Dan Steinberg likes this Arenas quote, “I think what we don’t realize as players is we’re like leaves, and the NBA is a tree. And when the wind blows, some of us are out of there. At the end of the day, all of the leaves on the tree are gonna be gone, and there’s gonna be new leaves. I’m just a leaf on a tree right now.”

I thought this quote from Gil was interesting (but to catch the full interview, I’ll have to go buy a copy of Dime): “Reporters in today’s game, they don’t have no personality to themselves. If one person says something, they all run to the same story.”

> After the devastation of the Haywood injury, there has been some world wide optimism about the “other” Wizard bigs.

Blatche is an extremely messy combination of Lamar Odom stuck down low, Josh Smith, and Marcus Camby. McGee is a seven-footer with mobility and ups. Thomas is insurance. I know we’ll all miss Brendan Haywood’s ineffable charms, but seriously, isn’t this situation just a touch more rad — especially when you’re talking about those early months, when nothing matters anyway? [Bethlehem Shoals – “Wizards Frankenstein Big Man Project Should Be Entertaining, If Not Totally Effective” The Sporting Blog]

Regardless of McGee’s play, Etan is back and Blatche continues to improve. There will be some regular season dropoff in frontcourt production, sure, but they should be alright and just fine come playoff time. Plus, Caron’s at 100% and can carry this team (30 ppg?) until the scorers return. [Jamie Mottram – “LaVale I Mean JaVale McGee Is Our Savior” Mr. Irrelevant]

> On another note, this recent string of injuries (or continued curse) have some (Stet Sports) predicting future silly Washington Wizards injuries. I still don’t think anything can top the classic (true) story of Pervis Ellison eating fried chicken while driving to a game, getting into a fender-bender because of greasy fingers, and hurting his neck making him unable to play in that night’s game.

> Dr. Gonzo at the DC Sports Pulse still has his finger on the panic button though.

> Was the draft night trade of Billy Walker for ‘straight cash homey’ a good idea?

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