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Eddie Jordan is a good in-game adjuster

Updated: October 23, 2008

NBA.com has a series of GM surveys
posted, and Eddie Jordan received 8% of the votes on the question: ‘what head-coach makes the best in-game adjustments?’. That puts him behind Popovich, Larry Brown, and Carlisle, and tied with three others for 4th.

A couple other Wizards were recognized:

Caron Butler

  • An ‘other receiving votes’ in best at moving without the ball – Rip Hamilton was first, Ray Allen was second….Kobe, Manu, and Paul Pierce were among the others.
  • Tied for 2nd at best in defending the passing lanes. Allen Iverson was tops with 26.9%, Butler tied with Trevor Ariza at 11.5%.

Gilbert Arenas

3.7% voted for the Wiz to win the Southeast Division, the rest went to the Magic. Of course, for some reason this link contradicts the previous link.

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