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For Redskins, a step backwards is simple math

Updated: October 12, 2008

The equation is easy: turn the ball over, and the probability of losing increases. The Washington Redskins did just that on Sunday, and the fruits of a laborious inability to hold on to the ball meant win number one for the St. Louis Rams.

The reality is that this is the NFL and ‘any given Sunday’ is not just the title of a movie…..which is exactly why I expressed apprehension about the Rams game on Saturday night. Redskins fans are an odd bunch, curiously exuberant about their team, and can be easy for outsiders to hate. After the 4-1 start, I got unreasonably optimistic emails easily calling for a 7-1 record halfway through the season. Nothing pisses me off more (ok, I’m exaggerating) than assuming future success in bunches. I’m betting that many of those same ‘caught looking ahead’ optimists are the first to be pessimistic, but I doubt fans are abandoning a ship that really isn’t sinking.

Perhaps many thought the Redskins to be better than they were/are. I wouldn’t include myself in this group as my mantra has been: ‘it’s a long season.’ I won’t solely blame the loss on three fumbles. The defense looked good, the offense is still coming together. There were some winners and losers (go ahead and add a Cowboys loss to the Cardinals under ‘winners’). Maybe the focus today was too loose, or the perhaps the pony should’ve been a stallion. In any case, I do believe this team is built to be resilient.

The thing about taking a step backwards is that you are still looking forward. The Redskins are the same team that can beat anyone in the NFL, and as they proved today, the same team that can lose to anyone. Regroup, stay medium, and be ready for Cleveland next week.

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