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Gilbert Arenas on Antawn Jamison

Updated: October 9, 2008

Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison, opposites attract - flickr/wizardsdotcomI was seriously impressed by Gilbert Arena’s latest blog post, “Let’s Talk About Family”….perhaps more so than anything he’s done off the court before (not factoring in silly things like Halo tournaments, but rather helping Katrina victims, Scoring for Schools, his Zero to Hero Foundation, or just befriending random kids).

I enjoyed Gilbert’s candidness on family, especially his mother. Honesty like that on a widespread stage is rare for a regular person, much less a star athlete…..this much we know about Arenas. Overall, quite a refreshing account that by far overshadows negative aspects of immaturity for which I’ve criticized Arenas in the past.

Arenas’ discussion of his mother certainly garnered its share of attention from the usual suspects: The DC Sports Bog, True Hoop, Ball Don’t Lie, Gilbertology. But for some reason, what caught my attention the most was Gil’s blogging his relationship with Antawn Jamison, which started in Golden State and continues here in DC today.

We didn’t really start connecting connecting until he got back here to Washington because back then I was just young and I was feeling my way and once he came from Dallas he was an all-around player because he got his 3-pointer going and I got smarter about the stuff I did. I was still young and still going, but I started getting smarter and I realized, “Man, if I’m going to do this, it’s going to be with him.”

So we just started playing and I just started seeing the way he liked the ball, how he liked the ball and where he liked the ball and from there if I needed a bucket I knew where to catch him with a pass. I could also tell when he’s struggling and hasn’t got the ball in a while and I’d get him it.

In the eight years we’ve played together in the league, we’ve never argued on the court. Think about that. That’s hard to do. If you’ve been in the league eight years together and have never argued on the floor, you got something there.

If Arenas can ultimately learn how to conduct himself as a professional from a classy vet such as Antawn Jamison (and there are plenty of signs that AJ is already rubbing off on Gil), then I’ve got more hope for him than ever before…..and perhaps he’s got more maturity than I’ve previously given him credit for.

On Another Note…..

Gil had another one of his ‘Agent Wacky Pants’ interviews with Slam Magazine, where he was ranked #17 in their top 50. I’ve gotten on Arenas about politics before…but hey, it’s not everyone’s thing, although I do think it would behove everyone to stay informed at a minimum. But Gil was having fun with the interview, and even though he said he’s never heard of Joe Biden, I’m pretty sure that’s not true. This one has also gotten its share of attention from the likes of the DC Sports Bog, the Big Lead and the DCist. Here are the highlights of Arenas’ fun interview in bullet form:

  • Antics are his thing off the court, but once one the court, Arenas is a “demon player”
  • Gilbert would rather play an uptempo game and see everyone shine
  • Gil would take porn over video games any day of the week….games are for kids, and porn is always there in case your woman is trippin’
  • Gil would rather f___ Sarah Palin than Michele Obama, who he’d rather marry
  • Arenas doesn’t think Sarah Palin is a good bullshitter
  • Gilbert thinks chocolate is for girls
  • Arenas has an idea for an invention that cools things (beverages, ice cream, etc.) as fast as a microwave heats things. Problem is…that’s not a novel idea — having attended a university where, for some reason, the local laws did not allow for the sale of cold beer (no, I did not go to college in North Korea), an idea such as this was dreamt about years ago.
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