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Viggy On The NBA: League Passin’ Me By

Updated: October 30, 2008

His name is not Viggy, it’s Mark. And his last name is not Viggy, but it does start with a ‘V’ and is hard to pronounce (no one ever knows how to pronounce my last name either). Viggy used to throw down on another blog, Ibodera (a very entertaining hodgepodge of posts), but for some reason the Ibodera gang disbanded back in April and started ignoring the internets.

Viggy still makes some great observations on the NBA and needs an outlet (aside from email) to express those thoughts. So here we are….maybe this will be a one-time thing, maybe it will be semi-regular, but in any case, I present Viggy On The NBA (my only contribution is the Pharcyde reference in the post title….as if you didn’t already know).

So I watched a little of every game last night and here are my observations. (Thank you free League Pass)

The Thunder are going to be terrible, very terrible….they looked awful against the Bucks at home. Jeff Green doesn’t seem to be as good as he should be, and Kevin Durant still doesn’t seem ready to consistently take over.

(This is where I got interrupted for two hours to work on something . . .)

Byron Scott needs to stop f-ing around with the lineup. He sat Chris Paul for seven minutes in the first quarter and tried Mike James to see how he could run the offense. He sucked and Golden State was on fire. They looked like the Warriors of the Baron Davis years. Paul came back and brought the Hornets from down 13 in the second quarter to a tie at half time. I understand what Scott is trying to do, but I’m not sure he needed to do it the first game of the season.

The Rockets can’t score . . . against Memphis? WTF? They seem so loaded, offensively and defensively. Ron Artest was scoring, yet they only had 69 points with two minutes to go in the fourth against the Grizzlies.

Rookies: Michael Beasley looked overwhelmed and OJ Mayo shot (and missed) way too much. Kevin Love performed as expected off the bench as did Russell Westbrook, although he looks a lot more like a 2 than a PG. Guys who will be top rookies are the two foreigners, Sergio Rodriguez and Marc Gasol. Guys picked late who people will regret not taking: The Kansas guys, Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur both looked great last night.

The Knicks looked great through three quarters…..they’ll be better than people expected. The bottom line is they have plenty of talent, and since D’antoni plays guys based on who plays hard instead of who has a big contract, I think they’ll do alright. Isiah always seemed to think he had to justify the guys he got by playing them.

The Heat might be worse then people expected, although I expect Beasley to bounce back. They could really use some help from the bench. Speaking of help from the bench, people have been ragging on Atlanta‘s bench being so crappy, but what about the team they beat last night, the Magic? The only guy I’ve really heard of was JJ Redick and he didn’t help very much. I think their loss of depth is going to hurt them…..Maurice Evans, Keyon Dooling and Carlos Arroyo helped more than people realized.

The Lakers (I’ve been in love with Trevor Ariza since he was in NY, I’m glad he’s finally getting some burn) looked strong and are playing better defense then I expected. The Clippers . . . are going to suck. Baron Davis is all they’ve got and he can’t play every minute of every game. They have a bad mix of guys who want to run and guys who can’t run. Their only hope is that Chris Kaman gets injured, Marcus Camby comes in, and they run people out of the building.

Um what else . . . Philly didn’t look good, and got killed inside by Jermaine O’Neal and Chris Bosh. I thought the inside play was supposed to be Philly’s new strength with Elton Brand. O’Neal looked alright….let’s see about a whole season. Is anyone else tired of watching the Suns and Spurs? Maybe it’s just me, I didn’t watch too much and figured I’d see plenty of both teams on national TV the rest of the season. I also skipped over Denver and the Jazz….with both ‘Melo and Deron Williams out didn’t really see any point to watch that.


P.S. – Kobe hasn’t been scoring much which either means he contracted the AIDS that Magic doesn’t have (according to Dean) or he’s going to hang out until it matters later in the season. (That’s what Lebron seems to be trying to do, except his teammates can’t pick up the slack).

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