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Washington Wizards: Somebody Is Lying To Themselves

Updated: October 30, 2008

An old prophet once said, “I need you to do two things, be real with me, and be real with yourself.” You know who that prophet was? Jesus. Wait….no it wasn’t…..it was my old college roommate. No matter, a couple of Washington Wizards are having serious issues with this concept.

Case Study #1: Andray Blatche

From today’s Wizards Insider
: Blatche on his game: “I take some fault in it because I had five turnovers. I can’t have five turnovers off the bench. Besides that, I blocked out well, I protected the rim, I scored when I had some chances. So other than the turnovers, I felt good about it.”

From Wednesday’s game blog on Bullets Forever (crucial point of the game…score tied at 74 and 8:55 left in the 4th): That Andray Blatche blocking out problem again….Dooling misses a jumper…..Blatche moves almost right under the rim (not sure how you’re going to rebound a jumper from there)….has his hands at his side….doesn’t put a body on his man, Yi Jianlian…..and Yi is able to get a back-tap and a new shot clock for the Nets. Damn…..cannot have that.

Ok, I don’t recall every chance that Andray Blatche had to block out….maybe that’s something I should pay closer attention to in the future since it’s a problematic area for him. Remember, Blatche only played 3:49 seconds in the final preseason game specifically because he badly missed block-out assignments on two consecutive trips. Doing such a horrendous job in that one instance against the Nets, at such an important stretch of the game, would not lead me to think he did “well” at boxing out. Bigger picture….if turnovers are the only area in which Andray Blatche didn’t fare well last night, then we’ve got a problem with Blatche’s own assessment of his game. How are you going to improve if you’re not your own biggest critic?

Case Study #2: Gilbert Arenas

Remember the Milwaukee game last year….the one where Gilbert Arenas made a triumphant return to the court? Kinda….sorta…not really? How about the name: Ramon F-ing Sessions? Ring a bell? Yep, that’s the game where Gilbert left his man, Sessions, to help on Andrew Bogut, who received the inbounds pass with his back to the basket, his Bucks down by one point, and 1.1 seconds left in the game. If you read the game blog, or better yet, watched the YouTube, you know the history.

Ok, basically all that has noting to do with anything about Arenas being a liar.

At that Milwaukee game, Gilbert made a grand entrance from the locker room to the court about halfway through the 2nd quarter. The crowd cheered and Gil immediately checked in. After the game, Eddie Jordan said this (in regard to knowing if Arenhas was going to play or not): “He didn’t really tell me, but that’s Gil. I found out. Let’s say it wasn’t normal, proper channels, but I found out.” I remember watching the post-game press conference and thinking…oohh kaaaye, what’s up with that?

Of course, after the horse and pony show, Arenas jetted without speaking with the media about his mounting inconsistencies. The next day, Grunfeld tried to cover for everyone, and the situation was chalked up another one of those ‘Gilbert Things’ — kinda like ‘Charlie Work‘ in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (ok, I don’t exactly know how that correlates, but whatever)…..I guess I’m beginning to like Gilbert Things as much as I would enjoy doing Charlie Work.

Eight months later, we’ve come full circle with Gilbert still trying to validate his actions as if he were 13. You can catch the full video at the DC Sports Bog post, “Arenas Says Jordan Knew When He’d Return Last Year.”

Gilbert’s quote(ish): “Ok confession. The day I came back against Milwaukee, when everybody thought it was like, a surprise….coach knew…we both talked about, you know, what time he wanted me to come out, what time he was subbing AD out. You know, so when everybody….that’s why I never said anything…so when people like, ‘oh the coach and him not on the same page,’ and this, and this. I was like, ‘I’m not even gonna’….,” etc., etc., blah blah. I picture Comcast’s Chris Miller (the interviewer) lying on his stomach, each hand cupping a corresponding cheek, and legs interlocked in the air as he follows with an “Are you serious?”

I find it odd that Gilbert makes a “confession”….I halfway expected there to be giggling and whispers, and perhaps an “oh stop it!” after he said that.

Aside from posting Ivan Carter’s quote about this in Wizards Insider, “Interesting because I remember it going to down exactly the opposite way. As with all things Gilbert folks, remember that there is history, revisionist history and Gilbert history,” what’s the point?

Not much…..I just wasted my time writing a post about some kids doing their thing. Wait, Gilbert is less than two years younger than me? Awww crap.

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