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Blogger Q&A: The Bratwurst – Milwaukee Bucks Blog

Updated: November 5, 2008

In anticipation of tonight’s game against Milwaukee, I covered the recent history between the Wiz and Bucks earlier… it’s time for some blogger Q&A. Jeramey from The Bratwurst Milwaukee Bucks Blog was kind enough to answer a couple questions about his team. Like to hear it? Well, here it go…..

1) Yi Jianlian is gone…..what kind of effect do you think he had on the Bucks’ bottom line? In this economy, it surely couldn’t hurt to have the support of a billion Chinese. Or….are you satisfied with Richard Jefferson and thought that the Bucks drafted Yi with the intention of trading him the whole time?

Not as big as you would think, judging from what I’ve heard. First off, if he made the team worse here (and he arguably did) he severely limited their revenue generating potential here stateside. Second, the huge numbers you saw reported for viewers in China have been highly debated. Finally, knock-off products are a huge problem in China, severely limiting the revenue generating potential for merchandise.

It may have helped Milwaukee appear attractive to Chinese investors, but a lot of the groundwork for those relations was laid by city officials before Yi was even a glimmer in Larry Harris’s eye.

In short, Herb Kohl allowed him to be traded, so it couldn’t have been that great.

2) Michael Redd’s name has popped up in various trade rumors….how do you feel about this? Is Redd someone to keep for the long run?

I think John Hammond has added some great complementary players to Redd. Jefferson can score, Ridnour can distribute the ball, and Bogut keeps getting better. The first couple games of the season showed that Michael already fits much better with this group of players. He clearly doesn’t feel pressured to do everything, and that should help his overall game. Scott Skiles should help keep his defensive intensity high. With the addition of Richard Jefferson, he should spend a lot more time guarding shooting guards instead of small forwards, which will make him look a lot better on defense than in years past.

NBA basketball is a business, and you don’t want to rule anything out. I trust John Hammond would find a great deal if he were to move Redd, but I don’t think he would trade him to simply dump salary (Redd has a max deal). If Hammond can find a way to build a team around Redd (which was a problem for Larry Harris), you definitely want to keep him. If backcourt chemistry becomes an issue yet again, I think you have to look at Redd as part of the problem, not the future solution.

If the team plays the way it has the first few games for the rest of the season, I would be shocked to see Redd traded.

3) Your boy Ramon Sessions hit a pretty big shot against the Wizards last year…..made me a believer, and pretty pissed too. Now, are you a believer that he’s the right choice to run the team?

I’m not completely sold yet. He hasn’t played in enough games yet, and the games he has have been largely meaningless. His game against the Bulls where he set the assist record was arguably not a game. It was the last game of the season, both teams were out of the playoff hunt, and not an ounce of effort was put forth on defense. End result? Bulls score 150 points, Bucks themselves well over 100.

That said, I have really liked what I have seen when he has stepped in this season for Luke Ridnour since he went out. He’s probably going to hit the proverbial “rookie wall” at some point this season, and how he deals with his first slump will really show everyone how good, bad, or average he’s going to be in the future.

I’m excited for his future, but I’m cautiously optimistic about how good he will be.

Who will lead the Bucks in scoring, rebounds, and assists?

Villanueva will lead the team in scoring, Bogut in rebounds, and Ridnour in assists.

Thanks again to The Bratwurst….and unless you’ve forgotten, the Bucks are now dealing with the fugazi Damon Jones. Be sure and check out this post on The Bratwurst: So what’s the deal with Damon Jones?

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