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Blogger Q&A: The Peninsula is Mightier – Miami Heat Blog

Updated: November 18, 2008

South Beach Miami - flickr/Erman AkdoganIn anticipation of tonight’s rematch between the Wizards and the Heat, I decided to get in touch with Greg from the Peninsula is Mightier (a Miami Heat blog of course) to see if he could answer a couple questions I had about his team. Read on…….

The Heat are making due at the 5 spot with Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem, and Mark Blount. How much help do you think Jamaal Magloire can really provide? Do you think the Canadian is motivated enough to shed the “washed-up” stigma? What did you think of his signing in the first place…..low risk or act of desperation?

I don’t expect much of anything from Magloire. He certainly won’t supplant Haslem, and I don’t know that he offers an upgrade over Anthony or Blount either. I was among the few who thought he could help when Miami signed him, but after a glimpse of him in preseason, I think he’s finished. The signing was low risk, but it also took a roster spot away from a prospect like David Padgett, an undrafted rookie out of Louisville who gave Miami some decent minutes in preseason and obviously has a much higher ceiling than Magloire. Unless a legit center becomes available in trade, I’ll stick with Anthony spelling Haslem and Blount getting spot minutes.

2) Some will still attest that Chris Quinn should not be receiving significant time on the court for an NBA team. Do you think his play will change opinions? The guy rarely commits a turnover and knocks down open threes…..what more could one expect? What should his role be for the Heat going forward?

Quinn’s a good player, and I think he’s right when he says that perception becomes reality when people evaluate him. He was one of two or three bright spots last year, but spent the summer in restricted free-agent purgatory, came back on a low-end contract and opened the season third on the depth chart, so there’s something Miami doesn’t like. And I don’t think Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra are hung up on appearances if the guy could help them win, so I’m left to assume that Quinn has a fatal flaw I’m overlooking. My guesses are defense (unremarkable), shot selection (he likes the early 3) or just general upside (Mario Chalmers was drafted as a long-term starter). Still, I think Miami is a better team when he gets regular minutes, and I predict he’ll craft a long career out of defying expectations. Hope that happens in Miami.

3) The Heat are positioning themselves to have some money to play with in the future. Who do you want to see on this team in two years? Do you think Shawn Marion has a future role in Miami? Or are you ready to trade him ASAP?

I’m probably more fervent about this than most Heat fans, but I want Marion moved the second a reasonable deal comes along. I think he’s a bad fit on this team in a very fundamental way, and his presence is impeding Michael Beasley from defining himself as an NBA player. The problem, of course, is financial. Miami is among those couple of dozen teams looking to relaunch the brand in 2010, and would probably be one of the more attractive options based on location, the lack of a state sales tax and a decent talent base.

Job one is to resign Dwyane Wade in 2010, and job two is to add to the core of Wade, Beasley and hopefully Chalmers if he develops. That’s a solid if unimaginative plan, and I sometimes think Miami would do well to write off the summer of 2010 and stock up on the stars others teams will be moving to try to get under the cap. Wade and Beasley are a better foundation than many of those teams will be starting with, so it’s not like Miami absolutely needs to land a franchise player. Free agency is such a crapshoot anyway – the best we can reasonably hope for is a Chris Bosh, and it might be better to simply add some quality pieces to Wade and Beasley over the next couple of years rather than taking that home run swing along with the rest of the league. I’d have to see who becomes available. There’s also my least favorite option – the long-rumored Carlos Boozer signing in 2009. I’m staunchly opposed to that, because I think a Beasley/Boozer frontcourt is redundant. But it’s out there.


Thanks again to Greg from the Peninsula Is Mightier. Be sure and check out some of the latest PIM posts: Countdown to Armaggedon: Wade’s Injuries Piling Up and Report: Heat Interested in Knicks’ Eddy Curry.

[photo source: flickr/Erman Akdogan]

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