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Blogger Q&A: True Blue Jazz – Utah Jazz Blog

Updated: November 12, 2008

The Utah Jazz are in DC and fresh off a win in Philly last night. Deron Williams played in his first game of the season and dropped nine dimes en route to a 93-80 Jazz win…..”great”

Nevertheless, I was curious about the next “victim” of the Wizards, so I posed a couple questions to the guys at True Blue Jazz who were kind enough to respond.

1) AK-47 seems to be playing at the level he was at 3+ years ago. What is he doing differently? Do you think he’s truly back to form and out of Sloan’s doghouse….or are you skeptical?

TBJ: Confidence. I was worried about AK coming off the bench because of his attitude. He has totally proven me wrong. He is playing more minutes than he did when he was starting. The biggest thing is that he is playing the power forward spot more. This allows him to be effective around the basket, just like he was 3 years ago. I think AK will certainly rival Manu for 6th man of the year if he keeps this up. Jazz fans couldn’t be happier to see the old AK back to his stat sheet stuffing ways.

2) How concerned are you with Carlos Boozer opting out after this season and leaving Utah high and dry? Do you envision him being part of the team’s future for years to come?

TBJ: Very Very Very concerned. He has screwed people before (both figuratively and literally). If Larry H. Miller goes blind during the season, all bets are off. One of our bloggers has a personal source saying that Boozer will stay IF the Jazz are winning. If this is the case, there is no better time to win than right now. All that being said? I wouldn’t bet a wooden nickle that he is here next year.

3) Be honest, not four years ago when Jerry Sloan’s Jazz won 26 games all year, how ready were you for the grizzled vet to call it quits? How much longer do you think before he hangs them up?

TBJ: I thought Jerry was done for sure. That season put more grey hair on him that he needed. I like Jerry’s attitude and toughness. I think it has rubbed off on a few players. However, I think there has been some talent that Jerry hasn’t tapped in to because he won’t give young guys the benefit of the doubt. Jerry will certainly sign an extension for the 2009-2010 season. He has said this is his most talented team ever. Either way, it doesn’t matter what fans think. Jerry has a contact as long as he wants it. Larry Miller loves him and will personally carry his oxygen tank on the court every day if it means keeping Jerry around.

Thanks again to CB Jack of True Blue Jazz for the great answers. Be sure and check my responses to his questions here: TBJ talks with Truth About It, a Wizards Blog

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